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Bg Remove, Create, Edit
Effortlessly remove, create, and edit perfect product shots with just a few taps. It’s why thousands of creators and online sellers choose ZMO to get their listings live 3x faster and make more sales. All within the mobile app, you can: - Create professional product images for e-commerce marketplaces like Depop, Poshmark, Amazon, and Shopify. - Remove photos's background quickly and accurately with the Background Remover. - Instantly create stunning backgrounds for your product photos using artificial intelligence with Background Changer. -Create marketing materials using built-in templates for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and more. - Customize profile pictures for web pages and social media profiles. - Curate polished stories that showcase your store, your life, or yourself. - Invite anyone to view, download, or add photos. - Promote more, faster. Explore the many features of ZMO Background Changer & Eraser and see how you can streamline photo editing without sacrificing quality. - Edit photos quickly and accurately with the Background Removal tool. apply a white background, blur the background or cut the background itself - Instantly create stunning backgrounds for..
Birthday invitation maker
Birthday Invitation Maker is the ultimate iOS app for creating personalized and enchanting birthday invitations for your special occasions. Whether you're planning a birthday party for a boy, girl, superhero enthusiast, princess aficionado, or unicorn lover, this app has you covered with a wide array of beautifully designed templates and a plethora of customization options. Key Features: Diverse Template Categories: Our app offers a vast selection of invitation templates categorized to suit every taste. Choose from categories like Girls, Boys, Super Heroes, Princess, Unicorns, and more. No matter the theme of your party, you'll find the perfect template to match. Beautiful Designs: Our professional designers have crafted each template with care, ensuring that they are visually stunning and eye-catching. Every design radiates charm and creativity, making your invitations truly special. Photo Personalization: Add a personal touch to your invitations by easily inserting your own photos. Whether it's a snapshot of the birthday boy or girl, a family picture, or a themed image, our app lets you effortlessly include your desired photos within the invitation. Text Customization: Tailor the invitation to..
Expressive Sticker for Freedom
Spread the Gabonese spirit with these fun and expressive stickers! Make your chats more lively and engaging with our collection of Gabon-inspired emojis and stickers. Whether you're chatting with friends or family, these stickers will add a touch of Gabonese culture to your conversations. Download now and start sharing the joy of Gabon!
Sketch, Note & Design.
Atai is a versatile vector-based sketching application with a heavy emphasis on the Apple Pencil in combination with Apple's touch screens allowing you to draw by hand with incredible precision. Atai saves your drawings in vector format, which means they can be modified at any size at any time. It's the perfect tools for Artists, Designers, Architects and Drawing enthusiasts who want to take their creativity to next level. What sets our App apart is its emphasis on the use of Bézier Curves. You can start by drawing a freehand stroke and end up in a precise technical drawing with the help of Grids and Layers. Atai provide specific tools for working with curves. You can add and remove control points to further refine your strokes with complete control of the shape and flow of your drawings. In addition to manual control, our App also offers automatic function for smoothing and adjusting those curves. Force, Speed are handling easily to take a smooth good looking stroke. The intuitive File Manager based on Colored Tabs give you and easy and fast..
Ai art, Photo & Drawing
Turn your words into Ai Photo Generator with Anime Art.Explore and transform your dream imagination with the photo anime generator wallpaper .Pickup the photo art design and explore the magic power of your dream.All you need to come up with your words and change into life text as an image. AI photo generator create art by using advanced AI art models.draw your charming and fantastic art ,inspired by their own imagination. Let AI art image anime generators bring your dream into the powerful anime art. Key features: Change your dream word into anime art: You can turn an imaginary model of your dream like the beautiful galaxy,butterflies and waterfall wallpapers into anime art. AI image art generator allows you to draw a unique and captivating art within a few seconds. Pickup your favorite anime art design: Select the bright colour and bold lines with AI filters ,explore the detail with the anime art and draw the photorealistic images with the use of a complex AI generator. By using the AI generator art design, create your image with your favorite anime...
