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AI Professional Headshot Photo
Elevate your online presence with the AI Headshot Generator Appyour go-to solution for swiftly creating stunning and professional ai headshot profile pictures. This user-friendly app streamlines the process, allowing you to effortlessly generate impressive ai headshots that exude confidence and flair for your business or personal endeavors. With its cutting-edge AI headshot generator technology, the generator transforms your ordinary snapshots into extraordinary headshot, showcasing a perfect blend of professionalism and personality. Say goodbye to mundane profile pictures and welcome a fresh, dynamic look that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you're a business professional, entrepreneur, or someone simply looking to enhance their online image, the AI Headshot Generator App provides a quick and effective way to upgrade your visual identity. Experience the ease of use and the power of AI as you effortlessly generate striking ai headshot that reflect your unique style and make a statement in the digital world. Highlighted Features: - AI Powered Portraits: Transform your regular photos into stunning headshot with our advanced AI headshot generator app - Create stunning AI Headshot..
The major features of DarkRoom Wizard are as follows: film and paper test databases, process control, mixture calculations, measurement conversions, printing time calculations, data graphing, six independent timers, four alarm clocks, and a printing notes database...
The major features of DarkRoom Wizard are as follows: film and paper test databases, process control, mixture calculations, measurement conversions, printing time calculations, data graphing, six independent timers, four alarm clocks, and a printing notes database. The program is not only a fancy calculator but also an aid to testing materials, and a means of organizing information. Now let's take a brief look at some of the more significant functions. Reduction or enlargement from an original print size requires an adjustment to the printing time. After entering the data (f/stop, time, length) from the original print, plus the length of the new print, hitting the "Calc" button gives you the new printing time. A slider bar can be used to select a different f/stop or time combination; for instance, when an overly long or short exposure would lead to reciprocity problems with some materials. A particularly useful function is as a process controller. It is great for processing C-41 and E-6 in small tanks and rotary tubes, being capable of 24 steps, with a drain time between each. You can..
Art Editor
Welcome to Art Editor, the ultimate tool for unleashing your creative vision and transforming your images into works of art! This all-in-one image editing app offers an array of powerful features to elevate your photo editing experience. Capture and edit full-page screenshots effortlessly, then dive into the AI-based Image Editor. Explore a plethora of amazing image effects, including background remover, image retouching, and one-tap enhancements that breathe new life into your photos. With Art Editor's AI capabilities, correct perspectives automatically, and delve into creative collage templates to craft stunning compositions. Add text and graphic elements like pointers, arrows, circles, and more to enhance your images. Effortlessly crop, resize, rotate, and apply basic edits with intuitive ease. The Batch Image Editor is a game-changer, offering a suite of tools for bulk image operations including downloading, resizing, cropping, compressing, converting, watermarking, applying filters, renaming, and more. Unlock your creative potential and streamline your image editing workflow with Art Editor. Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, this app empowers you to transform your photos into captivating masterpieces.
Your Ultimate Photo and Video Session Partner! QRGrapher revolutionizes the way you manage your sessions. Forget the hassle of creating separate albums and directing clients to them. With QRGrapher, a simple QR code scan by your..
Your Ultimate Photo and Video Session Partner! QRGrapher revolutionizes the way you manage your sessions. Forget the hassle of creating separate albums and directing clients to them. With QRGrapher, a simple QR code scan by your client connects them directly to your work. After you upload your media to your preferred photo-sharing platform, QRGrapher intelligently tags each image based on the time stamp. Your clients receive instant notifications when the automatic tagging is complete, granting them seamless access to view or purchase your beautifully captured moments. Experience the future of photo sharing with QRGrapher! Uses: * Street photographyhang out at a scenic location for the day and ask if they'd like you to take their picture. One QR scan will allow them to download or purchase their pictures. * Headshotsline them up and have them scan the QR code to be notified once you are done editing and uploading * Side gigsYou are the photographer at a function, and some random person asks for some pictures on the side. Pull out your phone and have QRGrapher keep track of getting..
Avatar Photo Maker Toonme
Welcome to Anime Filter AI, where your selfies undergo a magical transformation! Our app leverages the latest in AI technology to turn your photos into captivating anime characters. But the fun doesn't stop there; we offer a diverse range of filters, including cartoon and Pixar-style, ensuring that you can explore various artistic renditions of yourself. Our ever-growing library of filters is one of the app's highlights. Regular updates mean you'll always have something new to try, keeping your social media feeds fresh and creative. Whether you're an anime enthusiast or just looking for a fun new look, our app has something for everyone. User experience is at the heart of Anime Filter AI. Our interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple for you to choose a filter and transform your selfie within seconds. Plus, we prioritize your privacy. Rest assured, your photos are processed securely, respecting your personal data at every step. Beyond just a photo transformation tool, Anime Filter AI is a community. Share your anime-style selfies on social media and engage with other users. Participate..
