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Conquer the kings is a casual game which the player should defeat the enemy kingdom by boosting the troop's level. Upgrade the troop's level by merging them.
Conquer the kings is a casual game which the player should defeat the enemy kingdom by boosting the troop's level. Upgrade the troop's level by merging them.
Catch, catch, catch!
Enter the world of Bunny Boom, where magic meets mayhem! Play as a daring magician's apprentice, chasing playful rabbits popping out of mystical hats. Can you master the Bunny Boom? Download now and embark on the ultimate hat trick adventure!
Animals Run
The game software "Animal Run 2023" is a casual game similar to parkour, which is an extremely agile casual game. The painting style is simple, the operation is simple, the levels are randomly generated, the difficulty is high, and it is extremely challenging. It is suitable for leisure time entertainment and relaxation. In the game, players need to randomly generate different parkour maps and can also choose different small animals for task challenges, which greatly tests their sense of balance and hand speed. However, after adapting, players will greatly enjoy the thrill and excitement of speeding their hearts. 1. At the same time, the game has set up a point mode, which is highly playable. 2. Multiple scene modes: Multiple scenes or other animals can be selected to switch scene modes, improving the fun and diversity of the game. Therefore, the gameplay is diverse and rich. 3. Each game has points displayed, displaying players' results in this game and providing a comparison of their best results.
classic bubble pop shooting
Embark on a magical journey into the enchanting world of Bubble ShooterFairy Castle. Immerse yourself in the whimsical surroundings of a fairy tale castle as you engage in the timeless and addictive bubble shooting adventure. Features: Fairy Tale Wonderland: Enter a captivating realm filled with the charm of a fairy tale castle. Explore enchanting landscapes and mysterious chambers as you progress through the game. Classic Bubble Shooter: Experience the joy of the beloved bubble shooter genre. Aim, shoot, and match colorful bubbles to clear the screen and progress to the next level. Magical Power-Ups: Unleash the power of magical boosters and power-ups to overcome challenging levels. Pop bubbles with explosive spells and achieve extraordinary scores. Unique Challenges: Encounter a variety of bubble popping challenges, from rescuing trapped fairies to uncovering hidden treasures. Each level presents a new and exciting task. Fairy Tale Characters: Interact with charming fairy tale characters who will guide you through your adventure and offer helpful tips along the way. Achievements and Competitions: Compete with friends and players worldwide, earn achievements for your bubble-shooting skills, and aim..
Callbreak Game offline card
Welcome to Callbreak! This is a variation of the beloved card game, popular in South Asian countries like Nepal and India. It's a long-run game with four players, each holding 13 cards from a standard deck of 52. The rules are a breeze to learn, and you can even choose from different card themes to enhance your enjoyment. Game Highlights: Play offline anytime, no internet needed! User-friendly interface with easy-to-understand rules. Customize settings for sound, game speed, and more. Pick from a variety of game themes and card designs. Test your skills in single-player mode against simulated bots. Multiplayer-like action with bots, complete with avatars and turn-based gameplay. Gameplay: Four players square off, each receiving a deck of 52 cards. The game spans five rounds, each with its own scoring. Every round comprises 13 deals, involving all four players. In each deal, players take turns playing one card, resulting in four cards per deal. A round concludes after 13 deals, and a full game consists of five rounds. Objective: Your goal is to outbid and outplay your opponents. Bidding and..
Rebuild the bunny village!
Bunny Village suffering from poverty !! Bunnyzigers started the journey to meet Ms.Yang who is known as a successful business strategist. Would bunnyzigers be able to meet her and rebuild the village? ▶ Tips to rebuild Bunny Village Idle Tycoon #1 Open the factories! - Smash the things on the productin lines - Hire bunnies to manage factories - Expand your village and earn more money! #2 Pray Terms of Use:
Charge batteries to shock them all!
Charge batteries to shock them all!
