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This app has been updated by Apple to display the AppleWatch app icon. -Added support for additional smiONE Programs -Updated menu icons to match material design -Various Bug Fixes


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Manage your smiONE Visa Prepaid Card Account from your phone. smiONE gives you the convenience of: Easy Management of Your Money, No Bounced Check Fees, Live Customer Service, No Overdraft Fees, Trusted Performance, Email Alerts, No Check Cashing Fees, Bill Payment, 24/7 Account Access just to name a few. Load your smiONE Card with FREE Direct Deposit, have your money available when and where you want it. Get alerts for your daily balance, purchases, bill payments, direct deposit and more.
This application only available to cardholders whose cards begin with 4064 or 4786.



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Can’t use the app to logon, when I use the website it’s never current on how much money I actually have


I entered the login information exactly as it is on the website and it won’t even validate my credentials. Ridiculous!


Used to love this app but I got a new phone and it keeps saying error when I try to register my new device


The whole thing is a ripoff. I did not want this garbage card. The Texas AG was just mailing me a check when child support was paid. I’m not giving Ken Paxton my checking account number for obvious reasons. Recently Texass decided it would be better to extort money out of the parent that receives the child support. So they are basically stealing from children. It costs an outrageous amount of money to use this card to pay bills. I paid my discover bill with the routing and account number.. these thieves processed the transaction and then 11 days later they reversed it. I was charged $29 for a late payment and $29 for an NSF fee. And then I had to scramble to come up with the $3,100 payment. You can only deposit money with the routing and account number.. you can’t use it to pay bills. This garbage app has never let me log in .. and the last cs rep I spoke to told me I could go and withdraw the money from an ATM (so 7 transactions) and then go pay my bill in cash… can someone give me directions to the Discover bill pay window??? Their cs like to drone on about “the agreement you signed”… when you have zero options but to sign it .. I wonder how much money CONVICTED Ken Paxton got for this morally bankrupt scam? There are loads of excellent prepaid debit cards out there.. Why this garbage?? How much did Bancorp pay you Kenny?? And apparently I can’t close the account. Only the AGs office can do that. Since when can anyone keep an account open in my name without my consent? CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, Credit Karma… all better than this garbage card, company and app.


I used that one, (platinum) it showed an error, I uninstalled it and now it says that it is not in my region!


We are grandparents who have custody of grandchild after both parents weren’t around. Only have one smart phone. Grandpa is old school and doesn’t do cell phone or computers. We have 2 accounts, one for each grandparent. As we each filed a claim against one of the parents. We can’t get info for both cards . Have to log out and put in all the info pertaining to each child support card. I wish we had the option to see both accounts.


The app does not allow you to log in AT ALL. It’s better to just use their website, since they don’t keep the maintenance up on this app.


Doesn’t work at all


I just got the app thinking it would be better than signing in on the web. Wrong. I can’t even log in on the app. AND, the company is seeming fishy. I’ve had a declined transaction of $100 on the 1st, when I only went to the gas station that day and paid at the counter ($5) for gas. It’s been doing weird things on its own trying to charge whatever (because it isn’t showing me what was being charged for $100). I just had to switch to direct deposit on a different card because I also haven’t received my payments (even though they say it arrives 1-2 days). It’s been 5 days and still nothing on this card. Smh


It won’t let me login In. It says my login information is incorrect but when I go through my browser my password and login it’s just fine


This is the most horrible app I’ve ever seen. I repeatedly put in my card number and social security number and it kept saying it was the wrong information. I’m praying they don’t save the information. I do t feel comfortable with this at all. Not to mention the functionality of the app was crap. I’m deleting the app it don’t deserve 1 star but I had to give one to leave a review. Don’t use this app.


I put my social and card number in and it keeps taking me to the same page like they robbed me off my info


Says my credentials are invalid but I can login from my PC just fine! Get a better IT manager!


No sirve


It’s just a waste of ur time trust me! I don’t know why people do this to us. I wasted 15 minutes of my time and I was really in a rush. I usually don’t write reviews but I wanted to warn all the nice people out there like me. Have a good day❣️💚💙🥰🙊🧸


The banking not just the app is all around a negative experience. When i get my paycheck direct deposited into the account smione holds a part of it like feeding me my own paycheck in crumbs. Also... direct deposit sometimes takes an extra two or three than average. For example i got paid on the 24th and still its the 28 and i have t gotten a cent from my paycheck. Chime bank is a great alternative and they don't play around with your money, it is released right away and sometimes even two days in advance something that will never ever happen with this horrible smione bank. Go out of business this is a horrible bank.


Does not function properly


I have marked Face ID and password remember and the app still doesn’t work properly like the app isn’t on my phone. It’s so annoying.


Unable to authenticate your username and password despite being the exact same as the one on my laptop. Customer support is no help, they just offer to reset the password again and again. No matter, it won’t work. Don’t waste your time!


This app will not allow you to log in to your account...I had to use the smiONE Platinum to see my account. Misleading