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Ever wish you could just snap your fingers and all that SVT paperwork disappeared, but your paychecks kept coming? Well, meet DENTCO Verified (DV).

Paperwork eliminator and paycheck facilitator in one simple and smart mobile app. Dentco Verified is so easy to use, you won’t believe it! Just type in your username and password, and click on a store location. (DV knows where you are!) Pick a type of service – snow plowing, parking lot maintenance, landscaping or pressure washing. Click on what you did. Type in the manager’s name, if required, and get a signature on the phone screen. Press send, and you are done!
Check this out:
• DV eliminates SVT chasing. No need to distribute SVTs to your crew. No need to copy, fax or e-mail SVTs to corporate. Just log on and go!
• DV automatically verifies that corporate got your SVT data. You get peace of mind and immediate credit for your work.
• DV makes sure you input all the data it needs the first time. No more emails or calls from corporate looking for missing SVTs, so you get paid on time.
• DV delivers real-time data to customers, and happy customers mean staying customers. A little job security never hurt anybody!

Get on board today. If you’re already a DENTCO Contractor Provider (CP), we will create your account for you. Then, you will just log on to your smart phone or tablet to see how easy it is! If you want a little help getting started, we’ve got that covered too. Justlog onto and enter your company’s information to get started. This will get you signed up to be able to register for a live training, in which you will receive a username and password after completing!




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To all those who choose to bad mouth the company, this is one of the best and most understandably easy apps for anyone. Plus I can always go back in for verification to see what accounts I plowed, sanded, or just shoveled the walkways. Unlike other Sun-contractor companies and apps, this app has been great on the go from the start. Submit multiple pics, easy to use. Takes Less than a minute to open and get started on the real work. All my other apps not as simple. Thank you


These people are absolutely horrible to deal with They are extremely unorganized and do not follow through with commitments, they make a mistake and then the contractor is on the hook I have a multiple bad experiences with them. They are nothing but a garbage middle man taking a jig profit from a store and paying the contractor pennies on the dollar For example we serviced a property it would snow we would be called to plow as the flakes barely started flying then 24 hours after every one was home from all work being done they would decide they wanted a salt treatment. And expect you to respond within 1 hour. With no regard to the ridiculous situation and timeline. Then for a seperate account they disappeared on us and won’t respond to any communications They took service till we shut them off and won’t pay the bill. I have nothing but horror stories from anyone I know who has worked for them I will never lift a finger for them and can’t say enough bad things about them. Contractors. And property owners beware.


So far not got the conversation email that's says they received my svt It showed a screen on the app that said submitted . The app it's self surly don't constitute a 45 minute tutorial . The app is very basic with the plenty of room for improvement. The app has a lot of potential I do like they're making efforts to improve and streamline our work with them .im sure it will get better if they've made it this far