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PredictWind Offshore Weather App DESCRIPTION

The Offshore App allows you to seamlessly download multiple GRIB files for your coastal and offshore passages.

Quickly download and view GRIB files, weather routes, GMDSS maps and text forecasts, AIS data and satellite imagery.

Access all the world’s top ranking forecast models for reliable and accurate weather data, including ECMWF, SPIRE, UKMO, GFS and more. Our very own PWG & PWE models offer incredible accuracy and a record-breaking 1km resolution.

In addition to forecasts, the Offshore App also provides a suite of powerful marine tools to save you time and keep you safe at sea.

Weather Routing and Departure Planning is calculated in the PredictWind cloud at the highest resolution. The finished route is then sent back to your boat in an incredibly small file size which is ideal for low bandwidth satellite and SSB connections.

The Offshore App works with Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and most satellite connections using an Iridium GO!, Globalstar or Optimizer device.


GRIB file viewer: High resolution forecasts maps with animated streamlines, wind barbs or arrows.

Tables: The ultimate dashboard for detailed analysis.

Graphs: Compare multiple parameters at the same time.

GMDSS Forecasts: View either in the traditional text format or on a map.

Destination Spot Forecast: Know exactly what the weather is doing at your destination.

Live Observations: Know what’s happening right now out on the water.

Ocean Data: See what’s happening under the waves with ocean and tidal currents, and sea temperature.

GPS Tracking: Get a free customised GPS tracking page for your blog or website.

AIS Data: View over 280,000 vessels worldwide on the AIS network.


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Great product, the pro version is money well spent. As the owner of, I would not think of leaving port without using this product and having the ability to update along the way.


I was an early adopter of Predict Wind and was somewhat of an evangelist until recently. I've noticed over the past year that first, the weather forecasting is getting progressively worse, and the weather routing is, well, frankly, dangerous. After downloading a recent update, I began receiving numerous error messages. After a few days of exchanges, they realized they pointed their solution to a Beta Server and fixed it; by then, I found myself in the North Atlantic staring down 4M Waves and 35 Knot Winds. There are more and more options out there that I've started using in addition to Predict Wind.


A solid performer but not the best of the several available. Like many apps, they are a little disingenous about the "free" aspect of what they offer. In fact if you want to get what is most useful, it becomes very expensive to continually re-purchase the data. From what I can see from the data from these apps, it all comes from the same place (NOAA, etc), and repackaged for the various application's purposes. The interfaces take time to get used to and the steps that you have to go thru are several and a bit tedious. There should be a smoother stepping from one command to the next and they should be grouped in a way that the eye/hand functions follow better. The distinction between Predict Wind and Offshore are sort of clear, but there is crossover and it is still a bit of a mystery as to where one is "better" vs the other. Well, one is "offshore" - well, where does "offshor"e start and stop? Their marketing/financial agreements/collaborations between them and YouTube voyyagers for example, make it seem that the product is so good that it's being adopted because of what it does vs the financial arrangements that have been likely forged behind the scenes. Don't get me wrong, as I said at the beginning, it's a solid product, just expensive. BTW, the same data is available from NOAA and related sites, the problem there is that it is a bit clunky and not downloadable offshore unless you have full (expensive) internet access.


We've sailed 3,000 nm in 3 months, using Predictwind several times a day to get the best route, and the precision of its forecast is very impressive. We couldn't fault it once... Everytime we thought we would outsmart the app by taking a different route, we ended up back on the predicted route, as the weather always imposed its rule on us, as forecasted by Predictwind, Jolokia crew


Cannot say enough about this product and the team behind it! Great tool for those of us cruising the world. Whether it be coastal or offshore journey's, this app is key to our safe passage making and vlidating enroute weather changes.The features are rich and ever being updated. I cannot imagine cruising without this lifeline.


year after year, and with every update, the people at PredictWind keep making improvements to a product that is already, hands down, the absolute best. Having crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and downloading the twice daily updates, I can say without reservation that they are the best.


Perfect wind companion to plot charts and waypoints!


