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Minds is an open source social network dedicated to Internet freedom. Speak freely, protect your privacy, earn crypto rewards and take back control of your social media.

We’re on a mission to elevate global discourse through Internet freedom.

Internet freedom means:
■ Free speech
■ Privacy
■ Open source
■ Self-sovereignty
■ Community governance

Our code and algorithms are free and open source for maximum transparency and accountability. Our content policy is based on the First Amendment and governed by a community jury in order to minimize bias and censorship.

We believe you can only change someone’s mind if you provide them with a platform to speak it.

For support, questions, or more information, please visit:

Open source code:

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I open it, the “MINDS” logo appears against a white background, a keyboard appears… that’s it. Nothing else happens. No home page, no tl, no nothing.


A place where racist white people hide and talk crap


The app is heavily censored by Apple with pop ups “this isn’t safe for work and is not available on iOS”. It’s my phone, you mopes. Apple is censoring what we can see on our phones. Who has given Apple the right to decide what is “safe for work”? What makes Apple think all Apple devices are used for “work”? I’ve run into this censorship on other apps where Apple has gone as far to send me warnings telling me I’ve violated their “rules” on an independent platform.


it wont let me creat an account it keeps saying its incorrect when im creating one lol and so it seemed like created one but i dont remmeber creating one cus i never have


I’m new to Minds, but I do really enjoy the feel and concept of the platform. It’s the most free feeling platform I’ve used so far and that’s mainly because they aren’t banning people non stop for seemingly innocuous things. A lot of other platforms have turned into a digital high school, either your in or your out given the days trend or hot take. And if you’re out you’re really out. That’s horrifying, given how much more important and necessary these platforms have become in our world. People keep equating digital platforms to a town squares, I think that’s very accurate. In Minds I don’t worry about what others might think or even more so what the platform itself might think, I’m just myself without worry. All of us SHOULD feel that way inherently but sadly the online world is flooded with people watching every word and self censoring to appease the masses and the platform (consciously or subconsciously). It’s truly not human to act like that. If you want to try a more laid back and honest platform this, so far, seems to be the place.


I was excited to try this app and support what they were made for but I was very disappointed in what I found. Had to manually scroll back 26 years to set my birthday. Couldn’t set a profile banner. Subscribe buttons barely work and when I went to make my first comment there was an error. Then I went to find some form of in app support and tried to reach out on the platform and error. Could be a good app and a better tool to help people share their minds and get a better understanding of others but instead it’s more of a pretty non functional app. Very frustrating I hope you guys fix it up soon so I can try again maybe a littler further down the road.


Verified my email but i guess its still not enough to verify my account. I checked everywhere in the settings and theres nothing I can do. Please fix this


I can’t tell if they are censoring or not. But I do not agree with setting up your own echo chamber algorithm. That’s beyond disturbing. Echo chambers are what had created this world.


I tried to create an account it was very buggy and i tried multiple times and everytime it ddnt work 👎👎 pretty disappointed!!


They did their best to cover this thing up but I found it and it’s a lot better than other platforms as far as free speech


I signed up on a PC browser, and I have underscores in my username. The keyboard doesn’t allow me to enter underscores, so I had to say “underscore” to the voice keyboard to sign in.


I think this is a great project and the App runs well. There are still issues with the UX for the “Set up channel” and “Verify uniqueness” screens. All elements are clumped up at the top of the screens and can’t input any info. (Using iPhone 11)


Can’t log into app because you can’t type symbols on keyboard on app. Only numbers and letters. Needs fixing for apple phone


After listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast I wanted to try this app out as I’ve deleted all of my social media. I downloaded the app, signed up for an account. Toggled my preferences….and immediately get an email that I’m banned…for “token manipulation”. I didn’t even have time to like a single post before I was inexplicably banned.


“Can’t be evil” Love it! Powerful!


“Popular platforms” are just that…popular, no intelligent life to be found. That’s the end result and unfair to say but I don’t even see my best friends posts anymore. Just things that I’ll have an opinion on, something has happened there, where curators decide what you see. Interactions are now more important than relationships. Interact…mostly on things that upset you. Easy interaction is a win. It’s garbage, algorithm’s designed to dismiss things or friends you love because interaction w those posts is simple and happy, quick. “A fight and controversy gets 4% more interaction, pump that! = money. I hope everyone realizes there’s more and an uncurated platform is the future. Honest conversation/discussion and a platform that rewards friendships is available…it’s this platform.


Can’t login to my app on the android version of it.


This is a garbage app. No longer takes my password. Was able to log in via browser. Deleting this saves space on my phone.


Everytime I wanna share stuff I have to manually copy the link. Although the share is available it doesn’t seem to bring up the app.


I love the concept, but the site is controlled by political extremists. They banned me for “spamming” even though I rarely posted or commented. What I did do was post that I supported Ukraine, then got hit with the ban. It is a place for those seeking an echo chamber.