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Welcome to Runway Moment and congratulations on taking your first step towards becoming a Runway and maybe even a Walkway Master. Runway Moment is not just for the aspiring model or for the established model but..
Welcome to Runway Moment and congratulations on taking your first step towards becoming a Runway and maybe even a Walkway Master. Runway Moment is not just for the aspiring model or for the established model but for those of us that want to master whatever walkway that we call our ownBe it for pageants, arriving at that party, seminar or even walking around the mall or the street. We want to do it the masterful way.
Cinematic Mood Camera
Hello :) I'm a developer who loves movies and photography. I wanted to create an app with the thought 'taking pictures like a scene from a movie' So after creating the effects used in the movie, I added letter for a little fun and made colors with a cinematic mood. And we combined all of these things to create a Cinetint. Capture this moment like a scene from a movie using the cinematic mood camera Cinetint. • Using 35mm focal length lens • 16:9 & 2.39:1 aspect ratio with top and bottom black letterboxing. • Day stamp function included. Instagram @cinetint
Generate professional photos
Introducing AI Headshot Generator, your ultimate tool for creating stunning professional photos effortlessly with the power of artificial intelligence. Elevate your social media presence with profile pictures that exude a polished and refined look. Unlock the potential of AI technology to transform your selfies into high-quality headshots that rival those captured in a professional studio. With just a few taps, you can achieve a flawless and captivating appearance that's perfect for your social networks. Key Features: - AI Magic: Harness cutting-edge AI algorithms to generate your photos and enhancing your natural beauty. - Studio-Quality Portraits: Achieve a professional headshot look without the need for expensive equipment or a photography session. - Customizable Styles: Tailor your photo to match your unique style and personality, whether you prefer a classic, modern, or artistic vibe. - Effortless Sharing: Seamlessly upload your AI-generated headshots to your favorite social networks and watch your online presence shine. Elevate your profile picture game and leave a lasting impression with AI Headshot Generator. Download now and step into the world of professional-quality photos at your fingertips. Terms of..
Your easy way to blur photos
Blurrel is your ultimate creative tool for transforming ordinary photos into stunning works of art with just a few taps on your mobile device. This sleek and user-friendly iOS app is designed for both novice photographers and seasoned pros, allowing you to effortlessly apply a range of captivating visual effects to your images. Whether you're looking to add a touch of mystery, drama, or nostalgia to your photos, Blurrel has you covered. Key Features: - Blur Effect: Blurrel's primary feature is its powerful blur tool.Choose from various blur intensities to create depth, highlight subjects, or achieve a dreamy aesthetic. Graphic Effects: - Black & White: Transform your photos into timeless monochrome classics. - Color Invert: Give your images an otherworldly twist with inverted colors. - Xray: Reveal hidden details and create intriguing X-ray-like visuals. - Thermal: Add a thermal imaging effect to your photos for a unique look. - Sepia: Transport your photos to the past with warm, sepia-toned hues. - Pixelate: Create pixel art-inspired images or obscure sensitive content with pixelation. - Intuitive Controls: Blurrel's user-friendly interface makes it..
Create beautiful timelapse’s
Create beautiful timelapse's in up to 4K resolution. Lapsey is a powerful app with a huge number features included. - Adjusting the time interval between photos. - Frame rate customisation. - Shoot in up to 4k. - Manage your timelapse's on device. - Beautiful and easy to use UI. - No in app purchases.
Exif Lens Data Editor
An app to effortlessly add lens information to the Exif. "Lens Exif Editor" In digital photography using old lenses that don't automatically write lens information to the Exif, organizing your shoot data afterward can be tedious. By utilizing the Lens Exif Editor, you can easily add lens information to your shot data. This makes tasks like organizing samples for each lens much simpler! 【Feature Overview】 1.List Management of Owned Lenses ・You can register any name or value such as manufacturer name, lens model name, focal length, and F-value. 2.Exif Editing Feature ・Simply select the image you want to edit the Exif for from the list of images saved on your device, and you can add the selected lens information to its Exif. 3.Automatic Sample Image Generation ・Sample images with a frame and the camera model and lens name you shot with will also be automatically generated. This is great for sharing samples on platforms like social media!
