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【图】Alien Zone: Raid(截图 0)【图】Alien Zone: Raid(截图 1)


Note: Daybreak is compatible on iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPad2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch5 or any of the latest devices.

This version is a sequel to Alien Zone. It features over 30 brand-new levels, higher-quality graphics and shadow effects, and more exciting and lifelike combats.


Game Intro

Thanks to his efforts, the space station is now at peace.
However, there is a problem.
How did the aliens appear?
Why did the aliens invade suddenly?
Where is the source of the aliens? Have all of them been eliminated?

Not long after that, aliens have appeared again.
What’s more, more aliens are invading deeper into the zones than before.
There are dangers and also opportunities.
This time, aim at the source of the aliens to completely destroy them.

* High-quality 3D visual effects as PC games feature.
* Perfect blend of Diablo and shooting games.
* Lots of new levels and completely original game scenes.
* Very exciting battles and random monsters make the game even better.
* Customize tactics by special talents.

This high-quality game you have been waiting for!




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Great game, got a few audio problems


Things I wish were features in the game 1. This isn’t much as a game issue as the others were but could you lower the speed of some of the dialogue before it disappears because sometimes I’m not able to fully read some of the longer dialogue parts because the dialogue will disappear pretty fast on me 2. Another thing I wish that this game had is that the mini map would show you what color the cases key type was that you would need so you wouldn’t go over to that case and realize you don’t have the right key for that specific case Minor Game Issues 1. The 1st minor game issue when you are in the middle of a level you can here the sound of the gift that you can redeem but you can only see it in the main menu 2. The next minor game issue is that when you exit out of the game on the main menu after you redeem each gift but don’t go into the next level you can redeem the same gift again 3. The next minor game issue is that sometimes when I pick up a piece of equipment that is higher then what I am currently using and it’s in the middle of them talking during the level that piece of equipment will cover up the dialogue section so I will have no idea what they are saying to each other at all because when I click the x button for that equipment that showed up on the screen won’t disappear until about after 4 to 5 seconds even if you don’t click the x button 4. They next minor game issue is that the aliens names and what level they are and the soldiers names and what level they are both missing in game 5. The next minor game issue that was present in the original Alien zone plus as well as this one is that the bronze cases on the 1st level of both games have zero loot in them so your wasting 1 bronze key on a empty chest on the 1st level 6. The next game issue or not but when you go back to the main menu after a level there is more than 1 gift on a cool down time sometimes 7. This game issue that I just came across is that when you enter a level and then immediately exit the level or if you are defeated in the level and then give up the gifts that were on cool down will have disappear completely from the main menu screen 8. Also the option button is missing during the levels and on the main menu screen as well 9. Another minor game issue that I have come across is that the teleport that ends the level on some levels will not appear on level the mini map you can still use it but it just doesn’t show up on the mini map at all 10. The next minor game issue that I have come across is that when you are on the main menu you can see your armored amount and percentage but when you are in the middle of a level both your armored and your percentage is at 0 but when you buy the defense thing when you have enough credits at level 10 only the right side will increase while the left side will still stay at 0 11. Not sure if this is a game issue or not but in the original Alien Zone game each piece of equipment had a different label at the top for each piece of equipment but why does every piece of equipment on Alien Zone Raid all say power at the top instead of what they would normally be labeled as like in the original Alien Zone game 12. Another minor game issue that I have noticed is that the things in the background of the area will start to de spawn behind me are re spawn when you start to go back the way you came from again but while its doing that there is a black background where the things are de spawning are re spawning again Major Game Breaking Issues 1. The major game breaking issue that I have come across so far is that when you sell all of the machine gun turrets on the main menu that will all disappear like they should until you start a level because when you go into a level you will have 1 that you can keep on selling for 500 credits because it will never disappear unless you use it during the level to get it to stop showing up in your inventory completely or if you don’t use it you can sell it on the main menu screen again but again when you go into a level it will give you the 1 machine gun turret back again so you basically have a infinite amount of credits without even doing anything other than selling that same machine gun turret over and over again and you can also use the machine gun by using it over and over again by using it from your inventory without it running out as well 2. Also on level 4 you can pass through the barrier to exit the level without killing the enemies at the end of the level, and on level 5 so far you can pass through some barriers but not all of them and on levels 8, and 9 so far both you and all of the enemy aliens are able to pass through any doors that are supposed to be locked as well as the ones that are supposed to lock you in from flipping a switch in some rooms both you and the enemy aliens are able to pass through them when they are supposed to be locking you in and can still be passed through while they are still locked One last thing is that early on in the game it is really difficult to find any equipment, Gene Capsules, quick healing, small medkits, and keys when killing any of the aliens, and I still haven’t killed any aliens that has dropped a Gene Capsule so far even though I’m pretty sure that the aliens drop better loot on the higher difficulties but I am already at level 10 and about 6 to 8 hours in and only got gene capsules from reviewing the game and from the gifts so far when on Alien Zone, and Alien Zone Plus I would have had at least 3 to 5 aliens drop a gene capsule by that point in the game It’s still is a fun game to pass the time though just like the 1st Alien Zone game was