Design prop apps for sci-fi
- Characters in your sci-fi productions can use tablet interfaces customized for your world. - Your characters can interact with controls and displays specific to your story. Design custom prop apps for your productions. Film your characters interacting with fictional, customizable interfaces on an actual device. Use interactive elements that enhance your visuals and deepen your storytelling. Design your interfaces by creating a layout with the available modules, including sliders, buttons, meters, timers, and more. Customize the modules to fit the look and feel of your production, and the specifics of your story. Deepen the expression of your story by customizing buttons and sliders to affect what is happening in other modules. Your custom interfaces can saved as documents, and shared with other Prop UI users. You can add your own video content to a module. This feature can be used with standard recorded videos to simulate, for instance, surveillance camera feeds or recorded video messages. But you can also use it to create custom animations which start, stop, or shift in time based on interactions with siders and buttons...
Sharpen, Enhance Photo Quality
Generative AI Magic: Unlike ordinary editing tools, Pixelboost employs advanced generative AI to unblur, restore, and vividly enhance your images. Experience the power of AI in making your photos clearer, sharper, and more vibrant. Specialized Enhancements: We specialize in refining every aspect of your photo. Whether it's the background, faces, or colors, Pixelboost's intelligent algorithms ensure each element stands out with unparalleled clarity and detail. Beyond Basic Adjustments: This isn't just about tweaking lights and contrast. Our app delves deep into the photo's core elements, sharpening details, eradicating imperfections, and upgrading it to stunning HD quality. Pay-per-Use Convenience: Enjoy the freedom of no subscriptions! Pixelboost operates on a pay-per-use model. Get started with the enhancement of 5 images included, and then simply purchase tokens as needed. These tokens never expire, ensuring you have the flexibility to enhance your images whenever you choose.
Auto Subtitles & Translations
Introducing Capsula AI: Effortlessly elevate your videos with stunning subtitles! 1. Import or record your video effortlessly. 2. Instantly generate captions with AI magic. 3. Swiftly correct any errors or typos with ease. 4. Choose from a variety of captivating styles. 5. Voila! Your video now boasts eye-catching captions, ready to captivate your audience. WHY ADD SUBTITLES? Subtitles (or captions) help you reach more people with your video, and increase engagement. With captions, everyone can watch your video, even if they are hard of hearing or have their sound muted. KEY FEATURES: - Automated subtitle addition to videos - Supports 25+ languages for captions - Quick editing for precision - Diverse styles for standout captions - Utilize existing videos or record new ones - Direct import from storage, no uploads required - Video trimming functionality - Flexible aspect ratio adjustments for diverse platform sharing ABOUT Capsula AI: Capsula AI harnesses the speed and quality of web-based video creation and brings it to your iPhone. Initially emphasizing our acclaimed auto-captioning, we're committed to evolving into the ultimate mobile video editing tool...
AR-player for MPskin tours
Discover a new level of immersive exploration with AR-Player, the Augmented Reality player that breathes life into real-world locations using Matterport scans! Enhance your surroundings with captivating content through our MPskin software, creating unique and customizable AR experiences. AR-Player opens the door to a world where digital content seamlessly blends with reality, offering a new and interactive way to see the world through your mobile device. Key Features: - Indoor Navigation: navigate through scanned spaces with our AR wayfinder - Marketing Experiences: Engage your audience with immersive and interactive marketing campaigns - Gamification: Transform ordinary spaces into thrilling game environments - Facility Management: Streamline facility oversight through augmented reality insights - Real Estate Virtual Staging: Virtually visualize real estate by adding furniture to properties - Shopping and Promotions How It Works: - Scan Your Space: Use the Matterport capture app (or other 3D scanners) to capture your environment - Create and Edit with MPskin: Craft and adjust your AR experience effortlessly with MPskin - Export the automatically generated QR code from your MPskin backend - Scan and Experience: Scan the..
Professional Photo Restoration
《Rephoto》is an application tool software for image restoration, beautification, enhancement, and restoration of old photos developed using leading machine vision, AI and other technologies. 【Portrait Enhancement】 This function uses the most cutting-edge AI image recognition and leading machine vision technology to automatically identify portraits in old photos and restore them in high-definition. 【Photo coloring】 Using AI image learning technology, through a large number of old photo color restoration case studies, accurately restore the scene, the color of the characters, and restore the original appearance of history. 【Low light enhancement】 It can take the over-dark photos caused by shooting in the dark and high light contrast environment, through the advanced AI image enhancement technology, the light in the dark part can be increased, and the details in the dark can be restored. This function does not affect the normal bright part and will not cause The overall brightness of the photo is increased, and only the dark part is enhanced, so that the photo can achieve a perfect light balance. 【Lossless amplification】 This function uses the most cutting-edge AI image recognition..
Embark on Celestial Adventures: Unveiling the Marvels of the Night Sky with the iAstroGraph App, Your Smartphone's Ultimate Astrophotography Companion Tele-Optic Services, Queensland, Australia Company Website: Contacting Email Address: [email protected] Embark on a cosmic journey with iAstroGraph, now on the App Store for $29.99. Revolutionizing stargazing, iAstroGraph is an innovative iOS app designed to enhance astrophotography experiences with iPhones. It serves as a comprehensive tool for stargazers, seamlessly integrating with binoculars and telescopes. Key Features: Deep-Sky Imaging: Capture galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters with precision. iAstroGraph corrects image pixel colour brightness for optimal results. Astrometry and Photometry: Measure celestial positions accurately. Photon number estimation aids in astrometry and photometry. Variable Star Observations: iAstroGraph supports measuring and recording fluctuations in brightness for amateur astronomers. Meteor Showers and Satellites: Predict meteor rates and document satellite passes effortlessly with iAstroGraph. Aurora Photography: Enhance Northern and Southern Lights photography with improved colour correction. Comet Tracking: Track comet movement and brightness, creating captivating time-lapse sequences. Eclipse Photography: Ensure spectacular solar and lunar eclipse images with precise brightness correction. Planetary Imaging: Explore planets in..