After Focus to Photo and Video
Elevate your visual storytelling with Auto Cinematic, the app that effortlessly adds cinematic magic to your photos and videos. Harness the power of iOS's groundbreaking "Object Lifting" technology, which automatically detects main objects in your media, to create stunning after-focus and background blur effects. Whether you're working with still photos, videos, or live photos, Auto Cinematic takes your content to the next level, effortlessly and automatically. **Key Features**: ● Automatic Object Detection: Auto Cinematic leverages iOS's "Object Lifting" technology to detect the main objects in your photos and videos. No manual selection required; it's all automatic. ● Cinematic After Focus: Watch your subjects come to life as the background gracefully blurs, emulating the cinematic look and feel seen in professional films. ● Effortless Enhancement: Achieve cinematic excellence with a single tap. Auto Cinematic does the heavy lifting for you, transforming ordinary content into cinematic masterpieces. ● Also Supports Videos and Live Photos: Extend the magic to your video clips and live photos. Experience the cinematic effect in motion, making your storytelling more captivating. ● Adjustable Intensity: Fine-tune the intensity of..
Simple UVC Viewer
Verified on an iPad with USB-C. It does not work on iPad with lightning model EasyC@M is simple UVC Viewer. Viewing video and audio on your iPad! Game, PC, Camera etc ・Support PictureInPicture(only multitasking camera supported model) ・Select View Type  camera and 16:9 ・confirmation model  io-data GV-US2C/HD  j5create JVA01  ELECOM UCAM-C750FBBK Attension * Operation is not guaranteed for all UVC compatible models. * When connecting a USB camera, be careful that it fits within the power supply. Please understand in advance that it takes time to make inquiries, fix bugs, etc. for personal development. support email is support(at)
Auto Sticker from Motion
Live 2 Stickers is your gateway to effortlessly extracting stickers from videos, live photos, and still images. Harness the cutting-edge "Object Lifting" technology of iOS to automatically extract stickers in a single step. Whether you're working with videos, live photos, or stills, Live 2 Stickers simplifies the process and offers you a versatile toolkit for sticker extraction. **Key Features**: ● Object Lifting Technology: Utilize iOS's advanced "Object Lifting" technology to automatically extract stickers from your media. ● Multi-Media Compatibility: Extract stickers from videos, live photos, and still images—all in one app. ● Effortless Extraction: Say goodbye to complex editing. Live 2 Stickers streamlines the process, making sticker extraction a breeze. ● Precise and Quick: Extract stickers with precision and speed, ensuring the highest quality results. ● Versatile Application: Use your extracted stickers in messages, social media, or anywhere your creativity takes you. Elevate your sticker game with Live 2 Stickers. Experience the convenience and efficiency of iOS's Object Lifting technology, now at your fingertips. Download Live 2 Stickers and unlock the world of easy sticker extraction across various media types.
Calculator for timelapse shoot
LapseCal is a calculator for time-lapse shooting. With simple interface, you are able to planning your shoot very quickly. First, you input two parameters: Start time (h:m:s) End time (h:m:s) then "Duration" of shooting (h:m:s) is immediately calculated. If "End time" is smaller than "Start time", this App considers "End time" as the time of next day. From "Duration" and another parameter "Interval (h:m:s)", "Total frames" of shooting is presented. Finally, depending on "Frame rate (fps)" you selected from 24, 30, and 60, movie "Length (h:m:s;f)" is calculated. This App works completely offline, so no internet connection is required. Please enjoy time-lapse shooting with LapseCal!!
Pro HDMI & SDI Video Monitor
Use your iPad as an external monitor and recording device with compatible USB Capture Cards. Easily record videos or capture frame grabs from any HDMI or SDI Video Source. Verified HDMI Capture Cards: Elgato HD60 X Elgato HD60 S+ Elgato CamLink 4K EVGA XR1 Lite AverMedia Live Gamer Mini AverMedia ExtremeCap UV (BU110) UGREEN Video Capture Dongle Simplecom DA315 Verified SDI Capture Cards: AJA U-Tap SDI AVMATRIX UC2018 Review captured video with our suite of in-built playback tools. The Playback Browser makes finding and sharing specific video clips a breeze. Our Playback Controls allow you to scrub to any point in time and navigate frame by frame when required. Clean Video Output is supported for both live video and playback. Simply connect an external monitor to your iPad with a USB-C to HDMI/DisplayPort Adaptor or via AirPlay. You’ll then be able to control Video Assist from your iPad while providing a clean video feed to another monitor. When using USB Video Output in tandem with a USB Capture Card you will need to use a USB Hub. Professional Video Tools..
