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Get the most current and relevant Pennsylvania traffic information on your smart phone without ever taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel with 511PA, brought to you by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). 511PA provides real-time, hands-free traffic advisories for every PennDOT roadway in Pennsylvania, and for major roadways in neighboring states of NJ and WV, with more to come (visit the ‘Settings’ tab of the application in order to enable non-PA advisories).
Simply turn on the application before you start your journey. 511PA uses your phone’s built-in GPS and the vast data in the PA, NJ and WV travel information system to determine when you are approaching congestion, an accident scene or some other traffic disruption.

When there is an incident or slowdown nearby, 511PA broadcasts an advisory. Nothing to read, nothing to click, nothing to scroll through. You just leave your phone in the center console or on the seat beside you and focus your attention on the road ahead.

By default, 511PA broadcasts advisories from within a 10-mile radius, but you have the option to reduce or expand the range to as little as one mile or as many as 500 miles. 511PA will automatically repeat advisories every 20 minutes while you remain within range of the incident, but you can change the setting to hear the advisories more or less frequently. You also can elect whether to hear advisories from all directions or just from the direction you’re traveling, and you have the option of filtering out different types of advisories by state or type of roadway.

The application gives you audio player controls for Play, Pause, Stop, Skip, and Replay All. These controls should not be used while operating your vehicle.

If you place or receive a phone call while a travel alert is playing and do not have a plan that allows simultaneous data and voice, the alert will pause, and will resume playing when the call has ended.

You don’t need to register to use the app. 511PA operates anonymously. We don’t receive or record any identifying information about you or your phone. By default, the app reports your device-determined speed and location to our servers. The data generated by collecting that information is useful. It can help improve our ability to provide real-time information about what is happening on our roadways. But if you would rather not participate, you will be able to opt out simply by clicking a radio button on the settings page.

The application is based on Information Logistics’ patent-pending “Open Microphone Platform,” which is a queue-driven streaming technology platform used in combination with your phone’s built-in GPS.
The application provides real-time advisories via audio, based on your current location. The app subscribes for location updates as soon as the application begins and can be run in the background in order to send you alerts as you travel. The application will continue to check your current radius for the alerts and play them for you. You can run most music and other audio apps in conjunction with our app, which means our application may be in the background running while you utilize other apps.

IMPORTANT – This application is intended to be launched while the user is not operating his or her motor vehicle. User agrees to use the Application responsibly and to avert any interaction with mobile devices while driving a motor vehicle. User understands and acknowledges that the Commonwealth Motor Vehicle Code states that ‘No driver shall operate a motor vehicle on a highway or traffic way in this Commonwealth while using an interactive wireless communications device to send, read, or write a text-based communication while the vehicle is in motion.’

IMPORTANT – Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

IMPORTANT – NON-GPS DEVICES This application will have some limited functionality on these devices.




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It looks like this app was done with a tool that make an app from there already poor/ancient website. They should hire a high school student to redesign them both.


Very “junky” app. Minuscule stream across the top regarding a major storm. Awful to navigate. Maybe hire a college kid to redo this app?


App requires user to turn on location to work. Claims it’s for determining if the app is legal in current area but the website works fine on my phone. Also somehow, one time it actually worked without locations turned on so I don’t know what happened there. That one time it actually did work the app was pretty good. A shame that it doesn’t work without locations turned on otherwise it would have gotten a 4 or 5 star.


Horrible! Won’t shut alerts off, annoying!!! Have to keep deleting app . Why is this so hard to have an easy to use app to tell us road conditions??


It constantly has my location on and gps. I’ve went to settings to turn off and still won’t. I even deleted the app and it still is on! The app itself is a little confusing to use but once you figure it out it’s ok. It does give me good info about the roads during winter but it drains my battery with the constant location/gps


Always want to location and anonimus reporting ...sorry not work for my


App need a bad update. Half the time cameras don’t work. No live view, still picture or just a black screen. Update: 3/7/19 app on phone don’t show traffic delay on the traffic map icon after new update. Update: 4/18/20 app is at it again need an update camera don’t work, no live view black screen only.


Is worthless! Did not even show “super load” movement 1 mile from where I live!


This app is genuinely terrible. I'm pretty sure even a redesign wouldn't fix everything that's wrong with this app.


Put the “bong” sound before the message so you know to pay attention, not after. This way you know or to listen for an upcoming message. You miss half the message before you realize there is one. The voice speaks too fast. Slow it down so you can pick up details.


This app is almost completely useless. I ran it and allowed it to use my location all the time, yet it kept notifying me of traffic issues in areas no where near where I was or in the wrong direction from where I was traveling. For example I was traveling south on I-95 from Philadelphia and the app kept giving me traffic slowdown announcements for 95 between Aramingo and Girard. I set the app to only inform me of issues in the direction I was driving, but that apparently doesn’t work. Also the app was notifying me every few minutes. That was annoying because my car has Car Play and every time I got a notification the car switched to playing music from Apple Music instead of the radio. I had to keep switching back. Finally the app runs continuously in the background, even if the option to give notifications is disabled in the driving screen. I watched the app drain 10% of my phone’s battery over the course of a few hours while I was sitting in my living room. Considering the alerts the app gives me are mostly not applicable to where I’m driving and the severe battery drain when the app shouldn’t even be doing anything, I strongly recommend against using this app. You’ll get more reliable use from Waze, Google or Apple Maps.


Needs iPhone X, Xs, and Xs max support for screen resolution. Devs please update!


This app is designed for a local commuter, not a traveler passing through PA. Developer should look at any other 511 app to see how to do it better.


I’m glad it shows road conditions for winter but a couple things.. Can’t copy and paste an address, you MUST manually type it in which is super annoying. No GPS blip to show you your current location, you’ll have to bounce between your “Maps” app and this app to pinpoint you exact location, also super annoying.


Looks like a spaghetti sandwich. Have to zoom in to read the numbers only to find out that I have the wrong spot. Practically useless.


Awful user interface, laggy and difficult to use. Not to mention that it gives no useful information and is extremely slow.


After reading some of the reviews I must comment. The app works but it will not let go of your gps unless you go back to phone settings and disallow it ANY access to gps, even though I had set the gps access to “only while using the app.” This also forces me to go to settings and give it access to my gps. Then I have to look at the warning ticker that runs across the top telling me if there were any closed roads on the way to my destination. Afterward I look at the map to see how the traffic is flowing on the roads of my travel. All this BEFORE leaving. Road cameras are much better on WeatherBug app. So if you don’t want to prepare excessively for your trip, buy and use a Garmin gps unit.


This is terrible


It seems that so many cameras are no longer working. It really makes this app kind of pointless. It was great when the cameras actually worked. Please fix!


Drained a fully charged battery in less than six hours, even when not in use.