Cut Video And Create GIF!
Q&A 1. If I purchase the app, will I continue to receive updates? - Yes, you can get constant app updates! 2. I want to refund my app, how do I do that? - Sign in to - Then tap "Select issue" and select "Request refund” 3. Are there ads in the app? - Ad-free! You can use it without ads. 4Do I have to pay more money to use additional features? - There's no extra charge to use all the features! And you'll continue to receive app updates and feature additions. Features - Cut Videos -> You can cut out just the part of the video you want to turn into a GIF. Also, the duration of the cut video must not exceed 20 seconds to be converted to a GIF. - GIF Crop, Rotate -> Support for cropping only the part of the GIF you want and rotating the GIF 90-270 degrees - Save GIF resolution -> Save GIF resolutions to handle different resolutions on different sites - Create an iCloud video GIFs -> Turn iCloud videos..
Record Screen with Audio &Edit
TapRecord is a powerful free Mac Screen Recorder that helps capture any movement on your screens. Try it to make screen recording easy and fast. TapRecord can record everything you want: + Capture webinars and online calls + Record video instructions and tutorials + Grab streaming videos and online events + Cut & Trim your videos FEATURES + Record screen, audio & webcam + Record HD videos (720P/1080P/2K/4K) + Record games with high FPS (24/30/60 FPS) + Record system sounds + Video editor: Cut & Trim your videos + Offline record support + No time limits (Pro Version) + Record online courses or meetings + Record any music and movies + Record mouse actions + Quick share your videos + New video player and audio player Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected]
Turn Ideas to Art with AI
Create. Inspire. Amaze. Welcome to Muse, the pinnacle of AI-driven creativity at your fingertips. Our app seamlessly turns your concepts into captivating visuals, unlocking a world of artistic potential with just a few taps. Transform Imagination into Reality With the latest in artificial intelligence, Muse empowers you to bring your visual dreams to life. Whether it's digital art, graphics for your project, or simply exploring the boundaries of your imagination, Muse is your personal AI artist. Endless Possibilities Choose from an extensive library of styles, or let the AI surprise you with its own creative interpretations. From surreal landscapes to striking abstracts, your next masterpiece is just a moment away. Simple and Intuitive Muse’s user-friendly interface makes photo generation accessible to everyone. No need for complex software or artistic skillscreate with ease and watch as AI maps out your imagination. Share and Inspire Easily share your AI-generated art with a vibrant community or across social media. Inspire others with your creations and be part of a new wave of digital artists. For Creatives and Innovators Whether you're a designer seeking..
Unlocking the Wonders of the Night Sky with iSkyMatch App: Your Smartphone's Astrophotography Companion Tele-Optic Services, Queensland, Australia Company Websites: Manual Instruction Websites: Contacting Email Address: [email protected] Astrophotography is a window into the cosmos, letting you capture celestial beauty with your smartphone. iSkyMatch transforms your stargazing experience, making it accessible and affordable for amateur astronomers and enthusiasts. With your smartphone and iSkyMatch, you can unleash the art of astrophotography. You don't need a high-end camera; your iPhone's camera is enough to capture stunning images of planets, stars, and galaxies. It's a simple, cost-effective way to explore the universe. iAstrophotography is all about capturing the cosmos with your iPhone. The iSkyMatch App enhances this experience with: Image Pixel Brightness Correction: iSkyMatch ensures your astrophotos are crisp and vibrant, correcting image pixel brightness. Total Sky Photon Counting Percentage: Wondering how many photons you're capturing from the night sky? iSkyMatch provides a precise percentage, ideal for studying celestial signals and objects. Getting started with iSkyMatch is easy: Attach your smartphone to your telescope or binoculars using an adapter...
AI Restoration & Repair Image
Photo RecoveryColorizer App help user recovery our blackwhite color photos. Colorize old black and white photos, recreate and restore the photos of your family or historical figures, and bring the past back to your eyes with vibrant color. Easily adding natural, realistic colors to old black and white photos is no longer a challenge. How to Colorize your Photo: Open App -> Select your old photo -> Wait for a moment, your photo will be automatically colorized -> Save and Share your Colorized Photo
Erase objects from photo
This app is to erase unwanted objects from photos. It uses state-of-the-art AI to fill in the erased area in a natural-looking way. One-time purchase! No monthly subscription, no hidden charges, and no limit on number of photos to export. Your data stays 100% PRIVATE! The app runs locally on your iPhone. The app require no network connection, and no photos or data get uploaded to a server.
