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Thanks for using FamilyTime! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store regularly. Every update of the FamilyTime Dashboard app includes: - New Features become available - Enhanced Security - Usability optimizations and performance improvements


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FamilyTime parental controls – the most convenient way for parents to monitor their kids’ online and offline activities and ensure their safety and security. With FamilyTime, manage content and app usage across all child devices and keep tabs on your children’s daily happenings. Limit screen time, monitor & manage kid’s phone activities with useful features like App Blocking, Family Locator, Screen Time Allowance, Content Filters, Kid Tracker, Geofencing, App Restrictions & much more!

Key features:

Limit Screen Time
Worried that the kids are not sleeping at night or focusing on their homework? Limit their Screen Time and say goodbye to worries! Parents can even set custom rules for Screen Time.

Pre-defined Rules:
– Bedtime
– Dinner Time
– Homework Time

TeenSafe Drive
Speed Limit: Afraid your teens would drive too fast? FamilyTime understands your concern! Define speed limits for your teens and get instant alerts when they cross those limits.

Content Filters
Ensure the online safety and productivity of your kids by filtering out inappropriate, obscene content on their iOS devices.
Block mature and adult Films, TV shows and apps on your children’s iOS devices, including explicit content on iTunes and adult fiction on the iBooks store.

App Blocker
FamilyTime – App Blocker gives parents the power to remotely block unwanted and inappropriate apps and games on their children’s phones & tablets with a single tap! Now you can be sure that your children only use safe and productive apps.

– Manage the Time your Kids Spend on their Devices
– Block children’s Internet access
– Block social networking apps like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
– Block addictive apps and games with a single tap!

Places – Mobile Geofencing
Parents can monitor their children’s locations in real-time and are notified when their children enter or leave areas geofenced by the parents.

– Geofence as many places as you deem necessary.
– Get alerts when they enter or leave those places.

Activity Reports
FamilyTime lets you view the phone activity reports of your children from this parental control App. You can see their location history and other phone usage info even on the go!

Receive SOS/Panic Alerts
Always be there for your children in emergencies and know where to find them. Get SOS Alerts from your children in emergencies with full location details.

Receive PickMeUp Alerts
Never forget to pick up your children from school, gym, or football practice. Receive PickMeUp Alerts from your children with complete location info when it’s time to pick them up.

Speeding Alerts
Get notified when your kids are in a car moving over the speed limit that you consider safe. Hence, you can monitor if their school bus is moving over the speed limit and take the right action.

Remote Management
FamilyTime – Dashboard is a great way to organize and manage the child profiles you add to your FamilyTime Account. You can keep tabs on your kids at a single glance and can easily manage settings and parental controls for each child separately.

Note: FamilyTime – Dashboard works over mobile data connections, home Wi-Fi, and public Wi-Fi to ensure your child is always safe from harm.
Disclaimer: GPS running in the background for Location Tracking can decrease battery life.

Our customers’ privacy is our top priority; FamilyTime Dashboard does not collect any information, data, or location details from the Parent’s phone. For more information, please read:

Privacy Policy:

Terms and Conditions:




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Very helpful app support, helped me get a discount, and get set up.


The app is incredibly difficult to setup and use. And completely unreliable. Settings you have set may or may not be applied even if you try to confirm they’ve been set. Used it briefly, well after the trial period. Forgot it was installed. Without a reminder the premium service was renewed and the company refuses to provide a refund even though they repeatedly tell me my refund is pending. Please don’t respond and tell me you’re sorry and I should send an email to family time support. I’ve already done so a dozen times and your “support” is more of a waste of time than the app itself. Consider yourself warned. It’s your time and money down the drain. I’m confident that the only reason this company is still in business is because of their FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES.


I created an account under one email address, but executed the subscription with another email account. I spoke to Sara Jones through the chat window and they quickly resolved the issue which restored the service. I’m still figuring out the app, but it seems useful so far.


I rarely write reviews, but I’m trying to save anyone else the heartache. This service is nothing but a LIE. You CANNOT block apps on your child’s phone unless you block them ALL. You absolutely cannot track calls, contacts, or text messaging. You are paying for a FREE service you can get through your phone carrier!!!!! I had the service 20 minutes before I found out it was worthless and immediately messaged them asking for a refund for a service that was falsely advertised- to which they replied THEY CANNOT REFUND! I’ve filed a PayPal claim. Hoping to get my money back that way. STAY AWAY. THEY ARE LIARS !


