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What small thing brought you joy today? For us, it's you reading this! Not much to update this round - just some bug fixes and performance updates. Oh, but if you're new here, remember to use the promo code "BetterOnApp" on your first booking for 5% off. Got ideas for us? Let us know at Thanks bestie.


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Download Klook to find the best things to do for anytime, anywhere.

A World of Possibilities
There are over 200,000 activities across the world waiting for you on Klook. From sightseeing trips and hotel bookings to immersive cultural experiences, we’re here to help you find your world of joy.

Trusted & Top-rated Activities
Explore handpicked experiences and get local insights for hundreds of destinations. Museums in Hong Kong? Guided tours in South Korea? Or some family fun nearby? When you’re on Klook, you’re seeing the best of every place in your hands.

Experiences Made Easy
Book seamlessly with instant confirmation and enjoy skip-the-line tickets on selected activities. Whether it’s chasing waves in Phuket, tasting wine in Melbourne or finding out what’s fun for the weekend in your area, you’re just a few taps away from booking whatever makes you happy.

And a Whole Lot More
– Stream live videos with exclusive deals on Klook Live! (selected countries/regions only)
– Redeem your tickets and e-vouchers or download them for easy offline access
– Save your bucket-list travel ideas to your wishlist and book later
– Choose from trains, buses, cars and even ferries to get around
– Get movie and event ticket discounts and bundles

Find us and say hello!
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– Facebook: @klookglobal
– Twitter: @klooktravel
– Instagram: @klooktravel

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It was great to drop off our baggage and go right into the park with our Klook park ticket! Easy and our favorite family trip!


Wanted a private car for 12 hours to see Dubai. Tried choosing 1 of 8 hrs and 5 of 1 Extra hours on Klook desktop version. But it doesn’t accept payment in both INR and USD. No way to contact customer care at india night hours. Also tried PayPal and credit card. 🤬


第一次用Klook ,還不錯,只是沒有了解很多優惠,想要買好多優惠,但不了解,電話也沒有可問,唉!只有慢慢摸索囉!


On time, nice, polite, inexpensive and reliable service.


Not cool , Be aware they will First the confirm the booking and cancel it last minute if you gonna book popular show. I booked crazy horse Paris and they cancel it last min!!!! And they ask if I want to be refund? I don’t understand why they ask, of course I want the money back. 🙄


Easy app to use while traveling around. Get the tickets within minutes of the purchase.


I can't believe this app advertises instant confirmation it's been hours since I booked my entry and I haven't received anything. I chatted with a useless agent that wasn't even able to confirm my booking or cancelling. The agent left the chat and the whole chat erased from their end, so I have nothing to show for the cancellation request! I want my money back, don't trust this company


Very helpful ,and fast response and easy to used anytime we need.


Korea’s version of Groupon. Very easy to use.




Klook always made it easy for me and my family to find activities to any places we want to visit for vacation.


We were a family of 6 visiting for the first time Istanbul. The tour was well organized. The guide was wonderful, knowledgeable, nice. We had a lot of fun... Highly recommended....


Do not use this company. I paid $80+ for a private airport transfer with meet and greet but they just booked a local taxi that went to the wrong place. Have spoken to several people in customer service but company has made no effort to resolve this. Criminal.


WHY would you sell tickets for all day dining at Seaworld when there’s no all day dining available! Scam much? Been trying to get a refund through email and they keep holding it off with questions I’ve already provided the answers to. In one email I included my tickets, order detail, and a description of what happened and what I did to try to solve it at the park and they just keep emailing with questions trying to avoid giving me the refund! I will update when they give me my refund!




I regret ever using this app and you should stay away from Klook, too. 1) They’ll only publish 5 star/positive reviews which make the activities sound better than they are—very misleading. 2) Poor customer service, virtually zero support especially on weekends 3) If your transfer service never shows up or tour operator leaves you stranded, good luck getting your money back 4) “chat with klook” just sends your message to an email black hole with no reply. 5) worth booking directly with vendor than dealing with klook’s hassle. Buying a SIM card was great, however activities through other vendors was a hassle in mis-communication between Klook and vendors left us out of money each time and klook would refuse to refund our money. HUGE SCAM.




Klook has not been very understanding during the entire COVID19 pandemic. I’m aware that the tickets I purchased are non refundable, but as a US citizen, there has now been a global level 4 travel advisory and the country of Japan has said that they will quarantine any US citizen that enters for 14 days. I couldn’t even use my tickets if I wanted to, yet they are still not giving me a refund. I’m just very disappointed with how they’ve been dealing with this issue and it really turns me off from using their services in the future.


I booked a transfer between Pattaya- Bangkok. All of the Klook’s confirmation email goes to my inbox but the most important one go to my junk mail. The one which said I should be at the meeting point one hour before. I was there 15 minutes before (10 minutes earlier) than their first confirmation email that goes to my inbox. So I was marked no show and lost precious time on my holiday because of this. The customer service won’t do anything to help except to say contact the transfer company or buy a new ticket. So I went to the company’s office, and guess what? Contact Klook or buy a new ticket. It was so easy to reschedule me to the next schedule which are empty and open but no. It was an awful feeling being in a foreign country and be treated like that. A simple solution won’t be given. They just want to take your money and that’s it. You just lost a customer and much more to loose.


Instant bookings. I will use Klook for all my attraction needs while in SEA.