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Surprise your friends with beautifully handwritten greeting cards. An artist will custom prepare it and mail it for you. No fake robots. Only real people that love calligraphy and will help you mail love!

The Oprah Magazine: “ I’m obsessed with Punkpost! In this age of endless IMs, texts, and emails, who doesn’t love a handwritten note?”

Great for birthdays, love notes, thank you cards, just because, Valentines, Mother’s Day, and more!

1. Pick a card and add your message. Optionally add confetti, photos, and gift certificates. Hit send.
2. A handwriting artist prepares and mails the card for you.
3. You surprise a friend with mail. It will make their day!

In more detail: Your message will be assigned to an artist who will handwrite it on your card, prepare the envelope, add a stamp, and add your extras: photos, confetti, or gift certificates (if you included any). Once done, they will put it in a USPS mailbox for you. You’ll get photos of the artwork so you know exactly what your recipient is getting.

You can choose between note cards for $5.50, standard greeting cards for $7, or premium foiled larger cards for $9.50.

Every card includes:
– a custom piece of art for your recipient
– your choice from hundreds of exclusive cards
– your choice of writing style for your message
– a nice quality thick paper greeting card
– with postage included

Want more? You can also add:
– confetti
– photos from your phone to be printed
– emojis and our artists will draw them
– gift certificates
– request notes for your artists
– international postage for anywhere in the world


What people are saying:

Design Milk: “Punkpost is bringing back handwritten correspondence with a healthy dose of punk rock and confetti.”

Refinery29: “Built on a foundation of artists, Punkpost prints, decorates, and sends out real cards — complete with real, human handwriting — for you… Maybe, with the help of technology, we can keep our old-fashioned learnings alive and well.”

StyleCaster: “The process is seamless: pick your card, type your message, and add necessary specifics like a delivery date and whether your note should include glitter (yes, glitter); the team behind Punkpost takes care of the rest.”

Brit + Co: “Punkpost cards make for meaningful moments that just can’t be replicated with an email, text, or Facebook message.”


We hope you love the service our artists provide for you. Support Punkpost by sending cards to your pals and telling your friends about us!




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I could not function in polite society without this app and the talented artists behind it - whether it’s thank you cards for my wedding, my baby shower, birthdays for family, friends or colleagues - these artists consistently deliver fantastic work and help me express myself. Thank you for inventing this!


Punk post is amazing for the artistically ungifted and the lazy people out there who still want to send high quality, heartfelt cards. I wish I could say more good things but I’ve got to go send three more cards! XD


I love this concept and company! Life is busy and sometimes picking out a card, writing in it and mailing it in time, is a challenge!!! PUNKPOST is an amazing community of very talented artists that have helped me send all my cards for the last few years! Such a perfect personal touch for all the events life is comprised of! New babies, weddings holidays and birthdays etc ! PUNKPOST cheerleader FOREVER 💜💜


I love this app! The artists at Punkpost do such a good job of transforming your words into art. So many card designs to choose from and your first card is free. Their work always puts a smile on the recipient’s face (and the sender’s face). What’s not to love? I would 100% recommend and encourage everyone to use Punkpost for all their snail mail needs!


This app has changed the way I send mail to my friends! It helps me remember to actually send a card & get it there on time. The cards are also so adorable that my friends love keeping them and have framed them too.


My person is incarcerated and he’s loving these handmade cards! Took about ten days from ordering for him to receive it at the facility. I love that they send pics of the finished product before sending! So perfect for us families trying to stay connected but creative with our loved ones on the inside.


Was so excited about this app!!! It’s a super cute idea and just what i was looking for since my wife raises out 3 children under 3 at home and i work full time + what a great way to show her she’s on my mind and I’m thinking of her when I’m gone long hours. Unfortunately the card never came not only was the first one not free as advertised i paid and since it was going to my stay at home beauty i can confirm it never showed! The app confirmed that the letter went out on the 14th of December and was estimated to be delivered the 24th as it is now the 6th of January and the card was being sent from Jersey to Tennessee it’s just a really big let down and $9 out the window. And i was stoked to make this a regularly thing to show my my wife appreciation!! Great idea guys this was an AWSOME thought to bad you blew it maybe pass the idea along to a company that is capable.