Had other fam/safe app installed and decided to try this one. Just downloaded it and I can’t upgrade and access the features. SUPER FRUSTRATING


the app is supposed to block apps so your child can get on their electronics to play… didn’t work right and i complained and they said they would look into it. with it not performing the way i wanted i made sure auto renew for the over paid subscription for a sub par app was turned off… don’t you know months down the line i’m charged anyways and now every day for a week i’ve been getting the run around about getting my money back and having my account deleted. this and app personnel are scamming scum. less than 1 star but there’s no option UPDATE… to expedite your refund if you make a mistake and these people get your money. file with the better business bureau, mine went through paypal so i also filed a claim with paypal after a week of excuses. paypal sided with me in a couple hours and as soon as family time say i went to the BBB, they refunded me mid-next day. hope this helps until these people can’t make apps any longer


I had the best customer service experience with a gentleman named Rick F. It was very fast and super helpful with my small issue I had with resetting my password on my family time account. I highly recommend this app for anyone out there that has young children and you want to be able to have control over their use or time on social media and other apps. Very easy to use.


Me solucionaron mi problema en pocos segundos. Eso es muy bueno por eso califico con 5 estrellas


They have given me the run around about refunding me. It’s been 40 days and they still haven’t refunded me. I keep sending emails and they keep telling me that the refund is in process and I will get it in a “few” days. This company is not honest and does not advertise correctly letting people know that their app is not compatible with IPhones. They are thieves! Do not use this app!


I had a great experience contacting customer support tans resolving my subscription!


The app doesn’t deliver what it advertises. It is glitchy making the camera on the kids to disappear. It doesn’t report on the kids place. It is harder app to set up. iPhone itself has some of the same functionality like FindMy app which locates your family members.


Excellent Chat Support!!


Had problems getting app to work. Despite multiple encounters with customer service it never worked consistently. Below is their reply when I asked for a refund. Still refusing after multiple requests. Olivia Andersen (FamilyTime) Feb 20, 8:59 AM PKT Hello, Thanks for contacting FamilyTime customer support. Sorry for the inconvenience that may have caused you. We went through your account details and it seems like you went for the Upgrade that means you have availed the discount offer (CS40, 40% discount offer). In this scenario, you do not get three days free trial although you do get charged instantly. You may ask us to cancel your subscription at any time but we are afraid we cannot offer you a refund due to No Refund Policy upon discount offers. Thank you, Olivia A. Update: I complained to Apple that this app was ripping people off. They told me they would review but not update me on their decision. 2 years later and this app is still available on their store.


I’m beginning to worry I gave these people my credit card information. Total scam, crap app. DON’T DO IT!


This app does NOTHING but ruins your phones! What a mess. I wish I had read the reviews first.


I’ve had to ask customer service for help, several times. They’re always prompt to respond and helpful. I haven’t got a chance to really test out the app yet. Text messages and phone calls are reported 45-60 min later on your app, and they can’t be deleted within 10 minutes on your child’s app. So if you have a kid that’s not prompt with covering their tracks, this app is quite sufficient! Well… got to try it out for a few days, or let’s say, they got my money for a service I’ve never received. The app does not work properly, they have to work out kinks they say. Well that’s a lot of kinks. My son was locked out of his phone because he didn’t have service. I will be asking for a refund. It’s absurd the hoops I’ve had to go through with their customer service to TRY to make the app work, which never has fully worked since day one. Don’t waste your money, invest in a better app.


Children still had access to unrestricted sites. Please do not waste your money on this app. The settings are so limited and did not help at all. Also, you had to download a separate app that didn’t grant more access but necessary to control the tablets settings.


I got this app in mid-April and it does not work other than the location services (which I can track through my phone anyway). Not worth the $35 annual fee at all! I will say that support was very quick with helping me cancel my subscription via the online chat.


Service didn’t connect with my daughters iPhone 6, missing features, and poor customer service. Discovered all of this within 30 min of signing up. Company refuses to grant refund for the yearly sub I purchased after only using for 30 min and set up time without actually getting phones connected to it. They immediately cancelled my account when I requested a refund.


From the moment I signed up for the app at, I already had issues. I downloaded the app and tried to set up the account. Then the app wouldn't let me continue because I had to subscribe to premium. Apple charged me the whole year, but I had already paid (via when I signed up on the website. My debit card was locked because my bank saw it as a fraud. I gave the app two days to prove to me it was worth it. It was crap; the app froze a lot. I deleted it and used the phone’s screen time feature instead.