Infinite Word Searches
Super Simple Word Search is exactly what you would expect it to be, a really straightforward word search puzzle with no fancy graphics, increasing levels or annoying pop-ups. You control how big a grid you want to play on and then it will keep on making puzzle after puzzlefor ever! Settings are simple, just grid size and sound effects on or off, and that's it. I made it for my mother-in-law who has degenaration of her eyesight, who was frustrated with other games that got harder and harder with pop-ups galore and words that got smaller and harder to read. Not in this game, it stays exactly as you want it and doesn't force you to change. Have bigger puzzles if you want to, or keep to the lowest level if you prefer that.
Candy-filled adventure
Embark on a vibrant adventure with our captivating mobile game. Explore delightful levels brimming with challenges and strategize your moves to progress. As you navigate, collect power-ups, align colors, and shatter cubes to clear your path. Tread carefully; every move can change your fate. Dive deeper into the game and solve clever logic puzzles that test your wit. Along the journey, unlock amusing characters that add a touch of whimsy. With every tap, immerse yourself in an unmatched gaming journey, meticulously crafted for your enjoyment.
Help the pups bury their bones
The object of the game is to slide the pieces around the game board so that all bones fall into the holes. - Easy challenges have only 2 or 3 dogs while more advanced ones have 4 - Some holes can only be filled by a specific dog, so don't drop the bones too early. - Every hole can contain only 1 bone. Once the bone is filled other dogs can pass over it.
Interesting Bubble Shooter
Dive into a thrilling fusion of the beloved classic bubble game and a host of exciting new features in Bubble Smash Adventure. This game promises to deliver the ultimate satisfaction of conquering thousands of levels brimming with mind-bending puzzles. Unearth your unique strategy that sets off a dazzling, fireworks-like explosion of color, clearing the screen of bubbles. Yet, don't be fooled by the deceptively intricate transformations these bubbles undergo; solving them is no walk in the park. Your standing in the achievement rankings, in comparison to your friends, hinges on your daily skill honing within the captivating realm of Bubble Smash Adventure. How to Play: Aim and Shoot: One tap is all it takes to launch a ball towards a matching-colored block. Fireball Frenzy: Achieve seven consecutive successful shots to acquire fiery power-ups. Explosive Arsenal: Trigger a bomb by bursting ten bubbles in a single shot. Rewards Galore: Reap rich rewards as you clear the screen with a spectacular burst of bubbles. Prepare to be ensnared by the irresistible charm of this addictively captivating bubble shooter game.
Crush, match and blast
Candy 2024Explore magical candy kingdoms, helping lovely candy fairy to blast the new delicious adventure. Play your way through 1000+ levels of holiday themed swap and matching puzzle goodness! Evolve snow candy farm country, city and magic town ship. It is time for adventures and jewel mania! Candy 2024 feature: + CRUSH or bomb obstacles! + FUN game fit for a King or Sweet Queen! + Drag and swap pieces or press and select to swap! + Smash or blast cookies to create biggest spot of cookies + Obstacles: Snowflake, Chocolate pie, Marshmallow Lock, Cookie Frenzy, Undestroyable Candy,.. + Combinations: Multicolor Candy, Gummy,.. + POP these yummy jelly candy, gummy candles object , diamond ice jewel,.. + Master hundreds of levels and achieve this AMAZING accomplishment and become a candy frosty legend !!! + Swap and Swipe so many sweet jelly gems, candy canes and gummy jewel ! + Stunning music and sound crush splash effects! + Crush or blast and match 3 or more same cookies to burst + Xmas adventures and are uninterrupted. + How to play Candy..
Casual Educational Math Game
Welcome to Calculate This educational math game that will sharpen your mathematical skills while providing hours of fun and entertainment! Get ready to challenge your brain, solve exciting math puzzles, and improve your mental math abilities like never before. Whether you're a math enthusiast looking for a brain-teaser or a student wanting to enhance your arithmetic skills, Calculate This is the perfect choice for you. Calculate This is more than just a game; it's a learning experience! Designed to make math enjoyable, this app offers a unique way to practice addition, subtraction and multiplication. Watch as numbers drop from the top of the screen, and use your quick thinking to combine them to reach the target value. Improve your math skills while having a blast! Prepare to be challenged! Calculate This offers a wide range of difficulty levels, from easy and relaxed to mind-bogglingly tough. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter increasingly complex calculations that will test your mental agility and problem-solving abilities. Can you master them all? Calculate This is more than just a game; it's an..
