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Grid Method for Artists
Art Grid Drawing is a simple, elegant and easy to use grid drawing app A drawing grid is a traditional technique transferring a drawing or photo to a canvas. Art Grid does the hard work for you, leaving you more time to draw and paint! Select an to image from your photos and choose the dimensions of your artwork, and ArtGrid will create the grid for you 1) Select a drawing or photo. 2) Enter the size of your target canvas, or select from a wide range of presets. 3) Crop your image if needed. 4) Adjust the grid settings to your liking, or use the defaults. 5) Get to work! Features Include: Preset target canvases and paper sizes. Crop your image. Select grid color. Show grid diagonals. Calculates exact grid spacing. Close up zoom on selected square. Image FiltersBlur, posterise or edges.
Compress Photos and Videos
Introducing the ultimate solution for efficient image management on your devices. This user-friendly app is designed to effortlessly compress various image and video formats, helping you save valuable storage space without compromising on quality. Whether you're a professional photographer, a social media enthusiast, or simply someone trying to organize a vast photo library, Bulk Image Compressor caters to all your needs. Key Features: - Versatile Compatibility: Works with a wide range of image and videos formats including JPG, PNG, BMP, MP4, MOV and more. - Batch Compression: Easily select and compress multiple images and videos simultaneously. - Customizable Quality: Choose your desired level of compression to balance image quality and file size. - Quick and Efficient: Compress images and videos quickly without losing crucial details. - Intuitive Interface: Simple and easy-to-navigate design, perfect for users of all skill levels. - Storage Management: Helps in reducing file size, which is essential for optimizing device storage. Download Bulk Image Compressor today and experience the most convenient way to manage and compress your images on the go!
Organize and install fonts
Font Box is an app designed for creative professionals who want to take control of their font collections. With Font Box, organizing your installed fonts has never been easier. The app allows you to categorize and preview your fonts. Key Features: * Font Organizationorganize your installed fonts into collection and keep track of your favorite fonts for quick access during your creative process. * Google Fonts Integration: Explore and install a vast collection of Google Fonts directly from the app. * Font Previews : Visualize how different fonts will look in your projects with a live preview feature. * Font Details and Information: Access detailed information about each font, including style variations and licensing details.
Sherlock Stickers brings the wit and charm of the world's most famous detective to your messaging. Dive into the intriguing world of Sherlock Holmes with our unique and engaging sticker collection. Features Classic & Original Designs: Enjoy a wide range of stickers featuring Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and other iconic characters and items from the stories. Victorian Charm: Each sticker captures the essence of the Victorian era, adding a classic touch to your messages. Interactive Mystery Stickers: Engage with stickers that start mini-mysteries or puzzles, perfect for engaging friends in a playful challenge. Regular Updates: New stickers added to keep the collection fresh and exciting. Easy Integration: Seamlessly use with iMessage and other messaging platforms. Why Choose Sherlock Stickers? Perfect for fans of mystery and classic literature, Sherlock Stickers adds an element of intrigue and sophistication to your digital conversations. Be Part of the Adventure Join a community of Sherlock enthusiasts. Share your favorite stickers, exchange theories, and make every message an adventure.
Trendy brushes for Procreate
Elevate your digital artistry with "Brushes & Tools for Procreate." Unleash a world of creativity with a diverse array of brushes and powerful tools, designed to enhance your Procreate experience. From realistic textures to dynamic effects, this app empowers artists to bring their visions to life. Explore endless possibilities, refine your skills, and take your Procreate journey to new heights. Download now and unlock a toolkit that inspires boundless creativity. Upgrade your art, upgrade your Procreate with Brushes & Tools!
AR drawing - Draw Sketch Trace
Welcome to “AR DrawingDraw, Sketch & Trace,” the ultimate creative companion that seamlessly merges the art of drawing with cutting-edge augmented reality technology. Unleash your imagination and embark on an artistic adventure like never before. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, this app is designed to inspire, innovate, and elevate your artistic journey. Key Features: 1. Immersive AR Drawing: • Experience the magic of drawing in augmented reality using your phone’s camera. • Choose from a diverse range of tracing templates, including Animals, Cars, Nature, Food, Anime, and more. • Illuminate your canvas with the built-in flashlight for optimal tracing conditions. • Save your creations in the gallery for easy access and sharing. 2. Tracing Magic: • Effortlessly transform your favorite photos or artwork into captivating line work. • Master the art of tracing paper, allowing you to skilfully draw over existing images. • Perfect for both honing your drawing skills and introducing beginners to the world of tracing. 3. Seamless Workflow: • Select images from your gallery or capture new moments using your device’s camera. •..
