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Squish, Squash, Squelch
Want to squash some fruit to your heart's content? Well, now you can with Fruit Squash. Squish, Squash, Squelch, when you have enough fruit go ahead and head to the Market and purchase yourself some fruit squashers to continue gaining fruit without needing to use your fingers! You can even squash your way into the Wheel of Fortune to gain yourself some free squashes ranging from 5 all the way up to 1000. Each activation of the Wheel of Fortune will add 500 to the number of squashes required to enter.
Animation System Visual Novel.
Does liking someone really make you happy? I disagree. We might just enjoy the feeling of liking someone. I live in a serene and peaceful little village. There are no wars, and everything here is very pleasant, just like heaven or a utopia. In this perfect world, we meet and get to know each other. People's emotions constantly intersect. Why exactly do we live? And why were we born here? If we do whatever it takes to get everything we need, is this really our way of winning? I'm confused amidst a whirlpool of shifting emotions… This is how these crisscrossed stories have developed.
Are you ready to have some fun with the Circus pomni? In this amazing digital circus game, you can rise up the Circus character to the next level and solve puzzles. Let's get started ! How..
Are you ready to have some fun with the Circus pomni? In this amazing digital circus game, you can rise up the Circus character to the next level and solve puzzles. Let's get started ! How to play : You have a two balloons you need to protect. You need to push away all the pointy and heavy things that get in the way of your balloons going up. But it's not that easy. The sky is full of all kinds of strange things like blocks, canons, and spikes. If the two balloons even touches one of these, it's all over. Features : - Easy to play and hard to master. - More than 30 levels from easy to hard. - circus digital game let you exercise your brain and improve IQ. - You can continue to play the game at any time. Download the circus digital game today and start having some fun with the them!
Dancing Snake fun Party games
Wanna let the disco fever of night club games take over? Come, shake the dance floor, and lead a ladder snake of partygoers. It's like the snake games but with a disco twist! Join the dance party to collect dancers and untangle the snake of your opponents, amplifying your score and power. Watch out for rivals with more dancers – bump into them, and it's game over. But that's not all – club police can block your way if they see you. So, hit the dance floor with excitement, and let the snake ladder of rhythm take control. Key Features: - Dance around, pick dancers in the night club games. Easy to play and super enjoyable io games! - Find cool power-ups that make you faster in these io games - Avoid the police officers' gaze, or you'll lose some of your ladder snake dancers of io games. - Compete against players from all over the world. See who can be the biggest untangle snake dancer! - These worm games have a really cool and colorful nightclub with music that'll..
My Little Shop! Live VIP Game
Introducing "Pets Kitty Game" – the ultimate virtual pet mobile game that will whisk you away to a world of adorable feline companions and endless fun! Are you ready to embark on a purr-fect adventure filled with fluffy kittens, exciting challenges, and captivating environments? Join us in this heartwarming journey and become the ultimate cat caretaker! Explore Diverse Environments: Embark on an enchanting journey across three spectacular levels: the great outdoors, a sunny beach, and a winter wonderland. Each location offers a unique playground for your cute kitty companions. Watch them frolic, explore, and play with a variety of interactive toys that you can place and arrange to your heart's content. Engaging Mini Games: Challenge your skills and earn valuable coins by playing a variety of mini-games within the "Pets Kitty Game" universe. From the addictive Flappy Pet and mind-bending Pet Memory Card to the exciting Find the Coin and Pets Volley, there's always something fun to do. Test your aim with Pets Bubble Shooter and so much more! Collect coins to enhance your game experience by purchasing delightful decorations,..
Shoot the gears & collect’em! Unlock & buy new guns & skills to improve your robot Equip and upgrade new guns to your robot arms.
Shoot the gears & collect’em! Unlock & buy new guns & skills to improve your robot Equip and upgrade new guns to your robot arms.
Press the buttons & shoot them. Increases the button values & socket number. Reach the end to get new button skins.
Press the buttons & shoot them. Increases the button values & socket number. Reach the end to get new button skins.
