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James Strong, former professor of exegetical theology at Drew Theological Seminary, spent more than thirty-five years preparing his landmark concordance. First published in 1890 with the help of more than one hundred colleagues, Strong’s remains the most widely used concordance and dictionary of Bible words from the King James Version of the Bible.

This updated edition of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance takes James Strong’s monumental work and updates it to be even more useful to the modern reader. It maintains all of the features that have made Strong’s indispensable for over 100 years:
– Allows the reader to easily find all biblical occurrences of a word in the King James Version
– Points the reader to the underlying Hebrew and Greek words
– Uses the Strong’s numbering system which is used in many of the new study tools of today

And adds new features that make it even more useful:
– Corrected, updated, and expanded using the latest computing search tools
– Extra-clear font and page design make this edition readable and easy to navigate
– Updated and improved Hebrew and Greek dictionaries tie each word to the Greek or Hebrew root
– Discover the Hebrew and Greek words underlying the KJV English using the Strong’s numbering system
– Use the updated Hebrew and Greek dictionaries to find brief definitions of each word of the original languages

Go beyond mere searches for lost verses and hone your skills by utilizing this tool’s more advanced features.

Find every occurrence of any word in the King James Version Bible. Only the words not likely to be used in locating a passage have been eliminated (words such as should, those, and when) or condensed to include only the important occurrences (words such as bring, day, and might).

Students of the Bible utilize the wealth of resources offered in Strong’s ranging from doing word and thematic studies to probing the deeper meanings embedded in the original languages of the Bible.




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I use this a lot to send a scripture to someone or study a word. Really great!


Functionality is Superb, including search and optional commentaries.


This app is amazing and is truly a blessing from God to be able to utilize this for my study and for the fulfillment of God’s word to the people! It is so helpful and inspiring to see the intricacy and the time spent putting it together!


Every definition I came across this far have shown to to be accurate. I’m thankful for this app for those of us who haven’t taken courses on accident Greek or Hebrew.


This is such a useful Bible app! Whenever I need to look up the meaning of words in Hebrew or Greek, this convenient app allows me to do that. For those who are on the go or even at home - that study the Bible -This is a wonderful Bible app


Best App in the App Store in my opinion! My Bible is my most treasured possession, and I own the physical concordance also, but it’s really nice to have the quick convenience of having the quick access in my pocket. Very thankful for it! God Bless!


I appreciate the fact that this app is free and that it has great tools for knowing God‘s word and will in our lives. All God teaches is free to us so that we’re free in him and that we freely give it to others is a great gift. Thanks


I’ve been using this app for years and I love the side-by-side feature. Are used to have it read to me, but recently it required a two dollar one year subscription to continue with it “high-quality audio“. So I paid the two dollars, and it is horrible audio! It is some computer audio instead of a real person‘s reading and recording. I am very disappointed! Although I love the side-by-side feature, I’m going to get a different app for the audio part.


I truly like the app I also think that you should add more material like more bibles and other study materials




✨٩( ᐛ )و💕 This KJV Strong’s app is one of the best things in my life! This is perfect for all ages. This is fun for in depth study of the word, and it just makes reading so much more faster! Of course I ask for the Holy Spirit to teach me as I read, and I believe it was God who led me to this wondrous app! KJV is legit the best English translation ever! 💗


Glory to God


For the SINCERE SEEKER, this is treasure!


I purchased a couple things inside this app. Its great but my most recent purchase is on one device but not my other one. I tried to contact app support but instead the app opened to scripture…several times. Still trying to get help on this. Maybe Im doing something wrong.


And life


I purchased this app couple years ago and it was allowing me to restore whenever I change my phone, but now whenever I try to restore it tells me there is no purchase to restore, so I am unable to get the Hebrew and Greek rendering, please fix it for me


This app has truly been a blessing during my Bible study time. Me and many others at my church use this app. May God bless the developers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ 🙏🏾♥️✨


Thank God for His words. Bless Hos holy name.


This bible has almost everything I’ve been looking for. I wish when you paste a scripture in your notes that it was a live link that would take you back to the scripture. If reviewing you notes you have to go find the scripture instead of being able to click on it. Everything else is awesome.


It’s now been several years I’m using this app. When you press and hold your finger over an underlined word you get the true Greek or Hebrew meaning which I love. But, even more than this is the dramatized audio which I listen to every night (even through my sleep), which to me is the best part of this app.