Generative Design Maker
Discover the future of tattoo design with AI Tattoo, where your ideas and inspirations become stunning, personalized tattoo designs. Just input a prompt or upload an image, choose your preferred style, and let our AI reveal your dream tattoo. Key Features: - Prompt-Based Design: Enter a text prompt and our AI will translate it into a unique tattoo design. - Image Uploads: Upload any inspiring image, and our AI will craft a design based on its essence. - Diverse Styles: Choose from 20 different tattoo styles, including traditional, tribal, watercolor, and geometric. - High-Resolution Output: Each design is rendered in high quality, showcasing intricate details. - Save & Share: Easily save your designs and share them with friends or your tattoo artist. Whether you're a tattoo enthusiast or a first-timer, AI Tattoo offers an innovative way to explore and create tattoo designs. Our app is designed to inspire and assist you in your tattoo journey, maintaining a balance between creativity and practicality. Terms of Use :
Photo Editor - Image Enhance.r
Explore the enchantment of AI Headshot Studioyour ultimate tool for creating stunning and captivating profile portraits. This groundbreaking application redefines the realm of image composition, utilizing a curated selection of personal smartphone snapshots to generate unparalleled visual masterpieces! Powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, this app empowers you to craft incredibly lifelike and awe-inspiring profile photographs. Whether you prefer sophisticated studio-like captures, imaginative realms, or vibrant eccentricities, discover the perfect style that resonates with your preferences, giving your profile picture a refreshing makeover. Whether you're a design professional or simply looking to indulge in creative expression, AI Portrait Studio is an essential resource for crafting exquisitely captivating profile images. Ideal for: Elevating social media profile pictures Creating polished passport photos Crafting professional ID photos PRICING AND TERMS AI Portrait Studio offers subscription plans: Weekly Subscription$3.99 Yearly Subscription$8.99 Unlock the AI feature for generating personalized headshots by purchasing one of these packages. Privacy Policy: Terms Of Use:
Sankey Diagram
SankeyMaster is your essential tool for crafting sophisticated Sankey diagrams on both iOS and macOS. Effortlessly input data and create intricate Sankey diagrams that unveil complex data relationships with precision. Key Features: 1.Effortless Data Input: Seamlessly input data for personalized Sankey diagrams. 2.Cross-Platform Brilliance: Tailored for iOS and macOS, ensuring a seamless user experience. 3.Sankey Diagram Mastery: Harness the potential of Sankey diagrams to showcase intricate data relationships. 4.Intuitive Design: Craft detailed data relationships effortlessly with our user-friendly interface. 5.High-Quality Export: Share and integrate your work with ease using high-resolution Sankey diagrams. Whether you're a seasoned data analyst, a curious student, or anyone looking to revolutionize data communication, SankeyMaster is your top choice for mastering the art of Sankey diagrams. Download now and transform your data into compelling visual narratives! For inquiries or suggestions, contact our dedicated support team. Your feedback is invaluable to us!
Cartoons, avatars, paintings
Aipo: Where Your Photos Become Masterpieces Discover the magic of transformation with Aipo – the app that redefines the boundaries between photography and art. With the power of GPT vision and Dalle3 technologies, Aipo breathes new life into your images, metamorphosing them into captivating artwork. Transform with Ease: Jump into a user-friendly experience that lets you convert snapshots into art with just a few taps. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply looking to spice up your photo collection, Aipo is your go-to digital artist. Diverse Artistic Styles: Indulge in a rich gallery of artistic styles at your fingertips. From the delicate strokes of Watercolor to the bold outlines of Pop Art, the vibrant energy of Neon, and the timeless beauty of Impressionism – there's a style for every mood and memory. Personalize Your Experience: Every photo tells a story, and with Aipo, you become the narrator. Select your preferred style and watch as the app reinterprets your photo into a style-infused sensation, ready to make a statement. Share and Impress: Aipo's creations are meant to be shared. With seamless..