◉ Dope Wallpapers HDVSCO App Provides the best high 4K resolution for your iPhone Lock Screen and Backgrounds. ◉ Each and Every best Dope wallpapers is made and edited with perfection for your iphone LockScreen & Backgrounds. ◉ Get HD & 4K Dope Wallpapers with resolution, ultra-clear Dope wallpapers from professional photographers for your home screen & lock screen Wallpapers for iphone Lock Screen. ◉ You can preview choice Dope 4k wallpaper on Home Screen or lock screens in the Our App, before you download it. Yes, you can download all of the Dope wallpapers absolutely FREE! ◉ Make your iphone Home screen & Lock Screen and the world a little more beautiful with Dope Wallpapers HD App. ◉ This is a great Dope wallpapers for iphone 14 pro, store for users. We add new unique as well as top quality wallpaper everyday, wallpaper engine, aesthetic wallpaper,anime & wallpaper,preppy wallpaper etc. ◉ We think it's important that you can find easily Awesome and beautiful Dope wallpapers hd & thems for me, girly wallpaper,live wallpaper,vellum wallpapers,3d wallpaper, that will make you..
annapig sticker
Here's newly launched Pastel handwriting Sticker! This sticker pack includes 24 expressions most commonly used words in daily life. You can use these stickers everyday and in any special moment! So, let's make your moments even more colorful with Pastel handwriting Sticker. Download & have fun. Cheers! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions! Email : I would love to hear from you & appreciate your thoughts. - from annapig
A moving elephant ball sticker to attach to messages
A moving elephant ball sticker to attach to messages
A sticker that can be attached to a message, a ball with a cheerful face that moves
A sticker that can be attached to a message, a ball with a cheerful face that moves
Introducing AestheticKit: The Ultimate Mac Customization Experience Tired of a dull and unorganized Mac desktop? Looking to elevate your productivity and express your unique style? AestheticKit is the one-stop solution to transform your Mac experience, ensuring a seamless, personalized, and stylish journey across all your devices!
 Skyrocket Your Productivity with Updated Desktop Organizers Keep your desktop tidy and functional with our extensive collection of organizers, designed to declutter your workspace and enhance your productivity.
 Sync Your Style with iPhone Icon Packs Bring your Mac aesthetic to your iPhone with a vast array of custom icons, allowing a cohesive and visually appealing experience on all your devices.
 Decorate with Stunning Aesthetic Widgets Enhance your Mac's appearance and functionality with our beautiful widgets, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and personal flair.
 Customize with Folder Icon Packs Breathe new life into your folders and files by changing their icons directly from our app, making it easier than ever to locate and access your important documents. 
 Level Up Your Instagram Game with Editable Templates Create eye-catching Instagram stories and posts using..
Suitable for Web/Graphic Designer, Software Programmer, creative writer & even design lovers to store their fave colours. Features: Add Colour with Hexadecimal and RGB values Delete Colour option on Palette Eyedropper tool feature to pick colour..
Suitable for Web/Graphic Designer, Software Programmer, creative writer & even design lovers to store their fave colours. Features: Add Colour with Hexadecimal and RGB values Delete Colour option on Palette Eyedropper tool feature to pick colour from picture. NO ADSOne life time app purchase only! Visit my website for the video of how to use this app.
Create Polygons, anywhere.
Formation is a 3D Modeling application designed specifically for the iOS ecosystem. It has been created from the group up using Metal, Swift and SwiftUI. Features - Create stunning polygons models on the go - Create topological correct base meshes to take into your favourite sculpting applications - Use traditional tools like Extrude, Cut, Poke and Bevel. - Import Obj's - Export Obj's
Draw beautiful mandalas easily
◉ Note: This pro version is ad-free and all the features are unlocked with additional added mandala options and higher performance. • Make beautiful and intricate mandala drawings with a few easy steps. • It has a lot of customization options, where you can change the canvas symmetry, background color, brush settings, apply shadows, and much more. • You can also use images to draw a mandala and there are more than 50+ images to draw with. • It even has some predefined patterns which you can use to draw. #Features# ◉ Canvas Customization - you can change the background color - can change the canvas center - apply center at the touch - canvas mirroring ◉ Brush Customization - multiple brushes styles - different color types - random color selection - change brush sizes and type ◉ Image Customization - 50+ images to draw with - change image size and dimensions ◉ Shadow Properties - apply random shadow - select different shadow sizes and color ◉ Patterns - select from predefined patterns - multiple patterns to draw with #Credits#..
