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Endless adventures of warrior
Time to be as quiet as a mouse, ‘cause today you’re a real ninja captured by the hostile clan! Thread the way through the medieval Japanese dungeon filled with dangerous turns, poisonous traps, and stunning enemy’s warriors! They all will try to stop you, but you should escape and tell their secrets to your clan! Play Spy Ninja Breakout Escape and escape this old temple! How were you captured? Can’t remember, that was so long time ago… Your ninja eyes can see through the total darkness, your crafty skills are exquisite, and you could make a weapon from some improvised materials. So prepare to be really brave and leave your dungeon’s camera without any notice – it’s not so easy, ‘cause the guards are always watching! This stunning Japanese temple is large and full of dangerous traps… and ninja guards, of course! They’ll hunt you everywhere, so be careful! Find some weapons on your way – there are many hidden chests and your defeated rivals! Just loot them all and you’ll get some more powerful and special! Try this awesome..
Combat of stick crusaders 3D!
Start the fight to be the best stickman army commander playing Sticky Man Epic Battle Fighter game! Massive battles at the stunningly beautiful locations are waiting for you, ‘cause here you’re the only one who can really solve this clans’ problem! First, choose the side – the Black Clan, the Grey clan or the White clan. They may all look alike, but in fact, they’re so different – their skills, combat stances, opportunities, and advantages… Choose wisely, ‘cause they’re going to become your family, in fact! Learn more about the strategy and tactics in this epic battle simulation and be ready to make the greatest decisions ever! Pass through different campaigns based on various colorful locations and do everything possible to win every battle – the reward is gonna be amazing! Unlock new units and rearrange you stickman army! Sticky Man Epic Battle Fighter features: • Epic stickman clans fighting simulator • A chance to be the real army commander • Interesting units to place • Opportunity to improve your tactics and strategy • Colorful 3D locations Improve your strategy..
Endless fun of cool simulator
Thin this ordinary realistic world with some colorful splashes being just a little cute cartoon slime walking through the countryside! Explore the world of endless farming, some fascinating animals and amazing opportunities with Slime FarmerAnimal Sim game! Jump, slither and just run in search of some mysterious things and, of course, troubles! Farm life is amazing, especially when you're just a little funny slime! Start your game being a child guarding by the elder cartoon slime, and soon you'll have an opportunity to grow up and become really powerful, strong and, of course, smart! Complete various exploration, survival, mating, family, feeding and fighting questsyou won't be bored! Earn points for each successfully completed mission and you'll be able to unlock more colorful skins for your cartoon slime or just power your current slime up! Create your own little slime family and be ready to protect it by any means, 'cause there are too many predators herespiders, cats, dogs, rats and even hamsters! Play Slime FarmerAnimal Sim and have fun! Watch carefully some personal indicators like hunger, health, energy, and water..
Medieval fighting simulator 3D
Feel like a real arena fighter of ancient Rome! Fight for your life against other gladiators on the bloody sand of famous Coliseum, earn point to buy your own freedom – or use your fencing skills to break free! Choose one of game modes – survival mode, duel mode or story mode. Fight for your life against other gladiators as long as you can in survival mode, raise up your fighting skills in duel mode or walk all the way from the young ex-slave to the famous arena fighter in story mode! Use different weapons and tools to get the best results and enjoy ultimate fighting action game in 3D! Fight, smash, slash and kill as a real medieval warrior! Earn money to buy different punches, strikes and medieval melee weapons like sword, lance, or Morningstar! You can even buy your own freedom! Join the tournament of gladiators, defeat your rivals one by one and become the strongest warrior of the Rome! Fight for your life and become the top arena fighterjoin the bloody battles and have fun with Gladiator..
Tap to smash & crash insects
Become a real cockroach destroyer playing our new ultimate Cake SecurityAnti Cockroach game! Tap the screen and don’t let these terrible insects eat your fresh-baked cake, ‘cause it’s disgusting! Use various useful boosters like neutralizer, freezer, and disorientation to prevent their attacks and be as fast as possible to tap them all! This cake is yours! Cake SecurityAnti Cockroach features: • Cockroach insect smashing app • Endless waves of cockroaches • Three amazingly helpful boosters • Chance to power your tapping skills up • Interesting rewards and atmosphere • Strong repellent effects on these creatures Download our new Cake SecurityAnti Cockroach and feel like a real king of the cockroach insect smashing! Neutralize them all and clear your kitchen from this disgusting disease!