Logo Maker, Logo Creator
Unlock your creativity and design a distinctive brand identity with Logo Maker, Logo Creator – the ultimate tool for crafting professional logos effortlessly. Whether you're a business owner, freelancer, or just someone looking to add a personal touch to your projects, this app is your go-to solution for creating stunning logos in minutes. Key Features: Intuitive Design Interface: Dive into a user-friendly interface that makes logo design a breeze. No design experience? No problem! Our intuitive tools guide you through the process seamlessly. Versatile Templates: Choose from a diverse range of professionally crafted templates to kickstart your logo creation. From minimalist to bold, find the perfect style that reflects your brand's personality. Customization Options: Tailor your logo to perfection with a wide array of customization options. Adjust colors, fonts, shapes, and more to create a logo that truly represents your unique vision. Extensive Icon Library: Access a vast library of high-quality icons and graphics to enhance your logo. Search for specific elements or explore categories to find the perfect visual elements for your brand. Typography Tools: Experiment with a variety..
Flip Images, Make Patterns
Transform your creativity into stunning, seamless masterpieces with Tessellate – the ultimate tool for artists to effortlessly create mesmerizing tiling patterns from their images. Whether you're a digital artist, a designer, or just someone with a passion for visual art, Tessellate unlocks a world of endless possibilities. Unlock the World of Infinite Patterns: Unleash your inner artist and explore the limitless potential of tessellations. Tessellate makes it easy to split your images into perfectly interlocking pieces, allowing you to generate intricate, symmetrical patterns like never before. Key Features: One Tap to Tessellate: Forget the hassle of manually splitting your image. With a single tap, Tessellate seamlessly divides your image, unleashing your creativity in seconds. Preview Mode: Get a sneak peek of your final pattern before it's even created. See what your masterpiece will look like in real-time and make adjustments as needed. Custom Split: Take full control of your design with customizable guides. Visualize where your image will split and define the boundaries to suit your artistic vision. Image Export: Seamlessly export your creations with and without transparency. Share your..
Merry Christmas GIF & Stickers
Get ready to sleigh the enchantment of magic in your chats & messages, adding vibrant & dynamic touch to the traditional Christmas greetings with Merry Christmas Stickers & GIF! Nowadays, animated stickers & GIF have become a popular and creative way to convey Merry Christmas wishes. Christmas GIF & Stickers allow users to send Christmas greetings capturing the festive spirit in dancing snowmen, twinkling lights & Santa's sleigh racing across the screen. Add Christmas sticker pack to Whatsapp stickers and infuse a joyous playful element to the Christmas season chats, making Merry Christmas wishes even more memorable. Merry Christmas Cards 2023 Christmas Cards & GIF is a festive digital haven that redefines Christmas greetings. Seamlessly blending technology with tradition, Merry Christmas Cards offers a treasure trove of animated stickers & GIF. Christmas Cards & GIF features a myriad of enchanting GIF – from dancing snowflakes to Santa's joyful ho-ho-ho. With a single tap, Christmas Cards & GIF allow the users to send virtual Christmas wishes to friends & family, spreading the joy of Christmas season in a dynamic & visually..
AR Drawing Sketch and Paint
AR drawingsketch & draw is a great app for anyone who wants to learn how to draw. It's easy to use, fun and has various features that make it a great learning tool. If you're looking for a way to improve your drawing skills, then Trace to Sketch is the app for you! ar drawingsketch & draw is the perfect app for anyone who wants to express their creativity through drawing. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, Sketchar is sure to help you create beautiful sketches and illustrations that you'll be proud of. Simply, select an image from your gallery or take a photo with your camera. Then, the app will apply a transparent overlay to the image so that you can trace the lines. You can adjust the overlay's opacity to make it easier or harder to see the original image. How to use it To use ar drawingsketch & draw, follow these steps: • Open the app and select an image from your gallery or take a photo with your camera. • The app will apply a..
Adorable capybara emotions
Unleash the cuteness in your messages with our Cute Capybara Sticker Pack! Express your feelings through charming capybara characters that bring joy to every conversation. From happy dances to heartwarming expressions, these adorable stickers add a delightful touch to your chats. Download now and let the capybara magic begin!
AI Image & Video Trends
Welcome to AILand Studio: Where Creativity Meets AI Revolutionize Your Visuals Unleash the power of AI in your hands with AILand Studio, the ultimate app for transforming your images and videos. Our cutting-edge technology lets you enhance, edit, and reimagine your visuals like never before. Features at Your Fingertips: AI-Powered Image Editing: Transform ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art with our intelligent image editing tools. Creative Freedom: From subtle touch-ups to radical transformations, our tools cater to all levels of creativity. User-Friendly Interface: Sleek, intuitive design makes navigation and editing easy for beginners and professionals alike. Share Your Vision: Easily share your creations on social media or with friends directly from the app. Join the Future of Digital Creativity Whether you're a professional artist or just starting out, AILand Studio is designed to inspire and facilitate your creative journey. Download now and start exploring the limitless possibilities of AI-powered image and video creation!
