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- Fixed app badge might not update and custom sound not play due to a silent crash in chat notification - Fixed adding live chat participants to phonebook.


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Remote-enable your workforce with 3CX. In combination with 3CX installed at your office or hosted in the cloud, this app allows you and your team to use your office extension from anywhere. After installing the app, scan the QR code shown in the web client and get started.

Important read: This app is only for use with 3CX V18 and is not a standalone app.

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The app is ridiculously terrible. Connections are always a problem and EVERY. SINGLE. CALL has parts where voices fade in and out for both parties. I constantly have to ask clients to repeat themselves, and it has even disconnected us before. The voicemail feature is awful because you can’t even set it on the app!! You have to use the desktop browser login to select it for each status, and then change your status on the app. You also can’t delete any old VM recordings, so if I have an old “OOO for Christmas 2021” recording it just stays in the system as an option. As you can imagine, the list has grown to be quite long. Only admins can delete old recordings, but who has the time to comb through every single employee’s history??? Not to mention each employee has to waste time typing up an email on which recordings can be deleted and which ones can’t. My current issue now is that calls coming into my phone through the app don’t ring! I don’t even get a pop up that I had a missed call. I have to randomly decide to open the app and go to “recents” which then shows that oh, I had a missed call from hours ago. The moment my company no longer requires this software, it’s deleted forever.


Not sure what happened, if it’s my phone, the app or whoever sets the phones at the office. Was able to turn off the notification of my cell phone while in the office and whenever it wasn’t my week. Now I don’t have that on the app no more. Tried to get some help from the representative in charge of my office and she wasn’t much help even though I sent the screenshot of how everything looks.


On first connection to any v16 server, the new version of this app basically tells the user that their admin is doing a bad job because the server version is so old and v18 has been out so long that maybe they should click this link to host with 3cx for free. That’s a low thing to do to the people that helped build your brand for so many years.


I’ve gone to the help page might as well be in a foreign language. No way to setup an account and I have a doctors appointment. Frustrated


After the recent update the app would not let you transfer calls anymore.


If you use an Apple Watch this app will not notify you if an incoming call on the watch. It will show that missed call notification on the Apple Watch. Voicemail, one of the most commonly used things in this phone app, is buried under several menus. Contacted the developer and they have no intention of addressing these any time soon.


Do not like this system. Delay when answering calls. Don’t like that it rings on my phone, cell phone and computer. Load and annoying.


the app only lets me know when I have missed a call, live calls do not ring through even with the app sitting open. Done all the troubleshooting fix attempts. I'm VERY frustrated as this was a part of my ability to work from home and on the go.


I keep my phone on silent and DND during work hours. When I get a call the phone does not vibrate and my watch does not show an incoming call like a regular cellular phone call. This causes me to constantly miss incoming 3CX calls. I have to keep my phone within direct view at all times.


One glaring issue is that the icon on my phone home screen does not show the little red dot when there are new sms/chat messages. It does do this for missed calls. I don't care about missed calls is the issue. But we definitely need to see unread messages.


pita with iphone 12/no home button with fingerprint id. have to enter my passcode to access 3cx transfer option while i am on a call.


Voicemail and chat notifications don’t work... Not to mention voicemail is hidden in a drop down menu...


I MISS being able to answer the phone from the app without having to make my phone ring simultaneously. PLEASE Fox this for the IOS users! Or at least make it more clear as to how to fix what we have.


It says I Need to update the app but I just downloaded in my iPad and there’s no new version....


3CX Platinum Partner here, unbelievable that 3CX hade the best softphone app into the worst softphone app with just an update


iOS 12.4, personal phone, not company, and 3cx v. I have no other apps this unreliable. And in this age of remote working, it is important for it to connect reliably. It does not. Notifications are set. All of my apps automatically update. I read posts describing this symptom and they suggest it having to do with a beta version. That’s not my case. Please fix this.


I was so happy with this app before it was updated. Now I cannot change my stratus from my phone, extensions don’t show up and it doesn’t inform me when the call is coming in through the app as opposed to my personal number. This is very disappointing. Please fix it!


App is no longer working since I updated it. I can receive and check my voicemails and I can make calls, but I’m unable to answer calls. This was working fine until I updated the app. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!


Can make outgoing calls but cannot receive calls. Used to be able to receive calls but I’m not sure what happened here...


Before this last update we could use the app fine and now it cannot use it at all. Please fix this issue asap