Pray! This game is a nightmare
Ordinary horror story can’t scare you anymore, huh? Become the main hero of this terrifying sagaHaunted Mansion Creepy Escape – and pave your way to the safe freedom! You’re locked at large abandoned house filled with something really terrible… And these ghost-like creatures are everywhere! Runaway successfully and your life will be saved! Start this awesome horrifying quest being locked in a room. There is only one door to left it, but… it has some combination lock! Search for dome strange piece of paper in the room, and soon you’ll be able to make a code and leave! But it’s not the time to rejoice, unfortunately… ‘Cause something fears-like is watching for you right now! RUN from this nightmare! Be really careful and extremely attentive not to miss any clue and not to be caught by these awful beasts! They can come too close to you… Hold your breath not to be found and use some helpful boosters to ease your game! Of course, at first, you should survive as long as possible to get some experience points… So, good..
Life sim of jungle bear in 3D
Love cute little animals roaming about the jungles? How about koalas? They are so amazing! Here is your ultimate chance to do everything you want being this nice exotic bear! Explore the wilderness, fight with cruel dingo dogs, search for the mate to create your own family and just enjoy this awesome Koala Simulator Wildlife Game! Find the highest eucalyptus ever to create your den – every animal needs its home! This place is filled with different animals, and they’re not so simple: cruel dingo dogs are taking you for their meal! Avoid such meetings until you have enough skills to fight them all – you won’t be disappointed! Fortunately, they can’t climb, so hide in the tree crowns! Time to create your family – just find your cute koala bear mate, lead it to your den and be ready to protect your kids from the carnivores’ attacks! Watch your personal indicators (health, hunger, water, and energy), if you don’t your game over at a really inappropriate time! Check this amazing Koala Simulator Wildlife Game and just enjoy it! Complete..
Endless battle of air copters
Enjoy this new Chinook Army Helicopter Flight game being a real pilot! You mission is absolutely clear – just deliver army goods and supplies from one ally’s base to the other! Do this fast and be really careful, ‘cause nothing can be broken! Many fates are in your hands, so do your best, soldier, and don’t let your commander down! First, grab the cargo filled with army supplies and provisions by your Chinook helicopter’s hook. Second, jump into the helicopter and be ready to control it all the way to the neighboring base. Third, avoid your evil enemy’s attacks and try not to fall down – your game will be over there! Fourth, land your Chinook helicopter carefully to the special platform and give the load away! Of course, there is no just one little delivery mission, nah! The war is lasting, so you should literally fly back and forth with something like the lighting speed! Don’t be upset with this fact, ‘cause every completed mission will bring you some points with which you can upgrade your helicopter, your skills..
Battlefield with tiny heroes!
Get this wonderful experience of army commanding right here and right now with Mini Army Men Soldier Shooter game! Power your tactics and strategy skills up fighting with your enemy’s army, be the best toy soldier ever and learn more about the life of mini army! Play this fantastic strategy game and you absolutely won’t be disappointed! Become the best cartoon army soldier ever! Improve your shooting and strategy skills being an ordinary soldier of the smallest but the mightiest army and fighting with the other army! Try great variety of difficulty levels, rule the whole army of funny cartoon soldiers and become the best army commander ever! Check three difficulty levels: recruit level, sergeant and major! Complete missions with rising difficulty levels and defeat every army of your rivals! Improve your shooting and strategy skills being an ordinary soldier of the smallest but the mightiest army and fighting with the other army! Earn coins for each successfully passed battle and buy new interesting weapons, skins for your brutal soldier or the ammunition for your super army! Remember that every..
Cute pet survival simulator
Do you love house pet animal simulator games? Well, now you've got a chance to create your own pet rodent clan with Home Guinea Pig Life Sim 3D! Become this cute little animal, explore the large world of country house, find your mate to raise the family of guinea pigs and just have fun! Wage the battle for your life and territory against other city animals, earn experience and raise up your skills! Explore the large house, seek for food, fight against predators like black rats, cats or even aggressive frogs! Be careful – other pests and animals like a cockroach, ant, spider, or rhino bug can be dangerous too! Only other guinea pigs are your friends here! Unlock new interesting skins for your rodent to customize it as you wish – buy new age categories and abilities, or even new breeds like White Crested, Teddy, Abyssinian, Silkie, Merino, Roan cavy, or even Skinny Pig! Power your guinea pig’s characteristics up to become more dexterous and just stronger! Feel like a small guinea pig – male or female, it doesn't..