Passport Photo Editor
Effortlessly craft your ideal passport, ID, or visa photo with the seamless integration of AI-powered background customization and precise face alignment guidance. Key Features: Instant Capture and Crop: Take a perfect passport photo with just a few taps. The app's integrated camera allows you to capture high-resolution photos, and the intelligent cropping tool ensures that your photo meets the specific size and composition requirements of passport standards. Guidelines and Compliance Checker: Worried about meeting the stringent regulations for passport photos? The app provides real-time feedback and guidelines to help you align your photo correctly. It automatically checks for common issues such as head positioning, background color, and overall photo quality to ensure compliance with international standards. Background Customization: Choose a background color that suits your preferences or adheres to specific passport regulations. The app lets you easily switch between plain white, light blue, and other acceptable background colors, ensuring your photo meets the official criteria. Print and Share Options: Once you've created the perfect passport photo, the app allows you to save it to your device, share it digitally, or..
Convenient, fast, clear
When you want to add a background to your most satisfying photos, when you want to beautify your screenshots, when you want to showcase your website or app on device modelsThen you can give NiceaShots a try. It provides pixel-perfect design, ensuring your photos or screenshots fit perfectly on devices. Received the AppStore Editor's recommendation for this week, as well as recommendations from various media and bloggers, including Ruan Yifeng's technology enthusiasts weekly blog and PriceTag. With various models, multiple ratios, diverse backgrounds, and numerous style combinations, your images will stand out, making your work shine on forums or social platforms! We offer clear export settings, allowing you to export high-quality images without affecting the original, and the exported images take up very little memory on your device, which is crucial! This allows you to easily share with friends or upload online without worrying about speed and data usage. 【About Membership】 One membership: Lifetime membership Please note: Prices may vary by region. Prices may change due to promotions. Payment will be charged directly to your iTunes account. After purchase or..
DALL-E & Stable Diffusion
Unlock the power of visual creation with AI-Vinci, your personal art studio in an app. Imagine any scene, character, or abstract idea and bring it to life with the latest in AI-driven image generation. Choose from two of the most advanced technologies: Dalle-2, known for its seamless integration with ChatGPT, or the versatile Stable Diffusion. AI-Vinci isn't just another image generator; it's a canvas for your imagination. From text prompts to image variations, create unique artworks that resonate with your vision. With Stable Diffusion, dive deeper into customization—manipulate style, detail level (steps), prompt adherence, and even use a random seed feature to recreate favorite images or explore variations. You can also edit images by selecting the area of the image you want to edit. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple: select your AI, type a prompt or upload an image, and watch the magic happen. And with AI-Vinci, you have full control over your artistic journey and budget. No subscriptions required; you only pay for the images you create.
One-tap color magic
Welcome to Color Planets, the ultimate color exploration app that turns your device into a cosmic palette of potential! Whether you're a designer, artist, developer or anyone who loves colors, Color Planets is your gateway to creating and managing hues that inspire. Key Features: Color Sampling Magic: Instantly sample colors from your photos or even GIFs! Our sophisticated technology allows you to extract colors from any image, bringing your color visions to life. Easy Share: Found a color or palette you love? Share it instantly with copy-to-clipboard functionality and Airdrop support. Spreading color joy has never been easier. Playground Mode: Test color combinations in a virtual canvas.
Effect & Face Beauty & Mosaic
• Face app, makeup tool, cartoon filter, remove BG…50+ easy-to-use editing tools for fast & powerful results. Download for free! • Selfie camera and photo editing app used by 800 million users worldwide • Get the perfect selfie with our amazing AI Auto-Beautification tool • Featured by Apple in 30+ countries UTU is here to help you take great-looking selfies or edit high quality photos using thousands of AI effects, filters, stickers, and much more! Edit Photos - AI Effects: Turn photos into artistic masterpieces with AI, including Cartoon effect, Sky Change, Dispersion, and Oil Painting effects. - Remove BG: Auto remove picture background with 1 click and change background - Remover: Remove people, buildings, and any other unwanted objects from your photos with our powerful AI and image processing technologies. - Blur: Easily blur any object or background. Unlimited Filters & Effects - Filters: Over 300 themed filters to help you create diversified styles with ease. - Templates: Discover various templates and recreate trending edits with just one tap. - Stickers: Thousands of unique stickers that make your photos..
