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Improved stability with Crash and bug fixes


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Collaborate. Consult. Connect. Introducing athenaText, the free, secure text messaging service designed especially for health care providers.

Collaborate instantly

Exchange information instantly and collaborate easily across care teams. Share texts, images, and medication information with your colleagues.

Communicate with security and confidence

Because athenaText enables HIPAA-compliant messaging, there’s no need to be cryptic to avoid revealing PHI. Communicate clearly and share texts and images with the confidence that your communications are secure.

Consult with your peers on the go

Tap a network of HCPs across the country, courtesy of Epocrates, the #1 medical app trusted by 1 out of 2 US physicians. Invite HCPs to join you in secure conversations.

Add the latest drug information

Annotate your messages with information from athenaText’s built-in drug reference, provided by Epocrates.

Keep up with your patients at a glance

athenaText for Apple Watch helps you stay on top of the day’s messages. View new notifications and a summary of recent messages on Apple Watch.

Elevate care coordination at your practice

athenaText is also built into athenaOne mobile app as well as athenahealth’s desktop services athenaClinicals (EHR) and athenaCoordinator (order transmission & care collaboration). At your clinic or on the go, secure communication is just a tap away.




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The app is almost entirely unusable because once you tap on one of the fields the rest of the controls like the word “send” disappear below the screen and you can’t scroll down to it.


Trying to up date app but don’t see anywhere to update.


I’m constantly getting this message when I open the Athena app. I click on the update link and it takes me to the App Store and it shows the Athena app and the link to “open”. I open the app and in circles I go. When I change my pass code, it’ll work until I open the app again. What’s going on? “App Update Required! The current app version you are using is obsolete. To continue using athenaText, kindly update the app to the latest version Update (link)”


App says “update required “ but none available So again not usable until Athena fixes it !


The app constantly asks me how I like the app. Every single time, I select it needs improvement. Then it asks me if I'd like to share feedback, which I say yes. Then it tells me that an error occurred and that I’m unable to submit a Feedback response. So if you’re looking to fix anything, try fixing the feedback option so that users can give you accurate feedback about how much this app constantly causes problems. I can assure you once I am able to, I can give you a laundry list of features that you are lacking, and bugs that you need to address. Until then, take the one star. It doesn’t look good when it asks you to provide help detailing problems, and then provides a problem you can’t even detail. Update. Now it says I need the updated version, which I already have. Useless


When I log in says I have to update but it just takes me to the App Store and does not provide an option to update. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app


App is not refreshing. I’m getting alerts, but in the app. No messages.


This app was working perfectly for me but now it’s just always stuck on “syncing..” what can I do to fix this????


Garbage, buggy app. I’m a physician and I’ve tried giving them helpful feedback on bugs numerous times. Each update seems to make it worse and break basic functionality. The responses were lame, and they often just closed out my tickets without resolving the app problems.


This was the perfect time to break this app. It is useless now.


Please develop a mute


I wish I could give it a negative rating. Not sure a “zero” would be captured... do I gave it 1 star. I have a current Epocrates account that I started when I was with another organization, therefore different email. I am unable to change that email to my current organization. When I try setting this up with current credentials, “athenaText is having technical difficulties; try later”. There is a phone number to call with no living being to speak with. My organizational support has tried for at least 8 weeks to resolve this issue. I’m not canceling my Epocrates so that I can “clean the slate”. Meanwhile, every staff member and physician in my office uses this app; I am unable to use it. I gat an email nearly daily from Epocrates to “ confirm my email” and “enter the code” they sent me....”technical difficulties”. I love the Epocrates app, but this athenaText app is exceedingly disappointing. So, negative 5 stars is my rating.


Subject says it all. Have had to reinstall it multiple times - essentially useless with current glitches.


You guys need to update your apps and make it stabler, we rely on this to keep in contact within the clinic on the go. You are still referring to security as Touch ID on my iPhone XS that uses Face ID? Are you serious? Get your act together, please.


I can’t send or receive messages since the new update. I’ve removed and reinstalled.


The app crashes or I can’t log in. Please undo the upgrades so that we can use this app.


Ever since update I cannot log in


The Athena app is completely worthless. I shuts down immediately after I open it. I’ve deleted and reinstalled many times. Using iphone10 with latest version of iOS 13.


I have been unable to use this app for the last 2-3 weeks. It used to work beautifully, but now it is not functional. I have deleted the app several times and re-installed it. I can login, but then I get an error message stating AthenaText is not working at this time. Try again later. Meanwhile, I’m missing important messages from my office.


I read the other physician review and completely agree. It is an awesome app and efficient communication tool when working properly. I can still be on the go and handle many different office issues and answer questions about patient care. When it is not working it creates huge challenges to work flow. It has been having connection issues ever since the last update or the last update with the iPhone. They both occurred around the same time. Prior to that it kept crashing and the Face ID was not working properly. I’d much rather it be working, the Face ID is not as important but a nice perk. When it is not working at all though, it affects work flow, patient satisfaction and overall business. I look forward to a fix quickly. It will be greatly appreciated. When the program is working well it is a 5 except that the refresh feature for new messages has always been delayed and many times I would have to log out/close the program and go back in for new messages to appear even though it alerted me to a new message. Please get a fix quickly!