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Thanks for using Soothe! We update our app as often as possible to make booking appointments as seamless as possible. In our latest update: - Updates to our booking flow, including improvements when you pick your provider when booking an appointment - Bug fixes and performance improvements


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Spa-quality wellness and personal care services delivered to you, on your schedule –– at home, at the office, or on the go.

Soothe is the largest and most trusted on-demand wellness platform in the world. The Soothe app connects you with top wellness professionals in your area, any day of the week. Providers on the Soothe platform are licensed, certified, and highly-skilled massage therapists, estheticians, and cosmetologists who can offer:

• Relaxing Swedish or Deep Tissue massage
• Recovery sports massage or Percussive Therapy
• Prenatal massage to promote wellness during pregnancy
• Skin care, including facials to help with hydration, aging, stress and acne
• Haircuts & styling
• Beauty services, including spray tanning…and more

Simply choose the type of service you want, the time and place you want the specialist to arrive, and Soothe’s platform will match you with the highest-rated provider in your area who meets your criteria. Whether you’re looking for a facial to look more youthful or a 5-star full-body massage, Soothe has you covered from head to toe!

Providers on the Soothe network can personalize your experience to ensure you’re getting the best treatment. Having neck strain due to too much time in front of the computer? Would you like to add hot stones to your massage? We’ve got you covered.

And Soothe has partnered with industry leaders in the wellness and self-care space, including companies like Therabody, Hydropeptide, PCA, Skin Care Authority, and Dermologica to ensure you’re getting the best products that match your specific needs.

With its award-winning Trust & Safety team, Soothe only accepts the most experienced, skilled, and background-checked wellness providers onto its platform. All providers in the Soothe network are licensed/certified and insured, and are continuously monitored to ensure the highest quality standards are met. They’ve had extensive experience and often possess multiple, specialized certifications.

Soothe’s optional membership plan, Soothe Plus, allows you to book unlimited discounted services to help you make wellness part of a healthy lifestyle. Various plans and packages are available to meet your needs. Download the app for more details.

• Book a Soothe spa party for a bridal shower or group pop-up event
• Purchase gift cards to say thank you to friends, family, or colleagues
• Refer friends to Soothe and earn free services




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I booked massages several weeks ago and for weeks there was no activity or communication from the company. A week before the appointments I get a random text (not even thru app) asking for time and gender changes. But still no masseuses. Constant back and forth and nothing. Not use this app again. Not reliable.


Simply terrible - impossible to get a appointment and lousy quite often if it ever happens


It looks like the app is dead. Masseuse did not show. App just says she is on the way. Her number does it work. When I tried calling the automatic voice system asked me to send them a text message and when I did the reply was to send them an Email. I sent an email and no response yet. I will have to initiate a dispute with my Cc provider.


What is the point of having eyelash service if no one can ever come it’s crazy


Customer service is trash. It’s like talking to a brick wall. Pending charges for appointments that never get accepted stay on your card for almost 2 weeks. Soothe had so few providers you’ll rarely ever get an appointment. The one local pro (yes, there’s only one in my city) cancels appointments last minute often. Useless app that causes even more stress.


Needs an update. Crashes immediately upon signing in.


The therapist never showed up to my appointment. I did not get a notification and when I checked the app 5 min after the scheduled appointment the appointment was deleted - it was not in the upcoming or previous appointments. It should have been marked as cancelled if that was the case. I even have a screenshot of the appointment in “upcoming appointments” right before the app. Also - a few minutes before the appointment I texted the masseuse and the text message bounced back, saying the number was inactive and to contact Soothe concierge (which was experiencing “higher than usual call volumes”) For a service as personal as a stranger coming into your home to give you a massage I could expect them to instill more trust. I’m totally sketched out by the missing record of the original appointment.


The appointments gets cancelled at the last moment. Happened atleast 3 times. When I ask for refund they won’t give back. Waste of time and money.


Booked a massage for my fiancé after giving birth to our daughter and the first appointment got rescheduled due to no therapist could make it. Rescheduled for the next week and the same thing happened. This app is a joke. Don’t waste your time.


Never assume your appointment is confirmed or that the app will even bother to notify you if an appointment isn’t confirmed. We tried to use the app to rebook a therapist we used in the past. I logged onto the app to make an appointment Friday night for a Sunday afternoon appointment. I assumed it’d be confirmed (as it had been the last few times) but instead I’ve discovered now (on Sunday mid day) that no one has been booked for the appointment and the app never even bothered to notify me. By now every other place is fully booked. Pretty terrible experience and be forewarned appointments may never be confirmed and you’ll never hear from Soothe.


This is one of those apps that basically swept in on the third party platform craze that began with rideshare and similar apps. But when you think about it, it’s a totally pointless and unnecessary middleman service. I’ve made several attempts to book in a row, and the app can never find a provider in my area, which is a major tourism hub and metropolitan city. Communication with customer service is lousy each time they fail to provide the service they are selling, and at this point I’d rather pay twice as much to a provider directly than cut Soothe in on a deal they can’t even complete their end of. Support your local therapeutic providers by not using Soothe. What’s the point of a middleman who only gets in the way of the people on either end?


Canceled 7 mins before our ecent, snotty customer service.


Quing is amazing. She does amazing massage therapy and knowledgeable if the meridian points so it helps relieving the tightness who causes pain.


I booked two massages back to back. After booking I received a text from the massage therapist asking to change the time. I agreed to the time change to 5:00. At 4:58 I got a text saying sorry can’t make it. We arranged our schedule to accommodate their time change and then they no show. I’ll never use this app again.


Love Soothe and the app. I’m able to book a massage quickly and easily. Everyone that’s come to my home has been awesome!


Had an in-home massage scheduled for today & no one showed. Called “immediate assistance” phone & was put on hold for over 40 minutes. DON’T waste your time with this “service”


App won’t allow for me to use highly recommended therapist recommended by friends. Customers support says they won’t discriminate? Discriminate against what? Good references? Sad that good therapists can’t be selected.


They never seem to have therapists available. Or they won’t confirm an appointment and someone shows up out of the blue. Other times they will tell you they opened up the appointment to other therapists and when you ask about it 30 minutes later the same person who told you this tells you the exact opposite. It’s a nightmare to deal with.


Should have therapist list and experience to choose from.


1- when I entered address, it automatically changed the street number 2- scanning credit card doesn’t work