Intelligent cv maker
Resume Builder is here to help you creating a professional and impressive resume in minutes. Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, our innovative app is designed to help you craft the perfect resume that showcases your skills, experience, and unique qualifications, all with a few taps on your mobile devices. With Resume Builder, say goodbye to the daunting task of formatting and structuring your resume. Our app takes the guesswork out of the equation by providing you with an intuitive interface that seamlessly guides you through each step of the process. From choosing the right tenplate to cutsomize your sections and content, we ensure that you create a visually appealing and professional resume that stands out from the crowd. We understand that a resume for a first-time job seeker will differ from that of a seasoned professional. Resume Builder offers a wide range of templates and customizable options to meet the unique needs of all individuals. Whether you're fresh out of college, transitioning industries, or aiming for a higher management role, our app has the flexibility to..
EMPOWERING DESIGN Customize and publish extraordinary social media marketing posts, preloaded by First Home Mortgage. We provide the best, most head turning real estate social media marketing templates for your personal brand. At the same time,..
EMPOWERING DESIGN Customize and publish extraordinary social media marketing posts, preloaded by First Home Mortgage. We provide the best, most head turning real estate social media marketing templates for your personal brand. At the same time, our mobile design app gives you more. More options. More ways to make your marketing modern and remarkable. All while giving you simple and full control over how you create and represent your brand. Easily create social media posts, co-brand, and build company brand awareness through your personal social media channels.
Det finns ett litet djur som bor i varje hus, men dörren är stängd och endast ett litet fönster är öppet.Kan du ta reda på vilket litet djur som bor i huset genom att observera fönstret
Det finns ett litet djur som bor i varje hus, men dörren är stängd och endast ett litet fönster är öppet.Kan du ta reda på vilket litet djur som bor i huset genom att observera fönstret
Stickers,Emoji & Gif
A beautiful set of stickers every day to keep you happy all the time. Millions of fun WhatsApp stickers are waiting for you to use. Daily Sticker provides users with: Daily updated curated stickers, all selected through user voting and provided to users for free. Multi-channel sticker sharing support, whether you want to use them on WhatsApp, iMessage, or other social platforms, you can choose the appropriate way to share them. Exquisite designs, each set of stickers is designed by our dedicated designers. Abundant sticker materials, with millions of sticker content to choose from freely. Stay updated, we are adding new stickers at the rate of one set per day.
Design, prototype & handoff
Sketch is a complete design platform. With a native Mac app for design and prototyping, and web-based tools to share, get feedback and handoff. We’ve been around since 2010, and we’re happy to be back on the App Store with more to offer than ever before. Here’s what you get with Sketch today: A native macOS app for design and prototyping — Powerful tools built for designers, by designers — Fast, intuitive prototyping to bring your ideas to life — Shared Libraries, styles and components to scale your work — Full control over color profiles, including P3 support — Variable and OpenType font support — Offline and local file support — Ready for real-time collaboration, or working solo Plus, all the things you’d expect from a great native macOS app; optimized for Apple Silicon, customizable shortcuts and toolbars, super-fast performance, drag and drop between apps, work in windows or tabs, and so much more. A flexible web app for feedback, sharing and handoff — Store, sync and share documents — Document and project permissions — Easy workspace admin — Share..
Making your modern artworks
Use the style of four famous modern artists to create your own pictures. The four artists are Andy Warhol, Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollock. The app allows you to - Create Warhol-like repeated patterns of photos - Use basic geometries to compose an image or animation of Malevich's Suprematism - Generate infinite random composition in the style of Mondrian's colorful squares - Make your own Pollock-like drip paintings App Features: - Support social media sharing - Clear UI and graphic design - No ads
Fast pixel art
Designed for multi-touch! No more pecking one pixel at a time – fluidly paint pixel art using several touches at once. Tap a tile to zoom in and work with precisionThe companion mini-view shows what it looks like at normal size. Drag any tile to instantly copy it to another tileGreat for making similar versions of a sprite. Press and hold with one touch to fill an area. Press and hold with two touches to lift and copy a rectangular region. Customize a palette of up to an incredible 16 colors! Expand your canvas to a staggering 512 by 512 pixels! Press and hold any color in the palette to adjust it to any of a mind-blowing 4,096 possible values! Experiment with color sets by pressing and holding the palette to replace an entire row of colors. Save your work in iCloud and resume it from another device. Export your art as a pixel-perfect PNG image.