Boost likes, manage stress! Increase followers, and dominate social media. #FOMO While you work towards becoming a trillionaire in "Idle Trillionaire", do not neglect your socials. Start your journey for free with the Idle Trillionaire Demo: Try the Idle Influencer Free Demo: Embark on a captivating social media journey with our addictive idle clicker game! Compete to have more views and followers than other players at the 1 year mark and other milestones! Master the art of online fame as you strategically click on powerful cards to enhance your likes and followers. Each card presents a unique challenge, requiring a delicate balance between increasing your social influence and managing stress levels. Features: Idle Clicker Fun: Effortlessly boost your likes and followers with a simple tap! Watch your social media empire grow. Strategic Card Play: Choose wisely from a variety of game cards, each with its own likes and followers requirements. Maximize your gains by strategically unlocking and owning cards that suit your playstyle. Stress Management: Success in the social media world comes with its challenges. Navigate stress levels..
Tycoon Manager
Transport INC. is a game about management, competition, economy, and above all logistics. Use your skills to bring your transportation company to the top. Connect capitals around the world. Watch and adapt to economic situations. If something isn’t going according to plan, quickly make the necessary changes. Play fair or play dirty by sabotaging the other companies. In Transport INC. the path you choose to earn profits is yours to make. VEHICLES Choose from many different types of vehicles spanning from trucks and buses to trains and airplanes. Purchase the vehicles that bring the biggest revenue and get ahead of the competition. Make sure your passengers have the comfort and speed they demand by upgrading your units. Charge them extra for the luxury or keep your ticket prices low and competitive. STORY Follow the arduous journey of a good-hearted father and ambitious son as they strive to align their clashing personalities as they start their new company. Will they be able to overcome their differences and build a thriving business together, or will they fight at every turn and fail?..
Wild Cow-Wildlife Animal Fight
Forest animals are attacking the cow. The survival of the cow in the forest is difficult now. The wild animals are trying to take over the landBe the animal hunter and attack the enemies in the angry bull attack simulator game. Take the revenge and hunt them down for your survival in the jungle. The challenging angry bull attack cow game has two modes. The first mode is the defence mode where the jungle cow has to defend its territory from the wildlife animals. Use all your strength and hit the animals to move them out of your land. The wild cow has some special powers that can be used against the enemies. Different animals including the lion, bull, and others are attacking. Watch your steps and take appropriate actions to attack the enemy. The second mode is the bulldoze mode where the evil bull has to destroy things. The Angry Bull Animal Fight game has stunning HD graphics with immersive gameplay. The realistic forest environment is used to make the animal fighting game more interesting. The controllers are smooth..
Merge 2 Puzzle
Find a villager you like and listen to his story. Mr. Cat, the owner of a restaurant in the forest on the island, is always troubled by the damp sea breeze that wets his fur. He will make a unique dish for each visiting guest. The dog driver who always comes to drink beer late at night. Miss Wolf, who loves reading, likes to sit alone by the window. The owl postman who comes for breakfast after delivering mail early in the morning. As long as you manage with your heart, guests will always come in an endless stream. MergeCombine various items into new things! Complete orders for customers! ManageCustomize menus and make delicious food for customers. Provide tools for them to explore the island. AdventureExplore various activities on the island with small animals, summer fireworks, and winter snowmen. LeisureThe game has a slow pace, giving you a relaxing place in your life.
Real Driving - City Highway 3D
Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping, heart-racing experience with Speed Car Run: Need for Racing. This game offers a unique blend of high-speed driving, immersive music, and thrilling challenges that will keep you hooked for hours. Gameplay: Speed Car Run lets you step into the driver's seat of a powerful sports car, revving your engine and hitting the open road. What sets this game apart is its dual gameplay modes, providing players with the freedom to choose how they want to enjoy the experience. Endless Music Drive: In this mode, players can cruise down endless highways, enjoying the freedom of the open road. The game offers a wide variety of tracks in your driving playlist. As you navigate the winding roads, the game synchronizes with your music, creating a sensory overload of speed, rhythm, and visuals. Timed Challenges: For those seeking a more structured and competitive experience. You'll need to complete races within a specified time, pass through checkpoints, and execute precision maneuvers to achieve victory. Key Features: A vast selection of high-performance cars to choose from. Realistic physics and responsive..