Clear Sticker on Home Screen
Elevate your iOS experience with Clear Sticker Widget, the revolutionary app that brings creativity to your fingertips. Harness the latest iOS technology, "Object Lifting," to effortlessly transform your photos, videos, and live photos into stunning sticker images with transparent backgrounds. Redefine personalization by adding these unique stickers to your iOS home screen, turning it into a gallery of your favorite memories and moments. Key Features: ● Object Lifting Technology: Utilize iOS's "Object Lifting" technology to extract subjects from photos and create stickers with transparent backgrounds. ● Home Screen Decor: Customize your iOS home screen by adding these stickers, allowing you to relive your cherished memories with every unlock. ● Sticker Customization: Apply opacity, shadow and refresh rate to the sticker. Add either all stickers or a specific sticker to home screen. ● Endless Possibilities: Create stickers from family photos, landscapes, pets, or any memorable moment captured in your media library. ● Effortless Management: Organize your sticker collection with ease, making them readily accessible. Transform your photos into transparent background stickers with Clear Sticker Widget. Make your iOS home screen a..
Anime Cartoon Character Maker
AI MorphYour ultimate anime filter, cartoon maker & character creator! Unleash the magic of AI art, and turn your own photos into mesmerizing anime characters and avatars! Immerse yourself in the vibrant universe of anime and cartoons now! Simply upload one of your own selfies, and let our AI filter face app weave its enchanting magic on your photo. Within seconds, you'll be turned into your favorite characters, becoming a part of your anime realm! Even your friends, family & beloved pets can be invited to this anime dreamland. Through the wonders of AI art, they will be transformed into hilarious anime characters, turning each moment between you guys into an extraordinary adventure. Try this AI anime filter photo editor, and your wildest anime dreams will come to life! * AI Anime Filter Awaken your inner child's dreams with our array of popular anime & manga filters. Watch as AI filter turns you into a legendary pirate, a skilled young ninja, or a charming elf…Let your imagination take flight and discover the anime persona that best captures your unique character...
Record with proximity sensor
●●● Recording start/stop without touching the iPhone screen ●●● ※ Compatible with iPhone only (Not a universal app) ※ Recording will not start unless the iPhone screen is held as vertically as possible. ■ Features ・When you bring an object close to the iPhone's proximity sensor and then move it away, recording will start automatically. ・To start recording, hold the iPhone screen as vertical as possible and bring an object close to it. ・Displays the shooting screen while recording. ・During recording, if you bring an object close to the iPhone's proximity sensor again, recording will stop automatically. ・When you stop recording, the recorded video will be automatically saved as a file. ・You can play or delete saved video files on the video list. ・Using the file sharing function, you can save it to a photo album or send it to other apps. ■ Supplement ・First, keep your iPhone screen as vertical as possible. Otherwise, recording cannot start. ・By bringing an object close to the proximity sensor (horizontally oblong area) on the top of the iPhone, touchless recording is performed. ・Recording..
Blurry Photo Fixer: Remove BG
Blur Photo is a photographic technique that involves intentionally making parts of an image out of focus while keeping the main subject sharp. This technique draws attention to the subject, adds depth, and can evoke emotions that a sharply-focused image might not. This effect was achieved through various camera settings and lenses. However, with the advent of smartphone photography, blur effects can now be easily achieved through innovative apps.
Template Presets & Theme Maker
Introducing Captify: The best place to discover trending CapCut templates. Dive into the ultimate world of video editing with Captify, your one-stop destination for unlocking the full potential of CapCut, the world's leading video editing app! Why Captify? - Trending Themes & Templates: Captify offers the largest curated collection of themes and templates, meticulously handpicked to keep your content fresh and captivating. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends and viral styles! - Save Your Favorites: No more endless scrolling! With Captify, you can easily bookmark your favorite themes and templates for quick access. Your go-to inspiration is just a tap away. - Create Viral Magic: Transform your videos into eye-catching masterpieces that'll make waves on TikTok and Instagram. Captify's diverse range of templates ensures you're never short on creative possibilities! Highlights: Seamless Integration: Captify seamlessly integrates with CapCut, so you can apply templates with ease. User-Friendly Interface: Navigating Captify is a breeze, ensuring an effortless and enjoyable editing experience. Weekly Updates: Stay at the forefront of creativity with new themes and templates added regularly. Join the Captify..