Upscaler, Anime, Editor
Rewrite the features into single bullet points: Pictura VideoYour Ultimate AI Video Enhancer for Mac Rediscover Your Videos With Pictura Video Say hello to high-resolution visuals and goodbye to grainy videos with Pictura Video. Our macOS-native tool uses advanced AI technology to enhance your videos up to 4x clarityright from your local device. FEATURES · Enhance Anime and General Scene videos up to 4x its orinal resolution · Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface for Mac · Fast, High-Resolution Enhancements without the need for heavy apps or slow websites. · Pictura Video uses your Mac's neural engine to enhance videos · Privacy and Secure, your videos never leave your device. · Optimized for Apple Silicon LIMITATIONS · Max input video size on MAC 1920x1920 · Max input video size on iPhone 1280x1280 REQUIREMENTS - At least 16GB of memory RAM is required for a seamless operation on MAC. Terms of Service (EULA)
촬영하는 동안 스크립트를 이제 좀더 편리하게 사용하고 바로 이메일로 보내보자! 당신의 촬영스킬을 2%더 업그레이드 해주며 감독편집대행사 간의 촬영 커뮤니케이션..
촬영하는 동안 스크립트를 이제 좀더 편리하게 사용하고 바로 이메일로 보내보자! 당신의 촬영스킬을 2%더 업그레이드 해주며 감독편집대행사 간의 촬영 커뮤니케이션을 좀더 쉽게 도와줄수 있는 어플입니다. HOW TO USE A001 또는 B001 / A003 파일시작 첫 이름을 작성하고버튼을 터치하면 리스트가 생성됩니다. 언제든지 수정이 가능합니다.
Votre application AGAO vous permet de concevoir des contenus vidéo et de donner une autre dimension à votre communication. Suivez simplement les étapes de l’application, les vidéos vous sont scénarisées, montées, compilées instantanément et vous sont..
Votre application AGAO vous permet de concevoir des contenus vidéo et de donner une autre dimension à votre communication. Suivez simplement les étapes de l’application, les vidéos vous sont scénarisées, montées, compilées instantanément et vous sont envoyées par mail au format mp4.
You want to make Baby Stories Photos? We are provide a lots of beautiful Baby Photo Frames & easy tool for making Baby Photo Editor. "Baby Photo FramesBaby Photo Editor" Is Provided To Many Different Category..
You want to make Baby Stories Photos? We are provide a lots of beautiful Baby Photo Frames & easy tool for making Baby Photo Editor. "Baby Photo FramesBaby Photo Editor" Is Provided To Many Different Category Of Baby Frames And Different Baby Sticker Baby Lovely Frames, Baby Classic Frame, Baby Creative Frame, Baby Dual Frame, Baby flower Frame, Baby Unique Frame, Baby Love Frame, Baby Cartoon Frame, Baby Teddy Frame.. Many different Category Of Baby Photo Frames On This App. "Baby Photo FramesBaby Photo Editor" App Features. Open The App And Select Category Of Various Baby Frame. Select Baby Frame And Select Camera Or Gallery Photo. Apply To Yr Photo In Selected Baby Frame. Use Baby Sticker Pack To Make Your Baby Frame Is Different. Use Filter Option To Make Your Baby Frame Different Color Shade. Use Text Option To Write anything In Your Baby Frame. To Create Your Awesome Creation With This Baby Photo Frame. Finally U Create Your Baby Frame. U Must share Your Photo Frame In Social media And Share With Your Family And Friends. And Improve..
"Capture life's moments with ease using AV Manager. Our user-friendly video recording app offers professional-grade features for vloggers, filmmakers, and video enthusiasts. Enjoy seamless controls, high-quality output, and easy sharing options. Download now and bring your stories to life with AV Manager." Audio Recording App: "Elevate your audio recording experience with AV Manager. Capture crystal-clear sound with our intuitive app design. Enjoy seamless controls, high-quality output, and easy sharing options, making it the perfect tool for 1. Musicians and Sound Engineers: Professionals and enthusiasts in the music industry who require a reliable tool for recording instruments, vocals, and live performances. 2. Podcasters and Radio Hosts: Individuals who create and produce podcasts or radio shows, seeking a user-friendly app for recording high-quality audio content. 3. Journalists and Reporters: Professionals in the field of journalism who need a convenient solution for conducting interviews and capturing audio for news reporting and storytelling. 4. Students and Educators: Individuals in educational settings, such as students and teachers, who use audio recordings for lectures, presentations, and educational content creation. Download now and unleash your creativity with..
Modify settings for Sunny 16
The Sunny 16 rule is a handy rule of thumb in outdoor daylight photography; the rule estimates the required daylight Exposure Value without using a light meter. This rule evolves around three concepts: 1) Incident light (as opposed to reflected light); an advantage for `difficult' subjects 2) The different lighting conditions in outdoor photography (sunny, slight overcast, overcast, heavy overcast, and open shade/sunset) 3) The relatively fixed exposure value for daylight under these conditions What the rule does NOT prescribe are the actual camera settings (aperture, ISO and shutter speed) that you can use, as long as the combination of manual camera settings lead to an equivalent exposure value as specified by the rule. And this is exactly where the Sunny 16 Calculator app comes in: it lets you a) change settings for aperture, ISO and shutter speed, and b) balance out these settings to achieve a correct exposure in accordance with Sunny 16. The calculator supports the balancing process by indicating the resulting overall exposure value in stops RELATIVE to the rule for a selected lighting condition. As explained..