Creatives for Instagram
Create Stunning Instagram Posts with Ease! Rect is your go-to app for crafting eye-catching Instagram posts in just a few taps. With a wide range of stylish templates, it's never been easier to elevate your Instagram game. Simply choose your favorite template, customize it with your own images and texts, and watch as your feed comes to life with striking visuals. No design skills required – Rect does the hard work for you, so you can focus on expressing your creativity and captivating your followers. Download Rect now and take your Instagram feed to the next level!
Colormaps based on zodiac
A selection of colormaps designed for each zodiac signPick the number of colors and see what your sign has to offerThese maps are curated based on research and indicated for fun use.
Ai Painting & Painter,Drawing
Ai Art Generator app is an innovative and revolutionary tool that unleashes the creativity within you. this app enables you to effortlessly transform your ideas into breathtaking works of art. Whether you're a professional artist, an amateur enthusiast, or someone simply looking to explore the world of art, this app provides you with a virtual canvas to express yourself like never before. Using state-of-the-art deep learning models, the AI Art Generator app analyzes your input, be it a photograph, a sketch, or even a concept, and applies a range of artistic styles and techniques to bring your vision to life. From vibrant impressionistic brushstrokes to delicate watercolor washes, the app offers a diverse palette of styles to choose from, each meticulously crafted to evoke a unique mood and aesthetic. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, the app ensures a seamless and immersive creative experience. Adjust settings, experiment with different filters and effects, or let the AI take the reins and surprise you with its imaginative interpretations. The AI Art Generator app empowers you to explore, discover, and redefine the..
AI Image Generator
Why should you choose ArtOut? - Text to Image: Convert any text, in any language, into captivating visuals. - Image to Image: Generate a new image from an existing one for unique and engaging visuals. - Advanced Settings: Take control of your creations with settings that allow you to generate images up to 1920x1080 pixels. - Variety of AI Models: Select from a plethora of AI models for unique variations and model mixing. - Image Enhancement: Fix faces and upscale your images up to 16kx16k pixels for a high-quality finish. - Outpainting: Expand your images with AI and discover a whole new dimension to your art! - Auto Complete Prompt: Let our AI be your co-creator, assisting you in completing your prompts. - Universal Expression: Use any language to guide our AI. It's capable of understanding and generating images from prompts in all languages. - Group Image Handling: Multiply your creativity! Generate and enhance multiple images in one go. - Flexible Sharing: Choose to share your creations directly on social media or download them for keeps. You decide! - Credit..
With “Seixal Criativo” augmented reality App you will be able to explore multiple augmented reality experiences related with the Seixal Criativo initiative. Those experiences will demonstrate some of the technologies that will be used and taught..
With “Seixal Criativo” augmented reality App you will be able to explore multiple augmented reality experiences related with the Seixal Criativo initiative. Those experiences will demonstrate some of the technologies that will be used and taught in the classes and allow students to experience the technology in a funny way.
Transform your digital memories into tangible treasures with our Albumati App. Easily select your favorite photos and design custom albums with professional layouts and high-quality printing options. From sleek photo books to elegant photo albums, our app offers a range of formats to suit your preferences. Choose from premium materials, personalized covers, and exquisite finishes to create a timeless keepsake. Preserve and share your most cherished moments in a physical form that can be enjoyed for years to come. Experience the joy of holding your memories in your hands with our convenient and user-friendly.
UI Designer Tools
Palette Colors is an auxiliary tool for color management and color extraction designed for UI designers and programmers. With it, you can easily manage your color cards, extract colors from photos, copy and export your colors. Product features: - Built-in library of commonly used color cards - You can create your own color card groups and add your favorite colors to them - You can choose a photo and let it automatically extract the main color theme of the photo or manually extract pixel colors, and you can save these colors to the color card - You can also choose a color theme and let it automatically generate various color schemes (such as monochrome, adjacent color, contrast color, complementary color, etc.) - Built-in common color blending mode preview, which can be used to replace colors and view the effect - Built-in color value conversion tool, you can easily switch different data displays (such as hexadecimal strings, RGB, HSB, CMYK, etc.) - Built-in screen color detection tool, check whether your device has bad points and whether the device color display is..
