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Mindfulness meets science
In Tibetan language, Rinpoche means "the precious one”. And since you are precious too, you deserve happiness in your life. Rinpoche will help your overall happiness by managing your meditation, mindfulness, long and short term goals, and self-development. Unlike most other apps this one is based on real psychological and neuroscience research combined with thousand years old methods of meditations provided by real Buddhist monks. With just one aim, to make you happier. Highlights: • Rhythms • Just follow your rhythm, and Rinpoche will do everything else for you. For when you are busy, a predefined set of sessions for every day of the week. Healthy, wise, independent or productive. Choose your rhythm. • Guidance • Meditation is not about listening to stories, it is about letting it go. Therefore the guidance in each session is short and to the point. You will have time to think, contemplate, wonder and wander. • Mindfulness • Bushido and objectivism meet together to deliver the ultimate character integrity and self-awareness sessions. Because you are the result of consequences of your actions and you..
Original thrilling puzzle game
Welcome to Such Fun! Embark on a journey to discover fun with logical puzzles. The game features: • Unique and smart puzzle mechanics. • Wardrobe full of party costumeswill transport you to different parties. • Hundreds of challenges. • Hours of hours of hours of fun that you won't regret having. We believe you will have great fun playing. Any questions or feedback perhaps, we'd love to hear from you
Brain-racking war strategy
Think you have what it takes to win the war? Demonstrate your power on the battlefield and face advanced brain-racking warfare. Minimum requirements of the victory: • Bitesize bursts of ingenuity • Intense enjoyment of solving logical problems • Willingness to fight on multiple fronts • Enthusiasm for collecting military gear • Capability of understanding no more than two rules Nice to have • Persistence in climbing leaderboards • Antagonism towards failure • Eagerness to partake in tactical challenges My Victory is a logical strategy war game based on Contrarium game mechanics. The game has only two rules and offers hundreds of different levels divided into various military campaigns. © HellYeah! All rights reserved. HellYeah!, Contrarium, the HellYeah logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Bootchec LLC. Developed for and published on iOS by Bootchec LLC operating under trademark HellYeah!. iOS and the iOS logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners.
Help Piggy to save animals
In this unique game you help Piggy rescue his animal friends on many different missions. Piggy had managed to escape the sausage factory, and he is now organising rescue operations to aid other animals. However, he is but one little piglet and there are lots of animals in need. Will you find the courage to help him? Challenge yourself in a puzzle with a twist. You will not only merge items but also charge them to collect and reach the goal. FEATURES: - Charitable mission – save animals - Plenty of unique missions - Original gameplaymerge & charge - Complete tons and tons of challenges - Unlock Wild Hog and many more exciting boosters - Easy to play yet challenging to master - Immersive gameplay - Cute animals waiting to be rescued!
Better memory game
7 is considered to be a special number in many cultures around the planet. 7 days of creation, 7 seas and 7 sins. 7 notes in Indian music, lucky 7 and harmony in China. 7 islands of Atlantis and most likely to be chosen as a favourite number by people around the world. Why are we so obsessed with this number? For thousands of years. What makes it so special? In 1956, George A. Miller concluded that we are able to hold, on average, 7 chunks of information (plus or minus two) in the short-term memory at one give time. Is it really our limit? With this training, you may be able to challenge this theory as well as your memory. In 7 pyramids you will find 210 memory challenges that will increase with each level. Can you really remember 7 chunks of information? What about 10?
Realtime multiplayer snatching
Can you grab more stuff than others? Can you grab it fast enough? This is a real-time multiplayer game where you have to match two identical objects faster than your opponent. • Found heart? Be fast, it is worth one extra game. • Found cash? Grab it too. • When you lose, you lose a game pass. • Play dirty, snatch away!
Eye and brain controlled game
This game uses eye tracking to let you play with your own eyes. To use brain control you need to have Muse Headband. Don't worry if you don't, you can still use your eyes to control the game. Make sure you calibrate your eyes correctly and spend some time training. It may not seem that easy at the beginning, but once you get the idea, it will entertain you like no other game before. For those using Muse Headband: You will be asked once to record your meditation baseline. Then you will be able to control the size of the character with your focus. If your friends want to play, just record their baseline before playing the game.