一只名叫“丹申”的小狗,所在的“丹申村”被恶魔摧毁,恶魔占据了各个海岛,女巫将无辜的小狗丹申赶出了家园。现在,丹申向你发出邀请,共同踏上探索的道路,重建丹申家园吧! 最初的一切..
一只名叫“丹申”的小狗,所在的“丹申村”被恶魔摧毁,恶魔占据了各个海岛,女巫将无辜的小狗丹申赶出了家园。现在,丹申向你发出邀请,共同踏上探索的道路,重建丹申家园吧! 最初的一切都很简陋,不过没关系!从小草丛开始合成,最终将会获得豪华的建筑! 欢迎来到《丹申家园》,在这里,我们一如既往地希望,能让玩家无聊的碎片时间充实快乐起来。不肝不氪,就能得到升级成功的满足感。 这不是一个简单的三消合成游戏,我们把合成玩法与家园建造融合为一体。玩家需要通过精湛的合成技巧,帮助丹申小狗消灭恶魔,获得各种建筑,再来到家园里自由建设美好的丹申家园。 特色: ①探索关卡——多款特色探索地图,丹申小狗等你一起来机智合成,共同通关。 ②挑战高分——合成关卡获得分数越高,就可以建造更多的家园建筑,拥有更豪华的家园!和好友一起来比一比,谁的合成更厉害吧! ③超爽合成——充分发挥你的机智,随机散落的合成物,怎样能在格子被占满之前,合成到最高级别?怎样通过合成消灭肆意乱窜的小恶魔?上头的合成玩法,玩了就停不下来! ④百搭道具——解锁丰富有趣的道具,来助力合成,获得更高的分数吧! ⑤海量建筑——从小帐篷,酋长帐篷,再到华丽圣殿。海量建筑,应有尽有。发挥创造与想象,和丹申小狗一起,建设出属于自己特色的丹申家园吧! ⑥轻松游戏——拒绝上游戏如打卡上班!拒绝被迫游戏!无论是闲暇碎片时间的小娱乐,还是专门抽出时间来享受游戏,都能随心所欲地尽情来合成建设。丹申家园欢迎你!
Blocks merge, explode!
Add pieces one on top of the other to reach floors 10 and above to destroy them and clear the area.
Put your math skills to the test with criss-cross math. Enter the digits 1 to 9 into the empty cells so that the rows and columns are correct All calculations involve only positive whole numbers Calculations..
Put your math skills to the test with criss-cross math. Enter the digits 1 to 9 into the empty cells so that the rows and columns are correct All calculations involve only positive whole numbers Calculations should be performed left to right and top to bottom, ignoring mathematical order of operations
Climb high with the Banana Cat
How much higher can you build onPudding? Let's build your own pudding tower! Banana Cat will jump in the middle of each pudding for extra acrobatic jumps. Many gifts, bonuses in game that are waiting for you to unlock. Help the Banana Cat on the top floor of the pudding tower and get out of the universe! [Game Features] Very fun and enjoyable game Tap to jump. Help the Banana Cat to climb the tower of deliciously bouncy pudding trampolines. Addictive gameplay Challenge your balance ability. Relax in the cheerful music and immerse yourself in the endless loop of pudding jumping! Try perfecting each jump to unleash the acrobatic genius hidden inside your! No need an internet connection You can play wherever, whenever you want. Unlock lots of cute skins! Fancy new clothes for your Banana Cat or Pudding? Collect as much gold as you can by making perfect jumps! 【How to Play】 1. Tap to jump, land in the middle of Pudding for perfect jumps. 2. Perfect jump gives a higher score and gold reward. 3. Use your gold..
[Endless Challenges] Freely arrange and merge number cards, challenge the endless mode until the board is full, it is said that no one can reach the mysterious number 20. [Level-based Adventure] Complete the objectives of each..
[Endless Challenges] Freely arrange and merge number cards, challenge the endless mode until the board is full, it is said that no one can reach the mysterious number 20. [Level-based Adventure] Complete the objectives of each level, embark on a journey of challenges, but be careful, some levels only allow the use of a limited number of numbers. [Exciting Replays] Capture the moments of excitement and review the thrilling moments in the game records at any time. Experience the strategic decisions of each step, accompanied by your own growth. Download Get20, feel the collision of numbers and intellect, challenge your limits, and become the champion of number elimination!
now available in the app!