Home Remodel Style Inspiration
Introducing Dream Roomthe future of home styling at your fingertips! Ever wondered how your room would look in a different style? Now, you don't have to leave it to imagination. - Snap or Upload: Begin with a photo of your space or choose one from your camera roll. - Pick Your Style: From Scandinavian's airy elegance to the tranquil vibes of Japanese Zen, select from a diverse range of styles. - Instant Transformation: Within moments, witness your room reimagined in the chosen style. It's like magic, but it's technology! - Upscale & Share: View your newly designed space in high resolution, export the image, or share it with friends and family. - Custom Instructions: Want to see something specific in your style? Type in optional instructions and tweak your results!. - Regular Updates: Stay tuned! We're adding more styles every month to keep your design inspirations fresh. Available Styles: Scandinavian, Coastal Farmhouse, Minimalist, Modern, Rustic, Japanese Zen, Mid-Century, Industrial, French Country, Contemporary, Transitional, Mediterranean. More added each month! Experience the power of AI and transform your living spaces like never..
Colouring augmented reality.
The ARStain app allows children and their parents to colour augmented reality objects.
Make GIFs with AI
"Welcome to AI GIF Generator, where the future of GIF creation has arrived at your fingertips. Our innovative app harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI technology to transform text into GIFs effortlessly. Elevate your messaging and storytelling game with these powerful features: HOW IT WORKS: TEXT-TO-GIF AI CREATION Say goodbye to static text messages. With our AI-powered text-to-GIF generator, you can turn your words into dynamic, expressive GIFs. Simply type your message, choose a style, and watch as AI works its magic, bringing your words to life. EDIT AI-GENERATED GIFS Your AI-crafted GIFs are just the beginning. Customize them further with our intuitive editing tools. Adjust the animation speed, add emojis, captions, and background effects to create GIFs that perfectly match your message or mood. PERSONALIZE WITH VIDEOS Want to take your storytelling to the next level? AI GIF Generator allows you to import your own videos. Trim, crop, and enhance your videos with AI effects, and instantly share them as GIFs to engage your audience like never before. KEY FEATURES: Seamless Sharing: Share your AI-generated GIFs and edited videos..
AR Text - Video & Photo editor
AR Text Camera3D Text Art is a powerful tool for creating stunning 3D typography designs that will take your visuals to the next level. AR Text Camera3D Text Art maker makes it easy to create stunning and eye-catching designs that are sure to grab your audience's attention. Text art allows you to create a creative and artistic name for your signature. AR Text allows you to - Add 3D typography to your photos & videos - Create your own check-in & landmark sign anywhere - Share full size videos to your Instagram and Facebook stories - Choose from a big variety of fonts, colors, filters For more information : Privacy Policy : Terms of Use :
Bg Remove, Create, Edit
Effortlessly remove, create, and edit perfect product shots with just a few taps. It’s why thousands of creators and online sellers choose ZMO to get their listings live 3x faster and make more sales. All within the mobile app, you can: - Create professional product images for e-commerce marketplaces like Depop, Poshmark, Amazon, and Shopify. - Remove photos's background quickly and accurately with the Background Remover. - Instantly create stunning backgrounds for your product photos using artificial intelligence with Background Changer. -Create marketing materials using built-in templates for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and more. - Customize profile pictures for web pages and social media profiles. - Curate polished stories that showcase your store, your life, or yourself. - Invite anyone to view, download, or add photos. - Promote more, faster. Explore the many features of ZMO Background Changer & Eraser and see how you can streamline photo editing without sacrificing quality. - Edit photos quickly and accurately with the Background Removal tool. apply a white background, blur the background or cut the background itself - Instantly create stunning backgrounds for..
Birthday invitation maker
Birthday Invitation Maker is the ultimate iOS app for creating personalized and enchanting birthday invitations for your special occasions. Whether you're planning a birthday party for a boy, girl, superhero enthusiast, princess aficionado, or unicorn lover, this app has you covered with a wide array of beautifully designed templates and a plethora of customization options. Key Features: Diverse Template Categories: Our app offers a vast selection of invitation templates categorized to suit every taste. Choose from categories like Girls, Boys, Super Heroes, Princess, Unicorns, and more. No matter the theme of your party, you'll find the perfect template to match. Beautiful Designs: Our professional designers have crafted each template with care, ensuring that they are visually stunning and eye-catching. Every design radiates charm and creativity, making your invitations truly special. Photo Personalization: Add a personal touch to your invitations by easily inserting your own photos. Whether it's a snapshot of the birthday boy or girl, a family picture, or a themed image, our app lets you effortlessly include your desired photos within the invitation. Text Customization: Tailor the invitation to..