Where Magic AI Meets Cinema
Artbox Movies & AI is a cutting-edge mobile application that revolutionizes the way users engage with movies and entertainment through the power of artificial intelligence. This innovative app offers a wide range of features to enhance your movie experience, allowing you to unlock infinite entertainment possibilities and discover your favorite movie characters with AI magic. Here's a detailed description of its key features: * Unlock Infinite Entertainment: Discover Your Movie Character with AI Magic! Artbox Movies & AI employs advanced artificial intelligence technology to provide an immersive entertainment experience. Users can dive into the world of movies and explore a vast collection of movie characters effortlessly. The AI magic feature allows you to identify and discover characters from your favorite movies by simply uploading an image, typing a character's name, or describing their appearance. The app's AI engine will provide accurate and detailed information about the character. * Write your prompt and create your dream character with many styles Users have the creative freedom to write prompts and design their own dream movie characters using a variety of styles. The..
Layout collage & Photo filters
Esti? Easy: an app that makes creating beautiful “Insta-worthy” content easier. The essential toolkit for those with taste but very little time — get it to create something consistently appealing, aesthetic, and authentic. If you want your socials profiles or blog to have consistent and attractive visuals but do not want to spend a lot of time on the content editing, Esti is just the app for you — it aims to provide all the essential tools to make sophisticated and authentic content without all the hassle. With features such as batch editing, preset creation, and multiple tasteful filters and film effects, Esti becomes THE perfect content creator app with an aesthetic vibe in mind. ► BATCH EDITING: Have a bunch of shots to edit at once? Replicate the same editing between them; ► FILTERS: Make those colors work for you, easily adding a filter that suits your mood: minimal, retro, and more; ► FILM EFFECTS: Give photos some extra soul with effects evoking Polaroid, VCR, Kodak, Super8, and Fuji; ► ADJUSTMENTS: Getting close to your unique vision but not..
Video&Photo to anime style
50 color presets are provided, and AI turns your videos into classic Japanese cartoons! Then save or share your creation! TikTok content creators can also use it to increase the originality of their works. Video and photo processing is completed on the phone, no need to worry about privacy issues. If you have any questions, please write to [email protected]
Business Photo Generator Pro
AI Professional Headshot uses advanced AI Headshot Generator technology to create realistic AI headshots from your photos. Create AI portraits of yourself easily. Choose from varios styles to get amazing AI Headshot results. We are adding new AI Headshot styles regularly so don’t forget to check oıur app regularly. Turn your photos into pro headshot with one tap. You can use AI Professional Headshot as AI Professional Headshot Generator. Create amazing AI business photo to use it on your business profiles. Our AI Business Photo Generator works perfect for you to create realistic AI headshots. Turn your profile picture into amazing AI business portraits with one tap. How AI Professional Headshot Generator works? 1. Upload 10-15 photos of yourself 2. Choose your AI Headshot style 3. Wait for AI Headshot Generator model to do the magic 4. View your AI Headshots 5. Create new AI Headshot styles Download AI Professional Headshot Generator app now to unlock a new way of creating AI Headshot. Please leave us a review on the App Store if you enjoy using our app. Unlock all..
Best AI Art & Avatar Generator
AI ArtPic uses artificial intelligence to create unique and beautiful works of art, inspired by your own creativity.All you need to do is enter a prompt, pick an art style and let our AI ArtPic create beautiful art for you instantly! Experience the Future of Art: MidJourney is here to revolutionize your creative journey with cutting-edge AI technology. How does it work? The AI ArtPic uses a process called text-to-image generation to create art from your text prompts. Simply type in what you want to create, and the AI will generate a unique image that matches your description. You can use this app to create anything from abstract paintings to realistic portraits, and even to generate your own custom emojis. Not only can you use text prompts, you can also use picture like art prompts to create your own ai art. Key Features Choose from 1000+ Art Styles AI ArtPic App lets you create stunning drawings and images, whether you prefer vibrant AI manga filters, intricate anime art, or awe-inspiring photorealistic images. Turn Words into Art Imagine a galaxy shaped..
Ai 3D camera, viewer, editor
“ChaCha” is a way to take a 3D photo using a 2D camera. It sounds just like taking two photos, one for each eye individually. This way relies on the complicated post-processing to eventually form a 3D photo. MS3D ChaCha, however, has revolutionized the method by enabling users to take 3D photos using their mobile phones, and generate 3D photos immediately with no need for post-processing. As a mobile phone app, it works in conjunction with a pair of MS3D mobile phone glasses to provide real-time 3D viewing, 3D aligning, and even 3D effect adjusting while capturing 3D images. What MS3D ChaCha made is, “what you see in 3D is what you take in 3D” The MS3D ChaCha app consists of two key components: the ChaCha camera and the ChaCha viewer. 3D photos captured using this app are optional to be stored in the MS3D SVLR format, a "Split Vertical Left and Right image pair", that can be directly shared and enjoyed on a mobile phone nicely; Furthermore, the MS3D ChaCha app also features advanced MS3D AI-alignment, so that taking..
Light up your photos!