NEOGEO's masterpiece games are now available in the app !! And in recent years, SNK has partnered with Hamster Corporation to bring many of the classic games on the NEOGEO onto modern gaming environments through the ACA NEOGEO series. Now on smartphone, the difficulty and look NEOGEO games had back then can be reproduced through screen settings and options. Also, players can benefit from online features such as online ranking modes. More, it features quick save/load and virtual pad customization functions to support comfortable play within the app. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces that are still supported to this day. [Game introduction] ZUPAPA! is an action game released by SNK in 2001. Control the brave young Zupapa and Zupipi and rescue the Zooks, who have been kidnapped by a mysterious adversary! Run freely through the fun, unique stages using simple controls, and aim for the final stage. This game can also support 2P play. [Recommendation OS] iOS 13 and above ©SNK CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Arcade Archives Series Produced by HAMSTER Co.
Play Yatzy Pro Dice Game.
Yatzy Prois a classic dice game. It is very similar to Yacht and Yahtzee. Play this ad-free Yatzy. You can play solo by choosing the "Single Player" mode or you can play against AI or another friend that is sitting with you using the "Versus AI" or "Versus Human" mode. How to play Yatzy? 1. Players take turns rolling five dice. 2. After each roll, the player chooses which dice to keep and which to re-roll. 3. The player gets to roll 3 times in a single turn. 4. Player must put a score or zero into a score box in each turn. 5. A game ends when all score boxes are used. 6. Player with the highest total score wins. Download and play Yatzy without ads The combinations of the dice and the respective score are present in the game in the "How to play" section. We hope you like playing Yatzyclassic dice game and share it with your friends and family too.
Grab all the stars!
Pilot a rocket and grab all the bonus stars in this infinite runner in space! Score as many points as you can, but beware: this galaxy is full of planets and asteroids that will destroy your rocket on contact. How long can you last? Can you earn your spot on the leaderboards? Can you achieve the prestigious rank of Platinum Master Navigator? Planet Dodge: Star Grabber was developed by an 11-year-old and his dad. We aren't interested in collecting your data or serving you ads—just having fun. We hope you enjoy our game! ◆ Simple controls: Accelerate left & right by touching the sides of the screen ◆ Leaderboard & rank achievements for each of 3 difficulty levels ◆ Score by dodging planets and asteroids ◆ Score *more* by grabbing bonus stars ◆ Score *even more* by grabbing stars in a specific sequence ◆ Share high scores via social/SMS/email/etc. ◆ No ads or data collection
A retro-neon arcade game.
Fight along-side your fleet to defend against incoming enemy ships while navigating the front line to evade their attacks, or de-stress in the less lethal Zen-mode while enjoying the 80s inspired synth music and retro-neon visuals.
Arrows Shooting Zombies
Welcome to the Bow Shooter Game, Are you ready to fight for your enemies? Notch your arrows and join the war of bow and arrow! Merge bow champion and create the strongest archery arrows to defend the castle. Play one of the coolest bow master games, become the greatest archer hero and win the bow and arrow war! In this turn-based archery game, your goal is to defeat the zombie army! Tap the screen to command your archers to aim and shoot at the opponents! Use every turn wisely and try not to miss unless you want to lose this bow and arrow war. Let the bow fest begin! Use bows, and cannons, to win the archery battle. This is one of the best bow and arrow games, where your strategy skills can help you defeat zombies, Bow Shooter Features: * Unique archery mechanic * Exciting gameplay * Challenging levels * Real and Beautiful graphics
2d simple casual game, tap the screen to destroy the fruit, there is a timer, if timer runs out game is over.
2d simple casual game, tap the screen to destroy the fruit, there is a timer, if timer runs out game is over.
Fire In The Hole!
Use your bombs to blow up enemies to increase your year rate! As your year rate increase, your bomb will evolve to damage higher! There are enemies try to damage you, you should avoid them!