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The Follow Up Boss mobile team is working hard to ensure your mobile experience is the best it can be. In this release we made improvements and squashed bugs so Follow Up Boss is even better for you. • NEW: When texting, you can now tap and drag the texting screen to the left to view timestamps for each message in the thread, giving you even more information about your communications! • FIX: We fixed an issue where the text thread with a lead may show messages from a lead's relationships. • FIX: We fixed an issue where, in certain situations, the keyboard covered text messages after sending them.


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Follow Up Boss is a real estate sales CRM that helps you automatically distribute and follow up on leads from over 200 different US and Canadian lead sources.

The iPhone app gives you quick access to all your contacts, calendar, inboxes, and deals. The app also lets you make and receive calls and texts (including group texts), assign agents to leads, leave notes about contacts and conversations, start action plans, use email templates and more.

Follow Up Boss automatically receives leads from most major lead providers (Zillow,, Facebook, Ylopo

and many more), and tracks your contacts’ activity on your website.

For support, please use the in-app feedback option or email




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This app needs a lot of improvements. Tags don’t work on my phone. Can’t seem to ba access customer list from the main screen. Super frustrating. Have to use it in a browser on an iPad to get anything done. Please fix the iPhone app!


Great job FUB. I’ve cycled through so many CRMs, and finally found the best one out there. Thank you for making a wonderful product.


This app has run successfully for me for over a year but now whenever I’m in a low coverage zone, it does not work at all and then it does not reconnect once I’m back in coverage. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, rebooted my iPhone, etc. It’s extremely frustrating because yesterday I had no access to any of my contacts while it was having issues for over an hour!


I like FUB but it needs to have the ability to go landscape mode on the iPad as many Realtors use the iPad as their primary computer when out and about. It shouldn’t be hard to incorporate that immediately.


I have tried so many CRMs over many years. FUB is the only one I recommend now. I had a client who actually works for a huge CRM competitor, and after showing him FUB he even agreed how awesome it is… it’s a MUST Have for any member of my team. Congratulations guys for always being on top of creative thinking and design.


I keep missing my new leads as the notification sound is so soft and sounds like all the regular notifications for your phone. Not able to make it any louder or even make it a custom sound :(. Also, put the pictures of the homes that the leads are looking at……. This was a really great feature of the “Boomtown” app. Also miss their “Jaws” sound notification for new leads :(


I have used Top Producer, Wise Agent, Referral Maker, Realvolve, MoxiWorks, Kunversion, Boomtown, Contactually, Agent360, and many many many others. This is the most versatile, and easy to use CRM. The staff actually listens to their clientele to get things done and continue innovation.


The FUB app is absolute magic. The whole set up is too, desktop and app, both.


I run a small real estate team in Tampa. We’ve been FUB users for 7 years. Using the app since it’s launch 4+ years ago. It is the one tool we have we’d be lost without it. The folks at FUB are constantly innovating and adding features. We never feel like we are missing out. The company is forward thinking, has great training and exceptional customer service. Highly recommend this company, this product and this app.


The app is very easy to use and the way it works makes sense.


Our Team in Orlando has been utilizing Follow Up Boss for over 4 years. Follow Up Boss is a key differentiator in our business, and the growth & expansion we have experienced. This is the best of the best CRM for real estate agents, teams, and Brokerages.


Game changer for my business. Don’t know what I would do without it. They continue to innovate and make the app even easier to use while on the go. The caller id integration is clutch for when I receive a call from someone in my database and not saved to my iPhone contacts. The feature tells me who it is in my database.


It’s hard to get apps right. To make them pretty, light, user friendly and with lots of great features. FollowUpBoss does it all. Top notch.


User friendly with sleek & organized interface


The best CRM. I have used several. They are always updating and enhancing the product. It’s simply the best!


My favorite crm hands down. Awesome support. Always innovating. I will never stop using them.


Amazing app with an even better team behind it. There’s virtually nothing the app can’t do for an agent, team, or larger brokerage. Hands down the best solution to managing your leads and past clients, tracking and supporting ongoing transactions, and automating many daily workflows. This easily pays for itself and then some. It even increases your ROI on other marketing efforts. Among all the CRM options out there, Follow Up Boss is light years ahead of the pack in my opinion.


... and getting better every day. I’m a huge self proclaimed CRM nerd and this system ticks 99% of all my boxes, and the very few that it doesn’t tick, they build out their system to accommodate. Dan and his entire team, from the CSR (Madaline) who flawlessly answered every question we had, to our account rep (Michael), and the ENTIRE support team (most recently Paul and Kasey) are 10 stars out of 5! If you’re looking for a CRM that does it all, look no further. You will not be disappointed.


If Apple Designed a CRM - This would be it I’m someone that likes to analyze and compare many things in the tech space when it comes to tech that will impact my daily workflow. I ran into Follow Up Boss in Q1 of 2017 when I was working on this big vision of creating a team. At the time, it was only me but I knew I needed a solid foundation on tech pieces that will enable the team work smarter. So in 2017, I went on a journey and tested over 10 CRM’s in the Real Estate space while also talking to developers on how I can create my own CRM since none of them “””had it all”””. As I spent over $10k that year alone just going through systems, I noticed a constant… Follow Up Boss. I kept coming back to it. I noticed that although it may not have a text blast feature as some of the others I compared it too… I found myself using FUB more bc it was easier & intuitive. It had that Apple like clean polish off a UI that just made sense. I got more done with it than the others even though others had certain features that I wanted. Well, now, we are a team of 10. Ranked within the top 100 Teams in KW for the State of Florida and the onboarding process for someone to use FUB is less than an hour. FUB has evolved tremendously from 2017. We now have Call Action as a text solution that is built within FUB. We also have AM Cards for a Hand Written notes solutions that get mailed with a click of a button. The power of email in FUB is the best I’ve seen anywhere else. All of all incoming and outgoing calls are logged for accountability and coaching opportunity. It helps us keep culture fun with weekly competitions using their Leaderboard. It helps us route all of our marketing calls as we have assigned a FUB Team Inbox number for 20 of our marketing channels. This means that if anyone calls any of our Team Inboxes it rings everyone on the team and has helped us attend & serve these incoming calls at a higher level. Now they have automations in place that will just blow your mind. Simply put, I love FUB. It has greatly impacted my business. Oh, and if all the above wasn’t enough, they have the best support I have ever run into. Every single one of their staff members has always been responsive and awesome to talk to. By the way, no, I’m not paid for this review lol… It’s December 2020 and I wanted to show the FUB team my appreciation. Hope this review can help you. Feel free to connect if you got questions. You can just google AV Home Experts at Keller Williams. That’s us. Thank you.


I love this CRM. I have mine set to auto record all my out going calls so I can review what was said. I am a coach for the Mike Ferry Organization and I call out of FUB. Once I’m done, I easily download the recording and send it to my coaching client for their review. When prospecting I can shut Gmail off because any emails that I get from someone in FUB will show up in their profile.