Bump Out All Unicorns!
Dive into the thrilling world of Bumper Corns, a dynamic multiplayer online battle royale game that puts your skills to the test! Compete against players from around the globe in fast-paced showdowns where the last player standing claims victory. Bump opponents off the platform and secure your spot as the ultimate Bumper Corn!
Idle Delivery
Welcome to the Ultimate Idle Delivery Tycoon Adventure! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of deliveries, where every tap brings you closer to becoming the Idle Delivery Builder Tycoon? It's time to build your very own Idle Delivery Empire and conquer the delivery business like never before! Build Your Delivery Empire: Start from scratch and transform your delivery business into a bustling empire! Upgrade your delivery trucks, expand your delivery routes, and optimize your operations to become the most successful Delivery Tycoon in the world. Idle Delivery Builder Tycoon: Become the mastermind behind the ultimate delivery system. Automate your deliveries with state-of-the-art technology and watch as your empire grows even when you're not actively playing. The Idle Delivery Builder Tycoon experience lets you enjoy the thrill of success without the constant hustle. Explore the Lidl Delivery World: Embark on a special journey with our Lidl Delivery feature! Deliver goods to the most iconic locations and witness your reputation skyrocket. Don't just be a delivery tycoon – be the Lidl Delivery Tycoon, setting new standards..
Kievan Rus’ is a strategy game with a focus on political maneuvering. Here war is just a tool of the trade. This game enables you to play as the ruler of Kievan Rus’, one of the..
Kievan Rus’ is a strategy game with a focus on political maneuvering. Here war is just a tool of the trade. This game enables you to play as the ruler of Kievan Rus’, one of the mightiest states of the world of that time. The Middle Ages is a setting that is truly a treasure for any strategy game fan. In the game, there are 35 states, and Barbarians, who have their own territory and resources. However, the ruler’s way to domination is not going to be a walk in the park. Get ready for deadly wars and backstairs politics – you will be confronted by the most powerful states of the game world, including England that dominates seas, Balkan states (Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia), and the Arab state of Syria, with a huge army at its disposal. So you think the Roman Empire has made great progress? Perhaps, you prefer European states, such as France and Scotland? Or it is Byzantium that you consider to be a good example? Let them know you are ready to fight head-to-head..
Swerve, Shoot, Break
Experience thrilling action in Ground Break Rush! Control powerful guns , shattering grounds with impactful bullets. Enjoy the satisfying destruction and earn bullet upgrades for each broken ground. Collect money, enhance your arsenal, and master this addictive, dynamic shooter game. Perfect for action-loving mobile gamers!
These people have gone through really bad stuff, they desperately need a HUGE change in their lives, what about a complete makeover? Choose hairstyle, makeup, pluck those nasty eyebrows, remove pimples and more. Features: Easy to..
These people have gone through really bad stuff, they desperately need a HUGE change in their lives, what about a complete makeover? Choose hairstyle, makeup, pluck those nasty eyebrows, remove pimples and more. Features: Easy to play Play different words and color puzzles
Haha, this is a nervous and happy game that guides children to cross the road. If they fail, they can try again. If they pass, they can continue to the next level. You are facing deteriorating traffic conditions and environmental hazards. At the beginning of the game, you had nothing but a reliable parking sign and an arm to guide traffic. But as the game progresses, you may discover useful items such as roadblocks and traffic lights. Your score is determined by speed, winning streak across the road, and how many children you successfully cross the road
Ambulance simulator 911 game
This is your Emergency Ambulance Rescue 911 game. Make your way to an accident site in the open city, without loading screens. The world has Dynamic day and night with different weather effects. The faster you get people to the hospital, the more money you earn. You will have real fire fighting equipment at your disposal: helmets, safety shoes, and breathing apparatus from the manufacturers. Establish your own Ambulance Simulation, Headquarters and become the best incident commander of all time Use all the Rescue Ambulance Service, and Police Department and master the many exciting missions.
Difficult Helicopter Sim
Can you master helo? Take the challenge. Pilot your helicopter by tilting your device.