Expressive Sticker for Freedom
Spread the Gabonese spirit with these fun and expressive stickers! Make your chats more lively and engaging with our collection of Gabon-inspired emojis and stickers. Whether you're chatting with friends or family, these stickers will add a touch of Gabonese culture to your conversations. Download now and start sharing the joy of Gabon!
Sketch, Note & Design.
Atai is a versatile vector-based sketching application with a heavy emphasis on the Apple Pencil in combination with Apple's touch screens allowing you to draw by hand with incredible precision. Atai saves your drawings in vector format, which means they can be modified at any size at any time. It's the perfect tools for Artists, Designers, Architects and Drawing enthusiasts who want to take their creativity to next level. What sets our App apart is its emphasis on the use of Bézier Curves. You can start by drawing a freehand stroke and end up in a precise technical drawing with the help of Grids and Layers. Atai provide specific tools for working with curves. You can add and remove control points to further refine your strokes with complete control of the shape and flow of your drawings. In addition to manual control, our App also offers automatic function for smoothing and adjusting those curves. Force, Speed are handling easily to take a smooth good looking stroke. The intuitive File Manager based on Colored Tabs give you and easy and fast..
Ai art, Photo & Drawing
Turn your words into Ai Photo Generator with Anime Art.Explore and transform your dream imagination with the photo anime generator wallpaper .Pickup the photo art design and explore the magic power of your dream.All you need to come up with your words and change into life text as an image. AI photo generator create art by using advanced AI art models.draw your charming and fantastic art ,inspired by their own imagination. Let AI art image anime generators bring your dream into the powerful anime art. Key features: Change your dream word into anime art: You can turn an imaginary model of your dream like the beautiful galaxy,butterflies and waterfall wallpapers into anime art. AI image art generator allows you to draw a unique and captivating art within a few seconds. Pickup your favorite anime art design: Select the bright colour and bold lines with AI filters ,explore the detail with the anime art and draw the photorealistic images with the use of a complex AI generator. By using the AI generator art design, create your image with your favorite anime...
◉ Dope Wallpapers HDVSCO App Provides the best high 4K resolution for your iPhone Lock Screen and Backgrounds. ◉ Each and Every best Dope wallpapers is made and edited with perfection for your iphone LockScreen & Backgrounds. ◉ Get HD & 4K Dope Wallpapers with resolution, ultra-clear Dope wallpapers from professional photographers for your home screen & lock screen Wallpapers for iphone Lock Screen. ◉ You can preview choice Dope 4k wallpaper on Home Screen or lock screens in the Our App, before you download it. Yes, you can download all of the Dope wallpapers absolutely FREE! ◉ Make your iphone Home screen & Lock Screen and the world a little more beautiful with Dope Wallpapers HD App. ◉ This is a great Dope wallpapers for iphone 14 pro, store for users. We add new unique as well as top quality wallpaper everyday, wallpaper engine, aesthetic wallpaper,anime & wallpaper,preppy wallpaper etc. ◉ We think it's important that you can find easily Awesome and beautiful Dope wallpapers hd & thems for me, girly wallpaper,live wallpaper,vellum wallpapers,3d wallpaper, that will make you..
annapig sticker
Here's newly launched Pastel handwriting Sticker! This sticker pack includes 24 expressions most commonly used words in daily life. You can use these stickers everyday and in any special moment! So, let's make your moments even more colorful with Pastel handwriting Sticker. Download & have fun. Cheers! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions! Email : [email protected] I would love to hear from you & appreciate your thoughts. - from annapig
A moving elephant ball sticker to attach to messages
A moving elephant ball sticker to attach to messages
A sticker that can be attached to a message, a ball with a cheerful face that moves
A sticker that can be attached to a message, a ball with a cheerful face that moves
Introducing AestheticKit: The Ultimate Mac Customization Experience Tired of a dull and unorganized Mac desktop? Looking to elevate your productivity and express your unique style? AestheticKit is the one-stop solution to transform your Mac experience, ensuring a seamless, personalized, and stylish journey across all your devices!
 Skyrocket Your Productivity with Updated Desktop Organizers Keep your desktop tidy and functional with our extensive collection of organizers, designed to declutter your workspace and enhance your productivity.
 Sync Your Style with iPhone Icon Packs Bring your Mac aesthetic to your iPhone with a vast array of custom icons, allowing a cohesive and visually appealing experience on all your devices.
 Decorate with Stunning Aesthetic Widgets Enhance your Mac's appearance and functionality with our beautiful widgets, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and personal flair.
