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Nutrition & Food Tracker
### Because counting calories sucks. And aint nobody got time for that. AI-Powered Magic: Just talk. Calorik listens, analyzes, and tracks any food you’re eating, in seconds. Had a sushiritto with extra spicy tuna? Got it. Complicated casserole at mom’s house? Don’t ever hunt and peck your way though a list of ingredients again. Ditch your old calorie counter and get the insight without the headache. Consistency Over Guesswork: We're smashing the biggest barrier to your fitness goalsinconsistency. Knowing what you’re eating is the #1 way to lose weight or build muscle, but how many people do you know that have tracked their nutrition for 2+ weeks at a time? Literally no one. Because it takes forevvvvver. Until now. Macro Mastery Without the Math: Auto-macros that adjust as you munch. Make sure you’re getting the protein you need throughout the day so you stay full and build muscle. Insights Into Your Workouts: Set your goals based on your activity level, and easily track which foods fuel you to burn fat, gain muscle, and boost energy ### Features That Make Your..