Flight simulator 3D FPV PRO
Drone Simulator Realistic 3D UAV FPV pilot controller has been created to give the most realistic and complete drone piloting experience. Pro version features - No ads - Premium drones - Premium missions - Better performance - Ultra advanced physics - Vivid, colorful graphics in HD! - Gigantic beautiful map - Realistic traffic - Scenarios for cinematic practice Fly (and crash! ) to your heart's content regardless of rain, wind, sleet or snow . Take pictures jumping motorcycle and a drifting car Explore the map. Seek new challenges. Create amazing shots of local buildings. Fly in the sea and in the mountains. Visit the balloon show. Get your license and fly into the restricted area of the airport and take pictures of the planes Fly at any time of the year without leaving home A Drone Simulator Realistic 3D FPV UAV pilot controller is a game that allows for training and developing the skills of operating this type of device. The fun consists in simulating a drone flight in different conditions and situations, which allows for gaining experience and better..
Welcome to the most delicious and creative cake baking adventure ever! If you're a fan of cake decorating and dream of becoming a cake master, then our "Sweet Cake Bakery DIY Birthday Cake Game" is the..
Welcome to the most delicious and creative cake baking adventure ever! If you're a fan of cake decorating and dream of becoming a cake master, then our "Sweet Cake Bakery DIY Birthday Cake Game" is the perfect choice for you. In this exciting birthday cake game, you'll step into the shoes of a budding pastry chef and embark on a delightful baking journey. With a variety of tools, ingredients, and decorations at your disposal, you'll be able to design, bake, and decorate the sweetest treats to make any birthday party unforgettable. Get your apron on and let your imagination run wild as you: Create Amazing Cakes:Unleash your inner cake artist and design the perfect birthday cake. Choose from a variety of cake shapes, flavors, and colors to suit every taste. Decorate with Style:With the cake decorator tools, you can add frosting, sprinkles, candies, and more. Make your cakes look as delicious as they taste. Birthday Cake Parties:It's not just about the cake! Plan the perfect cake birthday party with balloons, cakes, cupcakes, pastry and delightful sweet treats. Become a Bakery..
Get the best card!
Collect your cards, upgrade them and throw them! Cut the ropes and flags to throw more cards!
First AI Mix Animals Battle
Welcome to a AI world where creativity knows no bounds! Dive into the realm of animal fusion and mixing games that will ignite your imagination and challenge your strategic prowess. Discover the exciting adventure that awaits you at the cutting edge of evolution gaming. DNA Evolution and Merging: Embark on a thrilling journey of DNA evolution and merging, where you control the destiny of your creations. Merge animals with distinct traits to unveil unprecedented possibilities and create unique hybrid beings. A Kingdom of AI Merged Creatures: Explore a vast and captivating Animal Kingdom teeming with a mesmerizing array of merged creatures. Your creations hold the power to dominate and redefine this fascinating world. Craft Your Ultimate AI Mix: Unleash your inner mix master as you experiment with merging animals of varying traits and strengths. The power to shape the animal kingdom rests in your hands. Evolutionary Adventures Await: Venture into the heart of evolution gaming, where animals aren't bound by nature's limitations. Witness the evolution merge as creatures of your design come to life in ways you never imagined. Create,..
Enjoy Truck Driving Games 2023
Do you know Truck Driving Skills & want to Drive Truck on Highway Tracks, do not worry at all for this prime Ultimate Us Truck Simulator Truck Game teach you Us Truck Simulator Truck Game on Highway Roads to become Ultimate Highway Truck Driver. American Truck as Truck Transporter Game. Us Truck Simulator Truck Game Ultimate Driver, Offline Driving Game of your fantasy offers you to Transport Cars & other goods or heavy machinery in inter city transportation. These precious good include sewage pipe, water tanker, oil tanker or milk tanker can be transport with euro truck ultimate. Be the king of Euro Truck Simulator: Game Bus Simulator 2 and Game Bus Simulator: Game Simulator, so must play & download this Ultimate Truck Driving Simulator Games: Game of Truck. On the Road Truck Simulator: Truck Simulator Ultimate mod, there are four certain gameplay modes available in Truck Simulator USA: Universal Truck Simulator.
