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A video app made just for kids
YouTube Kids was created to give kids a more contained environment filled with family-friendly videos on all different topics, igniting your kids’ inner creativity and playfulness. Parents and caregivers can guide the journey as your kids discover new and exciting interests along the way. Learn more at

A safer online experience for kids
We work hard to keep the videos on YouTube Kids family-friendly and use a mix of automated filters built by our engineering teams, human review, and feedback from parents to protect our youngest users online. But no system is perfect and inappropriate videos can slip through, so we’re constantly working to improve our safeguards and offer more features to help parents create the right experience for their families.

Customize your child’s experience with Parental Controls
Limit screen time: Set a time limit for how long your kids can watch and help encourage their transition from watching to doing.
Keep up with what they watch: Simply check the watch it again page and you’ll always know what they’ve watched and the newest interests they’re exploring.
Blocking: Don’t like a video? Block the video or whole channel, and never see it again.
Flagging: You can always alert us to inappropriate content by flagging a video for review. Flagged videos are reviewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Create individual experiences as unique as your kids
Create up to eight kid profiles, each with their own viewing preferences, video recommendations, and settings. Choose from “Approved Content Only” mode or select an age category that fits your child, “Preschool”, “Younger”, or “Older”.

Select the “Approved Content Only” mode if you want to handpick the videos, channels and/or collections that you’ve approved your child to watch. In this mode, kids won’t be able to search for videos. The “Preschool” Mode designed for kids 4 and under curates videos that promote creativity, playfulness, learning, and exploration. The “Younger” Mode allows kids 5-8 to explore their interests in a wide variety of topics including songs, cartoons, and crafts. While our “Older” Mode gives kids 9 and up the chance to search and explore additional content such as popular music and gaming videos for kids.

All kinds of videos for all kinds of kids
Our library is filled with family-friendly videos on all different topics, igniting your kids’ inner creativity and playfulness. It’s everything from their favorite shows and music to learning how to build a model volcano (or make slime ;-), and everything in between.

Other important information:
Parental setup is needed to ensure the best experience possible for your kid.
Your kid may also see videos with commercial content from YouTube creators that are not paid ads.The Privacy Notice for Google Accounts managed with Family Link describes our privacy practices when your kid uses YouTube Kids with their Google Account. When your kid uses YouTube Kids without signing into their Google Account, the YouTube Kids Privacy Notice applies.

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I like YouTube kids because there’s no inappropriate words or dance and so I’ve been learning how to draw people cars ice cream and it really does work for me a lot with out it I would be so so so so so so so mad and bored and I won’t no how to draw those things so that is why I love love love YouTube kids


This app was great for my daughter Mia and she says she loves it very much and I always tell to her as long if your comfortable with something you can do it


She is a gimnis


The reason you should get YouTube kids is because it’s safe for kids it doesn’t have any bad stuff it has really cool stuff so I recommend it and I’m a kid so I would recommend it.


5 stars


I love it for my children


I have been watching this since I was 1


YouTube Kids is a mistake


So my child was watching yt kids and she noticed she had a weird panda profile picture. It had a pinkish orangish background and a sad looking drawn panda. She looked and realized it was not the profile she chooses and it wasn’t a profile option. It was really weird and another thing is my child is complaining because kid friendly channels are being removed from yt kids while your making room for cuss word videos which is not appropriate for kids and no one is changing this. Please fix this.




So I had have had this app for years and my mom deleted it because of my attitude but it is great for any age but why is there cuss words and inappropriate things on there and why did you take off Moriha Elizabeth what did she ever do to you but over all it is a great app your kid can watch come play with me graces world and graces room and watch prestonplays and your kid can just get excited to watch there favorite YouTuber


YouTube kids are so good for kids they have no bad words for kids kids try YouTube kids


This app is very good but I can’t watch things that are for kids that I really want to but I can’t


my son love this app


I love this app so much that I had to get it on my iPhone


5 stars for YouTube kids this Mack’s me so happy


I like because it safe video for my kids. But my kids want every that there favorite YouTuber post.


Idk how that happened so i can’t see videos i just watched and don’t have recommended videos for me


So say your mom and dad don’t like you looking things up on YouTube and their getting ready to band the app and you really don’t want that to happen. So that’s when you suggest getting KIDS YOUTUBE. That’s where kids YouTube comes in play… So parents if your reading this let your kid get this app it has no intaproprit things what so ever.. Trust me my mom and dad won’t let me watch real YouTube so I got THIS APP.. :). Oh and one more thing it can be educational and any ages can use this app it’s appropriate for all ages.:)


It is so entertaining I love it so much