Coloring game mystical mixing
Welcome to a magical world where children can become aspiring wizards and brew enchanting potions using various ingredients. In this game, players will embark on an exciting adventure of potion mixing, discovering 16 adorable pets, wielding magical wands, and even coloring their pets with unique hues. Features: Potion Mixing: Players will engage in the art of potion mixing, combining different ingredients to create magical elixirs. Unleash your creativity and experiment with various combinations to achieve unique effects. Each potion will have its own special properties to aid you in your journeys. Pets: Explore the game's world and encounter 16 charming pets, each with its own distinct personality and abilities. Assist them in their adventures, play together, and develop a special bond. Utilize magical wands to interact with your pets and unlock their full potential. Pet Coloring: Unleash your artistic side! Players can color their pets with a range of unique shades, allowing for individual customization. Choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and designs to create stunning looks for each pet. Adventures and Puzzles: Embark on thrilling quests and explore..
Art trail app
Find and collect Bear sculptures across Leeds while unlocking exciting rewards and milestones along the way. Discover the design inspiration and vote for your favourite. Share your trail stats and photos to the sculpture galleries while tracking your steps and miles. Keep up to date with the latest trail related events. Art trail app includes: map, sculpture listings, design inspiration, sculpture and milestone rewards, sculpture galleries, voting, trail stats, social sharing and event listings. Leeds Bear Hunt is a Wild in Art event brought to you by Leeds Hospital Charity. Leeds Hospital Charity provide support for eight hospitals which include Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds Children's Hospitals, Leeds Cancer Centre, St James's University Hospital, Chapel Allerton Hospital, Seacroft Hosptial, Wharfdale Hospital and Leeds Dental Institute. We support NHS staff to deliver the best care for over a million patients and their families each year. Your generous donations have funded life saving equipment, research fellowships and improvements to the patient environmentEvery penny donated helps to support the hard-working staff at our hospitals and enhance the experirence of patients and their families. Wild..
Use Custom Backgrounds on Zoom
Have you ever wanted to change your background in a Zoom meeting? Well now you can! We've created our own custom videos & photos for you to use in your next meeting. This app includes: -Over 100 photo & video backgrounds -Easily install them into Zoom with drag and drop -All backgrounds work with Zoom By starting the 3-day free trial, the subscription renews at $29.99 a year after a three-day free trial. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your subscription will auto-renew yearly for $29.99. You can cancel the subscription in the iTunes store settings. By subscribing, you agree to our terms and the auto-renewal. Terms of Service:
SVG, Cutfiles, Stickers,Shapes
Design something new using Design for Cricut Space app. Precisely crafted shapes for your unique design artworks. Designs for Cricut can be used as elements for decorations, advertisements and flyers. Wedding events, birthday greetings, postcards or party invitations can be adorned and made more impressive. Designs can be simply uploaded to Cricut Design Space and cut or printed using machines. Shape images are for everyone. They could be great assistants for adding your own touch on T-Shirts, cups and many other things. Adding the design for printing on the sticker or cutting a shape for some decoration is simple using Cricut app and machines. Vectors of SVG format can be resized easily without losing the quality. Use the shape on your social media pictures, banners and covers. Use them on business cards, envelopes, letters, emails, flyers or even on huge screens and billboards. One-time purchase gives the opportunity to use hundreds of shapes without limitations and without additional fees. All the future updates will be free. Key features of the designs: - Designs can be used as final images for..
Unique shapes spark creativity
Dudel Draw is a unique and innovative mobile app that aims to ignite your imagination and unleash your creative potential. With Dudel Draw, you'll receive a new shape every day, serving as a foundation for your creative endeavors. Whether you're an experienced artist or just like to draw, this app is designed to inspire you daily. Here's how it works: You’ll receive a carefully curated shape directly to your device daily. These shapes can vary from basic geometrical forms to more complex and abstract designs. The shapes are meant to serve as a starting point, a canvas waiting for your artistic expression. You can explore a wide range of shapes with random shape mode. Here you can practice and sharpen your skills for continual exercise. With Dudel Draw, you have the freedom to draw and sketch directly on top of the given shape. The app provides a way to view the shape from all angles with flip and rotate features, ensuring that you have the freedom to explore your creativity. One of the most exciting aspects of Dudel Draw is..