This is a great way to send not only personal messages but also to add a little flare to the message as well. If you’re not artistically inclined (like me) this is a great way to show those special people in your life how much they mean to you. Highly highly recommend ❤️


Love this app. It’s great knowing I’m supporting independent artists. I’ve ordered multiple cards and loved each one. The app is easy to use and when you combine the convenience and quality each card is worth every $.


I have never written an App Store review, but I felt compelled to do so for Punkpost. The artists are fantastic, and I look like the BEST daughter, granddaughter, daughter-in-law EVER thanks to these heartfelt and incredible notes. This app is great in communication, quality, and delivery. Cannot recommend enough.


I ordered from punkpost in September for my little sisters Birthday! The card was great the only bad think was that the pictures had filters on them.. my older sisters card she sent didn’t come with an Amazon gift card and her pictures had filters too. We decided to try this app again for our aunt. I made her the card it was soo nice and cute.. and I entered all the right stuff with the addresses and names. And i hit send and it wouldn’t send. I hit send like 10 times and then gave up. I tried doing it the next day and it made me restart my card. My sister kept her card cause it was working for her. She was able to see her card. And guess what! They forgot a sentence in her message. Me and her were both really upset. And I wanted to send my aunt a card! So I looked on the App Store and found an even better app than punkpost! FELT! It’s a really cute app and you can send gifts with your card! Not gift cards. I sent my aunt pumpkin stickers with my card. Anyways punkpost is not that good..


This app is so fun! Everyone that knows me knows that I HATE doing cards! This makes it super easy and convenient. All the artists have been great!


Used this app to send a card to my sister. She loved the card, and the artist did a fantastic job. However, the quality of the photos were not the best. I expected a higher quality, but there were white edges that did not appear in the original picture. Other than that, I would definitely order again!


I have written reviews for maybe 5 apps and this is one that I came to do on my own - the app never requested or pestered me to come write a review; the experience has been that great for me. I have sent at least 10 cards so far and I have never been disappointed. This is a really creative way to connect with people and I think every part is truly incredible. From favoriting the artists you like most, to choosing the kind of handwriting that will appear on the card, even picking confetti or pictures to add, and many more options to really make the card unique. The cards have always been sent out within a day of ordering, and my recipient received quickly thereafter with no issues. I’m pretty sure the first card is still completely free, so you have nothing to lose! Send a card to yourself, send one to someone else just because. Once you see the options available, there’s no way you won’t be able to find something that makes you think of someone special.


Can’t say enough about how wonderful this service is! I really enjoy being able to have a hand drawn card delivered and store info for recipients along with dates‼️ I think customer support could be better and I’d love to see the app ironed out a bit more but overall, WONDERFUL.


I like the service and have used it several times. The photo editing and cropping tools are nonexistent. I select a photo and I have a tiny white square to try to fit a massive photo inside and the square is so small I can’t do anything. So I resort to adding photos at random and some of them look ok and others look terrible. It’s a crapshoot since I can crop or edit any of them.


My cards NEVER get delivered


I’ve used this service three times now and the cards have came out beautiful! The artists are great about adding in whatever little doodles n such that you ask for! Would recommend to anyone!


The artists have completely blown me away. I almost send cards just so I can see the amazing artwork! I’ve become so much better at sending cards to friends and family, and have only been met with happiness. This app just brings joy to everyone!


In a time when I am not able to shop for stationary as often and have less time for doing my own lettering and artwork - Punkpost keeps me cool with friends and relatives. All the artists have been tops and all the recipients of the cards have loved them.