Cloud CarDvr
Cloud CarDvr APP is a high-definition driving recorder control software that supports operations such as previewing, taking pictures, playback and downloading of videos in the driving recorder through 4G remote or WIFI direct connection. The main function: 1. Support 4G remote or WIFI wireless connection to the driving recorder 2. Support 4G remote or WIFI direct connection to play back and download videos or pictures in the driving recorder 3. Support real-time preview and photo of driving recorder video 4. Support parking monitoring function 5. Support firmware online upgrade
Scan and color old b&w picture
Transform black and white photos into colorful memories effortlessly using our AI app. Experience the magic of automatic colorization for vintage photos with our app. Witness history in a new light by using our app to effortlessly add color to black and white photos. We are excited to present our new AI-powered black and white colorization app Colorize Black & White Photos that is sure to leave you amazed. Experience one of the most precise apps for adding color to old photosthe results will truly astonish you. AUTOMATIC TRANSFORMATIONSIMPLY ADD B&W PHOTOS: 1. Capture a black and white photo or select one from your photo library. 2. With just a single tap, watch as colors are automatically infused into your monochromatic picture. 3. That's itexplore your gallery of beautifully colorized photographs. 4. Preserve and share your photographic memories, now brought to life in full spectrum! Experience a swift and enchanting transformation as you embark on a journey to revitalize your cherished black and white images, transcending time and invoking vivid reminiscences. Through the mastery of cutting-edge AI photo colorization technology,..
White & Coloured Image Borders
Enhance Your Photos with Frami. AI-Generated Color Palettes: Let Frami's advanced machine learning analyze your images and generate personalized color palettes. Custom Borders: Add a touch of style, class and personality to your images with Frami. From elegant and subtle designs to bold and vibrant patterns, choose the border that best complements your photo and showcases your artistic vision.
Camera App: settings, effects
Record your videos with Mac built-in or any external webcams, capture and record your screen, create reaction videos. - Sound level monitoring and correction; - Built-in trimmer; - Save your videos in Mp4, Mov, Avi, MKV and share them; - Chose the size and quality of your video; - «Picture-in-picture» modecreate reaction videos for your streams; - Record your screen; - Edit videos; - Ability to mirror the image (right / left, top / bottom) - Enjoy user friendly interface. Fully optimized for macOS Ventura. Privacy Policy: https:/ Terms Of Use:
Photographer's Premium Filter
Try a cool and luxurious filter made by Hyoshin Kwak. • Warm • Cool • Blue • Sky • Forest • Green • Orange • Pink • Cafe • Cloudy A place where you can see premium emotional filters by professional photographers FilmN
Transform Your Media with Ease
Welcome to EasyBatchConvert App! Have you ever been frustrated with incompatible video or image formats? Bid farewell to frustration and embrace the seamless experience of file format conversion! Key Features: Supporting Files App interaction makes it convenient to view shared content within the Files App. You can significantly reduce the size of videos and images by choosing the appropriate format and quality. Image Format Conversion: Adapt to various needs, whether it's sharing or social media – we have the formats you need. Video Format Conversion: Enjoy the fun of playback and sharing without the limits of video formats. Batch Processing: Save time by converting multiple files at once, efficiently completing tasks. User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive operations, a few steps to complete format conversion, no complex skills required. Why Choose EasyBatchConvert App? User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use, making your desired operations effortless. Efficient and Fast: Save time, batch processing ensures tasks are completed efficiently. Continuous Updates: Supporting more formats and features, ensuring the best conversion experience. Install EasyBatchConvert App now, simplify file format conversion, and make conversion incredibly easy!
"AIPhoto Ultra" is an application that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create stunning and imaginative photos. With its intuitive interface, users can unleash their creativity by inputting prompts, which the app then transforms into..
"AIPhoto Ultra" is an application that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create stunning and imaginative photos. With its intuitive interface, users can unleash their creativity by inputting prompts, which the app then transforms into captivating images using advanced AI algorithms. From abstract visualizations to lifelike scenes, "AIPhoto Ultra" empowers users to explore a world of artistic possibilities and share their unique creations with others.
Brighten photos with a tap!
A fantastic photo correction app has been released that brightens up dark photos! This app automatically adjusts dark photos to be brighter with just a single tap. It also intelligently corrects overly bright photos to be darker. Even in dimly lit rooms or nighttime scenes, you can transform your photos into captivating brightness levels with just one tap. It enhances photos taken in backlit conditions or those that are too dark to see clearly, making them brighter and more visible. If you have photos with such concerns, we highly recommend giving this app a try. It's free, so feel free to use it without hesitation. * There is also a free version with ads. The "PRO" version is paid and without ads. There is no difference in the app's functionality. [How to Use] 1.Tap "Select Image" to choose a photo. 2.Tap "Preview" to apply the brightness adjustment. 3.Tap "Save as PNG" or "Save as JPEG" to save the photo in the respective format. - To view the original and preview images, tap the "Enlarge" button in the top right corner...
Take Poetic Pictures
Take a picture and automatically turn it into a poem via AI. Borges couldn't have written a better one.