Prepare yourself for the clash
Step into the sandals of a formidable commander in 'Kingdom WarRome Age,' a game that merges the thrilling strategy of empire-building with the exhilarating castle destruction gameplay. Immerse yourself in a world where your tactical brilliance will determine the fate of civilizations. Construct and fortify your own majestic castle, each structure meticulously designed to withstand the test of war. Your mastery of defensive architecture will play a pivotal role in safeguarding your realm. Prepare your forces for the ultimate clash, assembling a diverse array of units that boast unique strengths and capabilities. Engage in real-time battles that mirror the intensity of siege warfare, as you strategically position your troops and unleash devastating attacks on enemy castles. Navigate the intricacies of alliances and rivalries, as you form partnerships and outmaneuver rival factions to create a dominant force in the realm. Diplomacy will be your tool for survival and dominance, as you forge and break alliances to shape the course of history. 'Kingdom WarRome Age' delivers a dynamic blend of castle destruction and strategic warfare, capturing the essence of siege battles. Will..
In Voyager 2, it's your mission to launch the Voyager space probes on a Grand Tour of the Solar System. Plot your trajectory to pass as close to your objective as possible (without crashing into it!)..
In Voyager 2, it's your mission to launch the Voyager space probes on a Grand Tour of the Solar System. Plot your trajectory to pass as close to your objective as possible (without crashing into it!) to achieve the perfect flyby. Scan for enough data and earn a Golden Record and earn a spectacular replay of the route your probe actually flew. But that's just the beginning. Use gravity to bend your path and rendezvous with impossibly distant planets. Pilot landers to touch the surface of alien worlds. Carefully manage ∆v (delta-v) to inject satellites into orbit and build out a deep space network of relays. And find a way to beam your findings home before they're lost forever in the depths of outer space. Crash. Burn. Adapt. Learn. Master real principles of orbital mechanics and explore our cosmic neighborhood in the greatest scientific mission of all time: Voyager 2!
Play Crokinole on Mobile
King of Crokinole is a mobile version of the Canadian boardgame Crokinole and can be played on both iPhone as well as iPad. PLAY ONLINE: Beat players around the world and become the Crokinole King LEARN THE GAME: Start out with the (optional) Tutorial and learn how to play PRACTICE: Play against the computer, with a friend in PVP pass along mode , or enter practice mode! DISC CUSTOMIZATION: Make your disc your own, by uploading an image and change the colors of your disc. And this is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg, our game is full of game modes and fun to play !!! Want to know more about the boardgame Crokinole? Then read on Crokinole is a boardgame that has its origins in Canada and is truly the best boardgameyou probably never heard off. It's a 2 (1vs1) or 4 (2vs2) player boardgame and each participant gets up to 12 discs . Each disc can earn you 5, 10, 15 or 20 points, depending on where it lands on the board and you always have to..
Idle empire in the spy clicker
Welcome to the spy school tycoon games! Start the clicker, train secret agents, get rich in the Spy Academy! Enroll noobs in high school idle games, then turn them into pros. Expand claooms of the awesome magic school simulation, buy cool devices, and upgrade services and staff. Simple citizens will come to your idle academy to become skilled agents.These spy kids need a lot of practice! Hire administration staff and teachers to organize the educational process. Buy cool spy devices to teach students how to use them. Open new classes and become the richest tycoon in school simulation games. Open high school for spy kids in tycoon simulation: Enroll newbies to earn money in idle clicker Build new classes for training spies and secret agents Manage school and grow business Invest in cool devices and staff members Accomplish quests and missions Become the millionaire in school tycoon games Tap to become a capitalist in the sphere of schools for FBI agents Idle empire in school simulation is your chance to feel what it’s like to be in charge of a..
Survive with your spaceship.
Play with with your spaceship against enemies. Shoot the UFO, which drags the company logos and messages behind them, you get extra points! Be brave and shoot the laser shots of the enemy in order to get even more extra points! Fight for the high score with your friends and acquaintances who can enter their nickname. In total there are 100 levels to cope. Now have fun with PCT-Space Shooter!