- Transform your photos with Mini Softbox!" - Enhance your images with Mini Softbox's magic!" - Bring studio-quality lighting to your smartphone with Mini Softbox!" - Create stunning photos with Mini Softbox's professional lighting effects." - Experience the power of professional lighting on your mobile device with Mini Softbox." - Elevate your photography game with Mini Softbox's innovative lighting solutions." - Turn ordinary moments into extraordinary captures using Mini Softbox's lighting tools." - Unleash your creativity with Mini Softbox and illuminate your photos like never before." - Upgrade your photography skills with Mini Softbox's easy-to-use lighting features." - Discover the secret to captivating photos with Mini Softbox's dynamic lighting effects."
New Look and Color Hairstyles
ntroducing Art Hair: AI Hair Cut! Are you ready to transform your look and discover your perfect hairstyle effortlessly? Look no further than Art Hair, the groundbreaking iOS app that's here to revolutionize your hair game! With state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Art Hair offers you an entirely new and exciting way to explore, create, and embrace your dream hairstyle. AI-Powered Hairstyling at Your Fingertips. Art Hair: AI Hair Cut harnesses the power of AI to provide you with a personalized hairstyling experience like no other. Our intelligent algorithms analyze your facial features, hair type, and preferences to suggest hairstyles that complement your unique look. Whether you're seeking a dramatic change or a subtle update, Art Hair has you covered. Instant Hair Transformation But here's the real magic: While our AI is busy crafting your custom hairstyle, you can explore and try on a vast collection of pre-customized hairstyles right away! From classy bobs to beachy waves, from edgy pixie cuts to elegant updos – Art Hair offers a myriad of choices, allowing you to experiment with your look before..
Wings for Photos
Add Wings for Photos to look like a cute fairy tale anime creature, or add baby angel wings to photos of your kids to make them even more adorable. How? With Angel Wings Photo Editor app and stickers for photo editing. Look like a fairy princess when you use these kawaii stickers from this Wings for Pictures. Choose the power of light and become an angel with these wings stickers, or join the dark side with this devil photo editor. Choose stickers for pictures and look like an Angel or Devil. Or pick a cute and girly look thanks to this butterfly wings photo editor. Are you an angel or devil, or maybe a little bit of both? Well this Wings Camera works for both types of people. It can serve as a devil photo editor or use it for angel photo effects as a cute photo editor with stickers. From dangerous looking wings of fire to angel wings photo frames and picture stickers that will make you look like a tooth fairy princess. This angel wings photo editor and..
Magical autumn colors
Experience the magic of autumn year-round with Autumn Lens! This app is like a brush for the seasons, allowing you to paint your photos with the warm, earthy tones of autumn's colors that glow in gold and the deep reds and oranges of the leaves. It's like wrapping yourself in a thick sweater and savoring a cup of hot chocolate while you take your photos. The app also features a real-time camera with filters, so you can go out and capture moments as they happen, witnessing how the beauty of autumn envelops your subject right on your screen. So why wait for autumn when you can experience it anytime? Download Autumn Lens now and let the beauty of autumn with its radiant colors and the feeling of a cozy sweater and hot chocolate enrich your photography life, no matter the season.
Zillion Software
Artify works its magic right on your device, so you can add artistic flair to your photos even when you're offline. You can pick photos from your album or directly shared from other apps.
Culling, Naming, Viewing
Tired of sitting in front of your computer for hours culling the images off your camera? How about culling your images whenever and wherever you have a few minutes or even on the couch while you spend some time relaxing? This app gives you a photographer's workflow from offloading images from your camera's card to culling and naming the images. Also, images can be shared to photo editing apps or saved as images to get them into the Photos app. Works whether you shoot Raw (many Raw formats supported), Jpg or RawJpg. Works for some other formats such as HEIF. For RawJpg, the Jpg files are culled and then with a button press the Raw files get culled to match the Jpg’s. When naming, both the Raw and Jpg files are renamed. If you want to try the culling and verify your file formats are supported, try the “Lite” version of this app and then come back to this version for all the extras that help make it fun. Cull Using: - Side by side comparisons - Pinch zoom /..
Professional Portrait Photo A+
InstantHeadshot Elevate your selfies to professional headshots with InstantHeadshot, the cutting-edge AI headshot generator app that transforms your self-portraits into stunning, career-ready photographs in a matter of seconds. **Key Features:** *Effortless Transformation:* Say goodbye to complicated photo editing tools and filters. With InstantHeadshot, you can turn any selfie into a polished headshot with just a tap. *Professional Results:* Our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology ensures that your headshot retains a natural look while enhancing your features to convey confidence and professionalism. *Instant Enhancement:* InstantHeadshot analyzes your facial structure and lighting to optimize your photo, ensuring you look your absolute best. *Customization Options:* Tailor your headshot to your unique style with adjustable settings for brightness, contrast, and more. Make it truly your own! *Photo Library Integration:* Easily access your existing photos or snap a new one within the app. InstantHeadshot seamlessly integrates with your device's photo library. *User-Friendly Interface:* Our intuitive and user-friendly design ensures that anyone can create a stunning headshot with ease. *Privacy Protection:* Rest easy knowing that your photos are processed directly on your device, ensuring your privacy and..
Welcome to Runway Moment and congratulations on taking your first step towards becoming a Runway and maybe even a Walkway Master. Runway Moment is not just for the aspiring model or for the established model but..