Teach2sail has logged over 50,000nm offshore supporting owners of various motor and sailing vessels. We use Predict Wind via SSB radio and the Iridium Go every time. Predict Wind has helped us successfully navigate all kinds of conditions from going between two cylones in the South Pacific Ocean to avoiding the Atlantic high/doldrums by moving from one weather system to another via a narrrow "bridge" of opportunity in the Atlantic. Presently crossing the Indian Ocean and wouldn't do it without them!


Since we bought our cruising cat we have sailed the Med, crossed the Atlantic, sailed the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, the east coast up to Maine and back down twice. This program rocks! While near shore we use our phone or tablet, but offshore we use Iridium Go!. Weather routing feels so much safer and let’s face it our lives depend on it. Recommend spending time with it onshore, watching tutorials, and making your own notes before heading out as it takes time to learn and use it efficiently. The support crew is an e mail or phone call away and they have always been quick to respond and extremely helpful. This is the best bang for your buck when it comes to being safe at sea.


I don’t mind paying for something as useful as this, but why even put up “free” if the only thing free is the ability to input your location and preferences? Some may say marketing suaveness but I say it boarders on deceptive sales tactics.It only wasted my time when they could have just said the cost = X amount! THINK I”LL USE ANOTHER SERVICE….


I have spent many hours trying to figure out how this site works. My $400 may have gone up in smoke becasue of the poor instructions. The on line tutorial is by a person speaking too quickly with his light hearted music in the back ground. SLOW DOWN and turn off the G-D music. . Take it one step at a time. We are not all 13 years old. tutorial means you are teaching someone something, not just advertising your product. This is a complicated product to use so try to help us.


Very easy to set up and use. Great, fun, cool


Just plain excellent! Just finished 30th roundtrip to Fiji on our Swan 48 Trumpeter. Writing this from Opua, New Zealand. All downloads for Euro and GFS and both predictwind analysis took between 6 and 8 minutes with the Iridium GO. The forecasts were very accurate and the routing was key in my decisions when to lay Opua. Getting 4 forecasts every 12 hours at sea is pretty darn cool…I love this technology! Get It!!!


very helpful tool. easy to use


I crossed the Atlantic for the first time this summer (Oyster 57 from Tortola to Palma, Spain with a stop in the Azores), and without an outside weather routing service, relying solely on PredictWind (Pro Package). I used the PW Offshore APP on a MacBook Pro connected to an IridiumGo hotspot and downloaded an updated route and forecast at Noon and Midnight (Atlantic Standard Time) each day. I have much praise for this program and with the updates since this Summer, especially the inclusion of the “Euro Model” (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts), I have even more confidence in PW’s accuracy. I highly recommend PredictWind.


This is a specialized application that is designed for downloading weather information from an Iridium sat phone while at sea. It is NOT intended for “general” use to get weather data from the web. If you have a web connection it is much easier and simpler to use PredictWind’s web interface. Although the application is free, it requires a PredictWind subscription to be of real use. If you are looking for “free” stuff go elsewhere. It does what it is supposed to do cleanly and well. The user interface isn’t quite as intuitive as I might like, but it works.


Has the potential to be a great app but it’s definitely not there. Poorly executed. Very expensive on the back end in order to make it useful. Too many issues to make it worthwhile and poor instructions/manuals/tutorials.


I keep getting an error message and the program will not open. Sent report to Apple. Would love to use it before a sailing trip, but…… Great Idea, but needs to be fixed. Downloaded update and still will not work.


Tutorials are very poor. This application is not intuitive and doesn’t appear to function. The sample route off the east coast remains on the chart and doesn’t seem to be able to be deleted. Setting routes is clunky and downloading GRIB data via e-mail does not appear to function. Poor information regarding using Iridium 9095A. Using the Iridium Go! doesn’t seem that much better. A very poor application not worth the time trying to get to function. Good idea with dismal execution.


Running on a fast mac with the latest OS, the app runs and downloads a wind file but doesn’t display the grib data. I confirmed that three files downloaded….but nothing displays. I guess they want you to subscribe to the most expensive service before displaying data.