Highway Real Speed Racer Games
Welcome to Velocity, the adrenaline-fueled car racing game that puts you in the driver's seat of high-performance vehicles, pushing the boundaries of speed and skill on your mobile device. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of competitive racing, where every turn, every overtaking maneuver, and every second counts. Experience the exhilaration of burning rubber, the intensity of neck-to-neck battles, and the satisfaction of becoming a true racing champion. Are you ready to rev up your engines and dominate the race tracks? Stunning Visuals and Realistic Environments: Velocity car racing game boasts cutting-edge graphics that bring the car racing experience to life on your mobile screen. Each car is meticulously designed with incredible attention to detail, from the sleek bodywork to the dynamic lighting effects. Feel the rush as you race through a variety of meticulously crafted environments, including city streets, mountainous landscapes, and exotic circuits. The highway racing game's advanced physics engine ensures a realistic driving experience, with accurate vehicle dynamics and responsive controls. Extensive Car Collection: Unlock a vast collection of licensed vehicles, ranging from sports cars and supercars..
Build a plane, fly and crash!
Aircrafter is a game that brings the joy of building and customizing airplane designs and concepts in a realistic plane simulation. Fly through challenging and beautiful levels with themes ranging from neighbourhood, city, western, asian and medieval. See who can get the highest score and compete with your friends on the leaderboard! Both plane building and plane flying skill plays a big role! The realistic physics makes Aircrafter unique and you can either come up with a genius plane design or use one of the premade plane to cruise through the world. As you progress, more parts and perks are unlocked so you can build an even more powerful plane! The game features: * Unique gameplay: Combine, scale and paint different plane parts to create an airplane of your liking * Realistic Physics: The plane building is not only cosmetic but uses realistic flight calculations * Planes & Parts inspired by Da Vinci, WW I and WW II * World themes ranging from: WW II, Asia and Medieval * Music themes that go with each theme * Lots of customization..
Escape the galaxy
Embark on an epic space adventure with StarFlySpace Android Escape! Step into the shoes of a courageous android stranded in the depths of the universe. Your mission is to give your android a boost by tapping the screen and gain altitude as you navigate through the vastness of space. But beware! Passing objects can intersect your flight path and throw you off course. Skillfully maneuver around them to safely navigate the cosmos and avoid meeting your demise. FEATURES: Captivating Flight Adventure: Immerse yourself in an exciting and addictive space game. Simple Controls: Tap the screen to give your android a boost and control its flight direction. Stunning Space Scenery: Explore a breathtaking galaxy with visually impressive graphics. Challenging Obstacles: Skillfully dodge passing objects to keep your journey alive. Improve Your Flying Skills: Master the control of your android and become a skilled space pilot. Are you ready to explore the depths of the universe and experience the ultimate flight adventure? Download StarFlySpace Android Escape now and become the hero of the cosmos!
Animal World: Wildlife Hunting
Do you love fishing as much as we love it?! Then we are glad to welcome you to our game! Get ready to enjoy spectacular water views from around the world and learn a lot about fishing. INVENTORY Before fishing, you need to pack a backpack with things that you may need. Don't forget your fishing rod and fish bait! FISH We promise that your catch will exceed all expectations. Earn money selling fish to buy more inventory. LOCATIONS Fishing can take a lot of time, but it's good to do what you love surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests. Enjoy the fishing game made to enhance your experience on the water.
Bowling runner game
Improve your bowling ball, increase your distance and power, knock down all the clubs! Free bowling game, play now!
Solar System Simulator Sandbox
Create your own solar system with our immersive 3D and realistic space simulator! Planetary Space Simulator is an immersive, fun, and addicting simulator with base on real astrophysical gravity lawYou can watch in real time how a planet orbits the sun and how asteroid belt forms. It’s an educational activity that is so mesmerizing and entertaining for the whole family FEATURES OF PLANETARY SPACE SIMULATOR: * IMMERSIVE HIGH QUALITY 3D GRAPHIC Enjoy the immersive, realistic graphic. It really feels like you are in the outer space and observing the solar system from away. This app uses simple swipe and pinch to control the view. You can view the planetary orbits and track them. You start with unlimited planets and you can unlock new planet types by completing achievements. We add new achievements to unlock so you will never run out of things to do and explore. * REALISTIC SIMULATOR The movement of the sky objects are simulated based on how gravity works in the outer space and how each object pulling at each other depending on their mass. You can..