Welcome to Runway Moment and congratulations on taking your first step towards becoming a Runway and maybe even a Walkway Master. Runway Moment is not just for the aspiring model or for the established model but for those of us that want to master whatever walkway that we call our ownBe it for pageants, arriving at that party, seminar or even walking around the mall or the street. We want to do it the masterful way.
Cinematic Mood Camera
Hello :) I'm a developer who loves movies and photography. I wanted to create an app with the thought 'taking pictures like a scene from a movie' So after creating the effects used in the movie, I added letter for a little fun and made colors with a cinematic mood. And we combined all of these things to create a Cinetint. Capture this moment like a scene from a movie using the cinematic mood camera Cinetint. • Using 35mm focal length lens • 16:9 & 2.39:1 aspect ratio with top and bottom black letterboxing. • Day stamp function included. Instagram @cinetint
Generate professional photos
Introducing AI Headshot Generator, your ultimate tool for creating stunning professional photos effortlessly with the power of artificial intelligence. Elevate your social media presence with profile pictures that exude a polished and refined look. Unlock the potential of AI technology to transform your selfies into high-quality headshots that rival those captured in a professional studio. With just a few taps, you can achieve a flawless and captivating appearance that's perfect for your social networks. Key Features: - AI Magic: Harness cutting-edge AI algorithms to generate your photos and enhancing your natural beauty. - Studio-Quality Portraits: Achieve a professional headshot look without the need for expensive equipment or a photography session. - Customizable Styles: Tailor your photo to match your unique style and personality, whether you prefer a classic, modern, or artistic vibe. - Effortless Sharing: Seamlessly upload your AI-generated headshots to your favorite social networks and watch your online presence shine. Elevate your profile picture game and leave a lasting impression with AI Headshot Generator. Download now and step into the world of professional-quality photos at your fingertips. Terms of..
Your easy way to blur photos
Blurrel is your ultimate creative tool for transforming ordinary photos into stunning works of art with just a few taps on your mobile device. This sleek and user-friendly iOS app is designed for both novice photographers and seasoned pros, allowing you to effortlessly apply a range of captivating visual effects to your images. Whether you're looking to add a touch of mystery, drama, or nostalgia to your photos, Blurrel has you covered. Key Features: - Blur Effect: Blurrel's primary feature is its powerful blur tool.Choose from various blur intensities to create depth, highlight subjects, or achieve a dreamy aesthetic. Graphic Effects: - Black & White: Transform your photos into timeless monochrome classics. - Color Invert: Give your images an otherworldly twist with inverted colors. - Xray: Reveal hidden details and create intriguing X-ray-like visuals. - Thermal: Add a thermal imaging effect to your photos for a unique look. - Sepia: Transport your photos to the past with warm, sepia-toned hues. - Pixelate: Create pixel art-inspired images or obscure sensitive content with pixelation. - Intuitive Controls: Blurrel's user-friendly interface makes it..
Create beautiful timelapse’s
Create beautiful timelapse's in up to 4K resolution. Lapsey is a powerful app with a huge number features included. - Adjusting the time interval between photos. - Frame rate customisation. - Shoot in up to 4k. - Manage your timelapse's on device. - Beautiful and easy to use UI. - No in app purchases.
Exif Lens Data Editor
An app to effortlessly add lens information to the Exif. "Lens Exif Editor" In digital photography using old lenses that don't automatically write lens information to the Exif, organizing your shoot data afterward can be tedious. By utilizing the Lens Exif Editor, you can easily add lens information to your shot data. This makes tasks like organizing samples for each lens much simpler! 【Feature Overview】 1.List Management of Owned Lenses ・You can register any name or value such as manufacturer name, lens model name, focal length, and F-value. 2.Exif Editing Feature ・Simply select the image you want to edit the Exif for from the list of images saved on your device, and you can add the selected lens information to its Exif. 3.Automatic Sample Image Generation ・Sample images with a frame and the camera model and lens name you shot with will also be automatically generated. This is great for sharing samples on platforms like social media!
After Focus to Photo and Video
Elevate your visual storytelling with Auto Cinematic, the app that effortlessly adds cinematic magic to your photos and videos. Harness the power of iOS's groundbreaking "Object Lifting" technology, which automatically detects main objects in your media, to create stunning after-focus and background blur effects. Whether you're working with still photos, videos, or live photos, Auto Cinematic takes your content to the next level, effortlessly and automatically. **Key Features**: ● Automatic Object Detection: Auto Cinematic leverages iOS's "Object Lifting" technology to detect the main objects in your photos and videos. No manual selection required; it's all automatic. ● Cinematic After Focus: Watch your subjects come to life as the background gracefully blurs, emulating the cinematic look and feel seen in professional films. ● Effortless Enhancement: Achieve cinematic excellence with a single tap. Auto Cinematic does the heavy lifting for you, transforming ordinary content into cinematic masterpieces. ● Also Supports Videos and Live Photos: Extend the magic to your video clips and live photos. Experience the cinematic effect in motion, making your storytelling more captivating. ● Adjustable Intensity: Fine-tune the intensity of..