 Customize with Folder Icon Packs Breathe new life into your folders and files by changing their icons directly from our app, making it easier than ever to locate and access your important documents. 
 Level Up Your Instagram Game with Editable Templates Create eye-catching Instagram stories and posts using..
Suitable for Web/Graphic Designer, Software Programmer, creative writer & even design lovers to store their fave colours. Features: Add Colour with Hexadecimal and RGB values Delete Colour option on Palette Eyedropper tool feature to pick colour..
Suitable for Web/Graphic Designer, Software Programmer, creative writer & even design lovers to store their fave colours. Features: Add Colour with Hexadecimal and RGB values Delete Colour option on Palette Eyedropper tool feature to pick colour from picture. NO ADSOne life time app purchase only! Visit my website for the video of how to use this app.
Create Polygons, anywhere.
Formation is a 3D Modeling application designed specifically for the iOS ecosystem. It has been created from the group up using Metal, Swift and SwiftUI. Features - Create stunning polygons models on the go - Create topological correct base meshes to take into your favourite sculpting applications - Use traditional tools like Extrude, Cut, Poke and Bevel. - Import Obj's - Export Obj's
Draw beautiful mandalas easily
◉ Note: This pro version is ad-free and all the features are unlocked with additional added mandala options and higher performance. • Make beautiful and intricate mandala drawings with a few easy steps. • It has a lot of customization options, where you can change the canvas symmetry, background color, brush settings, apply shadows, and much more. • You can also use images to draw a mandala and there are more than 50+ images to draw with. • It even has some predefined patterns which you can use to draw. #Features# ◉ Canvas Customization - you can change the background color - can change the canvas center - apply center at the touch - canvas mirroring ◉ Brush Customization - multiple brushes styles - different color types - random color selection - change brush sizes and type ◉ Image Customization - 50+ images to draw with - change image size and dimensions ◉ Shadow Properties - apply random shadow - select different shadow sizes and color ◉ Patterns - select from predefined patterns - multiple patterns to draw with #Credits#..
Creatives for Instagram
Create Stunning Instagram Posts with Ease! Rect is your go-to app for crafting eye-catching Instagram posts in just a few taps. With a wide range of stylish templates, it's never been easier to elevate your Instagram game. Simply choose your favorite template, customize it with your own images and texts, and watch as your feed comes to life with striking visuals. No design skills required – Rect does the hard work for you, so you can focus on expressing your creativity and captivating your followers. Download Rect now and take your Instagram feed to the next level!
Colormaps based on zodiac
A selection of colormaps designed for each zodiac signPick the number of colors and see what your sign has to offerThese maps are curated based on research and indicated for fun use.
Ai Painting & Painter,Drawing
Ai Art Generator app is an innovative and revolutionary tool that unleashes the creativity within you. this app enables you to effortlessly transform your ideas into breathtaking works of art. Whether you're a professional artist, an amateur enthusiast, or someone simply looking to explore the world of art, this app provides you with a virtual canvas to express yourself like never before. Using state-of-the-art deep learning models, the AI Art Generator app analyzes your input, be it a photograph, a sketch, or even a concept, and applies a range of artistic styles and techniques to bring your vision to life. From vibrant impressionistic brushstrokes to delicate watercolor washes, the app offers a diverse palette of styles to choose from, each meticulously crafted to evoke a unique mood and aesthetic. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, the app ensures a seamless and immersive creative experience. Adjust settings, experiment with different filters and effects, or let the AI take the reins and surprise you with its imaginative interpretations. The AI Art Generator app empowers you to explore, discover, and redefine the..
AI Image Generator
Why should you choose ArtOut? - Text to Image: Convert any text, in any language, into captivating visuals. - Image to Image: Generate a new image from an existing one for unique and engaging visuals. - Advanced Settings: Take control of your creations with settings that allow you to generate images up to 1920x1080 pixels. - Variety of AI Models: Select from a plethora of AI models for unique variations and model mixing. - Image Enhancement: Fix faces and upscale your images up to 16kx16k pixels for a high-quality finish. - Outpainting: Expand your images with AI and discover a whole new dimension to your art! - Auto Complete Prompt: Let our AI be your co-creator, assisting you in completing your prompts. - Universal Expression: Use any language to guide our AI. It's capable of understanding and generating images from prompts in all languages. - Group Image Handling: Multiply your creativity! Generate and enhance multiple images in one go. - Flexible Sharing: Choose to share your creations directly on social media or download them for keeps. You decide! - Credit..