This is music game for everyone. With Beat Rocket: EDM Firework, you can play offline, anywhere you gothis is trigger fireworks explosions music game is a great no wifi game.
This is music game for everyone. With Beat Rocket: EDM Firework, you can play offline, anywhere you gothis is trigger fireworks explosions music game is a great no wifi game.
Control a truck-mounted drill rig that is equipped with a Sonic Oscillator. Use the oscillator to get past tough rocks in the ground. Do you have the skills to operate this rig?
Control a truck-mounted drill rig that is equipped with a Sonic Oscillator. Use the oscillator to get past tough rocks in the ground. Do you have the skills to operate this rig?
Hamburger Stacking Games
“Stack Burger Run: A Deliciously Challenging Burger Stacking Game” Are you ready to embark on a mouth-watering culinary adventure in run burger? Introducing Burger Stack Run Game, the game that puts your burger-making skills to the test! Get ready to become the ultimate burger stacker as you take on the challenge of creating towering hamburgers while running through an exhilarating obstacle-filled course. In Hamburger Stack Run, you'll step into the shoes of a skilled burger runner on a mission to create the most epic hamburgers ever seen. In burger runner your goal is to stack as many hamburger layers as possible while maneuvering through a dynamic and fast-paced environment. With every step you take, you'll have the opportunity to add another tasty ingredient to your burger masterpiece in run burger. The hamburger stack game mechanics are simple yet addictive. As you burger run, various ingredients such as lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, pickles, and patties will appear before you. Your task is to tap or swipe at the right moment to stack each ingredient onto your growing burger in burger runner. The..
Metaverse.3D avatars.Minigames
Chat, meet and compete in this chill metaverse hotel. Hang out with your friends, customize your character and your room, play the fun minigames and, most importantly, have a good time. Metaverse Madness - Choose the character that most represents you and let the games begin! - Stroll around the retro arcade or join in on the fun games - Chat with other players and make new friends - Design your room, express your style! - Invite your real life friends in game and host a virtual party Minigame bonanza - Play with up to 10 friends (or foes!) in one of the rotating mini games - If you want to have some solo fun, we even have a Pachinko machine - Engage in classic games that are bound to bring back fond memories - Win games and climb up the leaderboards - Earn tickets and various rewards for every win - Join one of the frequent events or host your own Hilarious Avatars - What's not blue and can't bend air? That's right, it's your very own avatar! -..
Big Car Parking: Euro Driver
Become a real truck driver and get a unique driving experience in the best truck game! As a truck driver, you need to travel across the open world and deliver cargo to various cities and countries. Transport new types of cargo to get more rewards and money for delivery. With the money you earn, you can buy a new truck or customize the trucks you've already have. Game Features : Open WorldDetailed and realistic locations with long distance routes; Cargo TypesEach cargo has its own transportation features, but your task is to deliver it in perfect condition to the destination on time; DriverKeep track of your indicators. Like any person, the driver sometimes needs rest and food; TrucksWide range of a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo; GarageYou are completely free to choose which truck you want to drive. You can expand your auto park and buy new trucks or customize the truck that you like. Deliver cargoes and enjoy the career!
Virtual Avatar, Lovely Outfits
Life Makeover is a limitless dress-up and social simulation game where you can create your very own avatar, customize dress-up and makeup, design one-and-only garments by yourself, build your dream house, and chill with your besties! CREATE AVATAR: Define your appearance. You can create your own appearance in every facial detail and define your own beauty from a variety of skin tones to body shapes, expressing your personal beauty in the virtual world. FASHION GARMENT: Unlock thousands of fashion styles. Various exquisite dresses, magnificent and beautiful outfits, the latest fashion items, and one-and-only vintage couture are all waiting for you. You could fulfill all your fantasies and expectations of beauty. Capture and enjoy every precious moment in Life Makeover! DESIGN BY YOURSELF: Design one-and-only fashion garments. You can not only choose outfits from your fashion wardrobes but also have a chance to realize the dream of being a stylist, by making your own clothes from fabric all the way to finished product, including placement, marking, cutting, sewing, printing, etc. Don't wait to make your design dream come true in Life..