Simple UVC Viewer
Verified on an iPad with USB-C. It does not work on iPad with lightning model EasyC@M is simple UVC Viewer. Viewing video and audio on your iPad! Game, PC, Camera etc ・Support PictureInPicture(only multitasking camera supported model) ・Select View Type  camera and 16:9 ・confirmation model  io-data GV-US2C/HD  j5create JVA01  ELECOM UCAM-C750FBBK Attension * Operation is not guaranteed for all UVC compatible models. * When connecting a USB camera, be careful that it fits within the power supply. Please understand in advance that it takes time to make inquiries, fix bugs, etc. for personal development. support email is support(at)
Auto Sticker from Motion
Live 2 Stickers is your gateway to effortlessly extracting stickers from videos, live photos, and still images. Harness the cutting-edge "Object Lifting" technology of iOS to automatically extract stickers in a single step. Whether you're working with videos, live photos, or stills, Live 2 Stickers simplifies the process and offers you a versatile toolkit for sticker extraction. **Key Features**: ● Object Lifting Technology: Utilize iOS's advanced "Object Lifting" technology to automatically extract stickers from your media. ● Multi-Media Compatibility: Extract stickers from videos, live photos, and still images—all in one app. ● Effortless Extraction: Say goodbye to complex editing. Live 2 Stickers streamlines the process, making sticker extraction a breeze. ● Precise and Quick: Extract stickers with precision and speed, ensuring the highest quality results. ● Versatile Application: Use your extracted stickers in messages, social media, or anywhere your creativity takes you. Elevate your sticker game with Live 2 Stickers. Experience the convenience and efficiency of iOS's Object Lifting technology, now at your fingertips. Download Live 2 Stickers and unlock the world of easy sticker extraction across various media types.
Calculator for timelapse shoot
LapseCal is a calculator for time-lapse shooting. With simple interface, you are able to planning your shoot very quickly. First, you input two parameters: Start time (h:m:s) End time (h:m:s) then "Duration" of shooting (h:m:s) is immediately calculated. If "End time" is smaller than "Start time", this App considers "End time" as the time of next day. From "Duration" and another parameter "Interval (h:m:s)", "Total frames" of shooting is presented. Finally, depending on "Frame rate (fps)" you selected from 24, 30, and 60, movie "Length (h:m:s;f)" is calculated. This App works completely offline, so no internet connection is required. Please enjoy time-lapse shooting with LapseCal!!
Pro HDMI & SDI Video Monitor
Use your iPad as an external monitor and recording device with compatible USB Capture Cards. Easily record videos or capture frame grabs from any HDMI or SDI Video Source. Verified HDMI Capture Cards: Elgato HD60 X Elgato HD60 S+ Elgato CamLink 4K EVGA XR1 Lite AverMedia Live Gamer Mini AverMedia ExtremeCap UV (BU110) UGREEN Video Capture Dongle Simplecom DA315 Verified SDI Capture Cards: AJA U-Tap SDI AVMATRIX UC2018 Review captured video with our suite of in-built playback tools. The Playback Browser makes finding and sharing specific video clips a breeze. Our Playback Controls allow you to scrub to any point in time and navigate frame by frame when required. Clean Video Output is supported for both live video and playback. Simply connect an external monitor to your iPad with a USB-C to HDMI/DisplayPort Adaptor or via AirPlay. You’ll then be able to control Video Assist from your iPad while providing a clean video feed to another monitor. When using USB Video Output in tandem with a USB Capture Card you will need to use a USB Hub. Professional Video Tools..
Clear Sticker on Home Screen
Elevate your iOS experience with Clear Sticker Widget, the revolutionary app that brings creativity to your fingertips. Harness the latest iOS technology, "Object Lifting," to effortlessly transform your photos, videos, and live photos into stunning sticker images with transparent backgrounds. Redefine personalization by adding these unique stickers to your iOS home screen, turning it into a gallery of your favorite memories and moments. Key Features: ● Object Lifting Technology: Utilize iOS's "Object Lifting" technology to extract subjects from photos and create stickers with transparent backgrounds. ● Home Screen Decor: Customize your iOS home screen by adding these stickers, allowing you to relive your cherished memories with every unlock. ● Sticker Customization: Apply opacity, shadow and refresh rate to the sticker. Add either all stickers or a specific sticker to home screen. ● Endless Possibilities: Create stickers from family photos, landscapes, pets, or any memorable moment captured in your media library. ● Effortless Management: Organize your sticker collection with ease, making them readily accessible. Transform your photos into transparent background stickers with Clear Sticker Widget. Make your iOS home screen a..
Anime Cartoon Character Maker
AI MorphYour ultimate anime filter, cartoon maker & character creator! Unleash the magic of AI art, and turn your own photos into mesmerizing anime characters and avatars! Immerse yourself in the vibrant universe of anime and cartoons now! Simply upload one of your own selfies, and let our AI filter face app weave its enchanting magic on your photo. Within seconds, you'll be turned into your favorite characters, becoming a part of your anime realm! Even your friends, family & beloved pets can be invited to this anime dreamland. Through the wonders of AI art, they will be transformed into hilarious anime characters, turning each moment between you guys into an extraordinary adventure. Try this AI anime filter photo editor, and your wildest anime dreams will come to life! * AI Anime Filter Awaken your inner child's dreams with our array of popular anime & manga filters. Watch as AI filter turns you into a legendary pirate, a skilled young ninja, or a charming elf…Let your imagination take flight and discover the anime persona that best captures your unique character...