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Metal Detector, ELF Detector
The app can be used for the following purposes: 1. Metal and electronic device detector 2. Test to see if the compass will give accurate readings 3. Calculate true north 4. Get an indication of the field strength around the device 5. Use Ampere's law to find the source of electrmagnetic noise 6. Detect extreme low frequency (ELF) radiation PLEASE NOTE THE APP DOES NOT NEED OR USE ANY INTERNET AND NO USER DATA IS STORED ELF (exstremely low frequency) radiation is rf radiation at low frequencies. The app measures ELF radiation below half the sampling rate (about 25 hz). Some people are more sensitive to ELF radiation than others. The app can give an indication of the radiation levels. Compass : The measurements given as delta values is the electromagnetic radiation without the earth's field. The larger the delta values the more inaccurate the compass will be. The app also gives the value for the true north in relation to magnetic north. For metal or electronic device detection the device must be very close to the metal or electronic..