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Research shows that people who keep track of their food, activity and progress lose more weight than people who don’t! Stay on track for results with NuMi by Nutrisystem®—the only weight loss app designed to support your Nutrisystem® plan. NuMi® seamlessly integrates with your Nutrisystem® plan for easy one-touch tracking. Log your Nutrisystem® foods, water, activity, and much more. Don’t wait a second longer: Tap into a healthier lifestyle and let NuMi® guide the way!

• NEW! NuMi SmartAdapt™: As you lose weight and track your progress, NuMi SmartAdapt intelligently tailors your plan to recommend the right amount of foods for your body.
• NuMi Challenges: Stay motivated by joining our action-packed challenges! Play to win prizes, rewards and savings.
• News Feed: Learn about exclusive offers, contests, giveaways and more!
• Complete Nutrisystem® entrée database with barcode scanner for easy tracking. Plus, nutritional info for thousands of other foods!
• The Leaf: Find weight loss tips, articles and hundreds of healthy recipes catered to your weight loss plan. Fresh content added daily!
• Gain exclusive access to our biweekly newsletters full of the latest weight loss tips and tricks.
• One-Touch Tracking: Quick Log allows you to track Nutrisystem® meals, PowerFuels, SmartCarbs and other food types with one tap.
• Scanning: Access our database of 1 million+ foods and scan barcodes for quick, convenient logging. Whether you’re at the grocery store or dining at your favorite restaurant chain, we can help you keep track!
• Plan your Flex Meals: Turn any meal occasion into a Flex Meal, with Nutrisystem recipes that show you exactly how many SmartCarbs, PowerFuels, etc. are in each serving.
• Plan your week: Copy and duplicate meals for faster tracking. Log a recipe and it easily converts to PowerFuels, SmartCarbs and Extras in your Journal.
• Plan Guidance: Shows you exactly what to eat and when, taking the planning off your plate.
• Smart Reminders: NuMi reminds you when to log your meals, water intake, activity and weight so you never miss a beat.
• A La Carte Shopping: With the NuMi® A La Carte Shop at your fingertips, you can order all your Nutrisystem® A La Carte essentials anywhere, anytime. Checkout is fast and easy!
• NEW! Order Nutrisystem® plans directly from the NuMi® app. Choose a proven plan like Uniquely Yours or try Uniquely Yours MAX+ and we’ll deliver it right to your door!
• Photos: Capture your journey with snapshots of your accomplishments. Celebrate your success by collecting and sharing new Weight Loss Milestone badges!
• Sync with Fitbit® to import your activity data right into NuMi®.

Not a Nutrisystem® customer yet? Use NuMi® to learn more about the Nutrisystem® program, get special offers and use the FREE calorie tracker!




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It’s been 3 days since I started on the men’s Nutrisystem program. I have averaged a pound a day loss. So far all of meals and snacks taste good.


When sticking to the program without cheating there is tremendous results you must be ready to do this be ready to put yourself first


To developers: I tried to contact you through app support but couldn’t so here goes. Since updating to iOS 15 when in the journal portion of the app, when I click on either flex meal on or more, the pop up box is white with white lettering. Prior to the update the box was green with white lettering so I could see the options. Now with white on white it’s very difficult to see. Update: The above problem was remedied. I’d like to see additional options in the activity section. I wear a step counter so just have steps and distance to input at the end of the day, but calories and duration is required so I just put in a random number. I’d also like to see Cubii added as an activity, which calculates strides, time, distance, calories and RPM. Hoping you incorporate these into the app.


I was enjoying this app. There is something helpful and satisfying about recording each day and seeing the chart. I had several rewards from meeting challenges, then all my data after three months just disappeared. I called the tech department and she was clueless. I’m still losing weight so that is good but I would prefer the little written journal Nutrisystem used to send with the order of food. To faithfully enter everything for months then have it just GONE is maddening.


Nutrisystem is great overall. I just lost ten pounds in a few weeks. I once used this as a kick start and lost about 38 pounds. And in the next 3-4 years and after quarantine I was letting myself loose again. So i started again, I feel so much better these days. The app is great even if you don’t do Nutri, I absolutely love everything about it. The food got much better than a few years ago too. Thank you so much Nutrisystem. Hopefully Ill read this again when I reach my goal weight


I’ve tried many diet plans and diet/exercise trackers over the years. But none of them offered all that NuMi does. The fact that it’s closely integrated with the NutriSystem weight loss plan is an probably unfair advantage - because a big part of any app is the data behind it, and NutriSystem has extensive data online. NuMi is well organized, not too cluttered, offers great features like scanning UPC labels to auto-enter food, and still the ability to create/define your own creations. Reminders for meals, water intake, exercise and logging your data … all of which helps to keep you on track. You can easily and quickly see your weight loss progress, link to “Leaf” recipes, how-to videos, and manage your current and future orders. Bottom line, it’s working for me. :)


I am so happy to me able to get back to life. I was in a bad scooter accident in a hole, in the bike lane, a year and a half ago, and was told that I might pass away after the half year of the hospital. God gave me a chance that year. They left me on the bed area in the hospital and thatCreated this weight and images in my back. After finally leaving the hospital I finally could walk slow and get some of the food back but it got out of hand for me. That’s why I’m so excited finally to be back with Nutrisystem. I only started again this week but I’m already down almost 7 1/2 pounds. It helps me see that life is going back to safety and happy that this food is helping out with that. I’m 6’3 tall, but got down to 305 pounds but like I said I’m 7 1/2 pounds down. Thank you so much for your company and thank you so much for doing so much to help me get back to life. Love you all. 😉🙏🏻❤️




Very confusing.


I love to challenge myself to compete in the challenges offered by NUTRISYSTEM. Logging food water NE NS and activity and finished 28 days and logged everything every day and still no 55% reward


Hard to find your way around. Not at all user friendly. I struggle to use it.


The App is helping me keep track. I’m not hungry. I’ve lost 9.5 lbs in 6 days.


Is too difficult to navigate and does not provide good important info. A waste of time


The app is not straight forward nor intuitive for this first time user. No doubt I will learn the program for this first week, but it’s a bit like a treasure hunt. The basics are probably all there, yet I am in excavation mode trying to figure out what to eat and what category to track items.


This is my first day and the foods were DELICIOUS!! I couldn’t believe it!! Now, I’m hooked!! 😊💕💕


App looks great so far but the app has no HealthKit nor Apple Watch support. Would love to see these added features to track my health!


Don’t like that I can’t pair to my Apple Watch to track activity


Just started plan. I wish when you drink or ate it would also list the time of doing so. There should also be a mock up of a week 1 for people to look at and have it explained since it seems like you are told different things in several places. I am finding it confusing since I got the max+ and thought everything including sides like different veggies were included, now I find out that I still have to go out and shop some more.


I am doing the Nutrisystem plan with my daughter, Nutrisystem encourages you to do their plan with a friend and loose more weight so we signed up for the partners plan, but it seems as if their NuMi app can only be used for one even if your paying for two people. I’d really like to track meals, water, exercise and weight on this app.


Does not connect to Apple Watch - NOT GOOD!!