City road builder civil works
There is a road accident between cars which damaged the only bridge badly. There is no way to communicate between 2 island now. You have to build the bridge as soon as possible so the trafiic issue ll be resolved.
follow your food
With FoodEat you have to collect all food in the rooms but there is big surprise on it because you must stay away from letters How to Play -move and collect all food -stay away from letter they can eat you
Welcome to Crash Carnaval, the ultimate demolition derby experience that will leave you craving more car-crashing action! Buckle up and prepare for a wild ride as you enter the arena and face off against other fearless..
Welcome to Crash Carnaval, the ultimate demolition derby experience that will leave you craving more car-crashing action! Buckle up and prepare for a wild ride as you enter the arena and face off against other fearless drivers in a battle of vehicular mayhem. Choose from a variety of powerful cars, each uniquely designed to deliver maximum destruction. Feel the adrenaline rush as you unleash havoc, smashing into opponents and watching them crumple under the impact. Test your driving skills and strategic instincts as you navigate through dynamic arenas filled with ramps, obstacles, and explosive surprises. Upgrade and customize your cars with an array of options to enhance their performance, durability, and style. Unlock new arenas and compete in different locations, from gritty urban landscapes to rugged off-road terrains. Experience realistic physics and jaw-dropping collisions that will leave you in awe. Witness cars crunch, windows shatter, and metal deform in spectacular fashion. Dominate the competition by strategically utilizing power-ups and outmaneuvering your rivals in intense battles where every move counts. Crash Carnaval offers a variety of game modes, including single-player challenges..
Cultivation and 3 Match puzzle
In the mysterious forest, moonlight shines on the grass, where a magical piece of wood lies, and beautiful mushrooms are constantly growing out. How beautiful! Come and build a spore town, use mushrooms to create prosperity and discover more magical beings.
Draw beautiful spinning art!
Adjust the speed of the spinning disc! Draw on it while it spins! Choose shape of your marker. Choose color of your marker. Draw beautiful art!
Do you possess the courage to assume the role of Zeus and engage in heroic gaming? Take up the noble task of playing with Zeus`s beloved pet and winning your friends on the battlefield. Explore awesome..
Do you possess the courage to assume the role of Zeus and engage in heroic gaming? Take up the noble task of playing with Zeus`s beloved pet and winning your friends on the battlefield. Explore awesome mini-games and enjoy!
A.I. Cats You Can Program
Cat BotzInteractive A.I. Have your Cats interact with each other based on A.I. rules you, the user, sets. You can have them be playful, argue with each other, compliment, chat, discuss deep topics, etc. The programming for the artificial intelligence is simple and will construct an If-statement for you based on the rues you give it Program the Cat Botz to say any response to different sets of keywords that if they detects said keywords in your chat, or by another cat, the cat bot will respond in the way you programmed it to. It can be funny, serious, technical, etc. as long as the cat sees the keyword combinations in any order it will know what to say. Two Arrays of keywords separated by an Or: if() && if() && if() || if() && if() && if() { Say(); } Powered by the beta version of Synthia: AI, Cat BotzInteractive A.I. is a great way to test your programming logic and skills. Have fun and enjoy programming the Cat Botz!
Be Rich
Best burger simulation game ever! Run your own Burger Kingdom through Burger management simulation game. Through the game, you can experience everything about Burger Kingdom in a simple and fun way. With the money you earn, you can increase the price of burgers and open a shop to expand Kingdom. KEY POINTS Become a baker and make your customers' burgers. Not only making burgers but also managing the store is essential! There are customers who order, but there are many customers waiting at the shop. If you're looking for a simple burger simulation game to play whenever you're bored, this is the one you've been looking for. Download Burger Kingdom now!