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Origami: Step By Step
'Origami: Easy Shapes' provides detailed instructions with illustrations for various origami figures. Fold interesting shapes and spend fun time with family! Origami is a Japanese art of folding paper to obtain not only simple shapes but even complex figures. It has applications in recreation, education, and even maths! It also helps to develop children's fine motor skills (aka dexterity) 'Origami: Easy Shapes' features five different categories with following origami shapes: ► Miscellaneous: sea dog, sea bear, whale, prawn, frog, dragonfly, cicada, ladybug, butterfly, bee, pansy, cactus, camelia, cosmos, sunflower; ► Sea creatures: penguin, turtle, killer whale, ray, butterfly fish, tropical fish, crab, crawfish, whale 2, squid; ► Insects: snail, cabbageworm, stag beetle, cicada 2, bee 2, scorpion, butterfly 2, butterfly 3, mantis, giant water bug; ► Flowers: maple, hydrangea, iris, cherry tree, poinsettia, omuta rose, morning glory, water lily, windmill, carnation; ► Love: heart bracelet, heart stand, heart with wings, insertable hearts, checked heart, necktie heart, bear holding a heart, heart name stand, heart pendant. Every step comes along with instructions in clear languages and supported by straightforward diagrams. All..
Wallpapers & Backgrounds 4K
Wallpapers are designed to fit the screen of your iPhone. You can preview how they would look like on the lock screen and easily download the ones you liked. ► 3000+ wallpapers HD ► Preview on lock screen ► Mark favorite wallpapers ► Save wallpapers to your iPhone gallery ► Suggest Wallpapers function Wallpapers feature the images of: ► Autumn ► Animals ► World ► Cars ► Love ► Birds ► Bikes ► Space ► Planes ► Flowers ► Graphics ► Landscapes ► Abstract background ► Architecture ► People and casual life scenes ► and many more SUPPORT: [email protected]
Draw: Step by Step
If you are interested to learn drawing online, the app How to Draw will come absolutely handy for you. It is a user friendly application that will help you to learn how to draw easy online. The drawing tutorial is made in step by step manner, which you can learn easily no matter if you are beginners in learning drawing or you want to teach drawing lessons to your kid. Although extremely creative, the how to draw app is fun-packed one that you will certainly enjoy. Wide categories are there for learning easy drawing like Animals, Cute, Desserts, Flowers, Eyes, etc. and many more. Under each categories you will get to learn multiple drawing figures by following different drawing lessons. Tricks to learn to draw step by step will be easy with this how to draw easy application. Want to self-learn how to sketch with the help of easy lessons? Install the app ‘How to Draw’, and you will get learn how to draw easy at your fingertips. HOW TO USE: How to DrawLearn Drawing app is a user friendly..
Quran: Surahs, Ayats, Radio
Quran app is a FREE without any limitation. With Quran app you can also: ● English translations ● Read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its translation ( English ) ● Bookmark your favorites ayats ● Listen Quran in Arabic ● Starred Ayats ● Direction To Kaaba, Mecca (AR) ● 29 Islam Radio Stations Enjoy listening to Quran and different Muslim podcasts from around the globe. Quran App will give you opportunity to dive into the wonderful world of Muslim culture (not limited to Arabic culture) while listenning to charming voices of Quran reciters and podcast speakers. Learn more about Quran and Islam and keep up with actualities in the modern Muslim world. ► App includes 29 radio stations dedicated to Quran recitations, news, and information sessions. ► More than 5 languages are available. ► Internet connection is required. To have best experience, use Wi-Fi. You have any feedback, comments or issues? Please contact us directly
A very customizable high-precision metronome. Metronome is an essential utility for musicians, which helps to practice music and stay in sync with the rhythm. Our app combines the aesthetics of the mechanical metronomes and versatility of..
A very customizable high-precision metronome. Metronome is an essential utility for musicians, which helps to practice music and stay in sync with the rhythm. Our app combines the aesthetics of the mechanical metronomes and versatility of the electronic ones. The app features 4 distinct modes: ► Classicalthe pendulum metronome that everyone is used to; ► Countfor those who prefer verbal clues; ► Rhythma very flexible and customizable digital metronome; ► Polyrhythmto help you practice those 3:4 and other polyrhythmic sections. For your convenience, the app also provides: ► A flexible BPM (beats per minute) selection; ► The dark mode; ► Presets. Browse, mark, preview, and apply the presets from the catalog containing 80 BPM presets and a few rhythm and polyrhythm presets. Or save your own ones. System requirements: ► iOS 13.2 or newer. Recommended devices: ► iPhone 6S or newer.
Brain & Mind Game
PuzzlePut the picture together Cats & Tigers Theme Get new experience, develop mindfulness and speed. FEATURES: • 180 Levels • Cats & Tigers Theme • 3 Difficulty Levels: Easy, Middle, Hard • Level Timer • Collect Stars HOW TO USE: • Collect images into a single picture • Hold the picture to move it • Double tap to rotate picture • The faster, the more stars • You can use a hint Contact: [email protected]
Sleep, Relax & Nature Sounds
White Noise with Beautiful Background Animation Set Timer For Auto Off White Noise For: • Sleep • Relax • Meditation • Yoga • Work • Study • Focus White Noise: • Birds in Forest • Cat's Purr • Fan • White Noise • Solar Lagoon • Tropical Rain • Sea Port • Beautiful Waterfall • Office • Summer Night • Building • Holidays in the Village • Thunder and Rain • Great Cosmos • Infinity • Full Relax • Mountain Trail • Water Cradle • Yoga Time • Dream Come True • Sea Energy • Soul Healing • Motivational Energy • Emotional Calm • Positive Energy • Meditation • Deep Sleep • Nature • Positive Thinking • Peaceful Water • Sleep Relax • Binaural Beats • Good Morning • Mountain Energy • 432Hz Vibration CONTACTS: [email protected]
5 Beautiful Text Sticker Packs
Add Big Dreams To Your iMessages With This Text Sticker Packs STICKER PACKS INCLUDE: • Speech Bubbles Stickers • Life Text • Comic Text Stickers • English Text • Watercolor Text Stickers HOW TO USE: • SEND dynamic and animated stickers in chat • CUSTOMIZE your photos with stickers in chat • PLACE stickers anywhere on your iMessages • LAYER stickers over each other, in chat, and on photos • SCALE & ROTATE stickers HOW TO FIND YOUR STICKERS: • Access iMessage apps— Enter a contact to message, then tap the App Store icon beside the chat field to see your most recently used iMessage app. • Find new stickers—First tap the App Store icon, then tap the 4-ovals icon in the lower left to bring up the app drawer. Then, tap theicon to access the Store. • If you are not seeing Stickers that you have purchased, you may need to change your settings. Tap the App Store icon, then tap the 4-ovals icon in the lower left to bring up the app drawer. Then click thesymbol to open..