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Added the ability to copy and rename sessions. New drawing algorithm is more efficient and more stable (requires A9 or higher based device) Improved recovery of sessions. Fixed screen clipping in Airplay mirroring Fixed import of cropped images importing full image Stability improvements


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StageTM Pro brings your ideas to life – anytime, anywhere.

Create, collaborate, and demonstrate with Stage Pro. Combine the convenience of your camera with the power of an interactive whiteboard to unleash these experiences:

• Freehand sketch over live video or images – Create Madden-style demo videos
• Get creative – Insert pictures, shapes, text and labels
• Demo everything brilliantly – Picture-in-picture features
• Record videos or screen capture images – Save directly to your device photo library
• Dynamically present in real-time – Wirelessly using Airplay, or via a wired projector connection

Make your demos and lessons fully interactive, collaborative, and engaging with Stage Pro.

• Record brilliant demo videos with picture-in-picture features
• Annotate, mark-up and save existing photos, images and documents
• Easily switch backgrounds from live front/rear camera feed, whiteboard/blackboard canvas, any picture from your photo library, or royalty-free academic images
• Import PDFs from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, or “Open in…” iOS feature
• Pick up from where you left off when relaunching the app and save your sessions to create memorable presentations
• Save everything directly to your iPhone or iPad photo library for anywhere, anytime access


Video Recording
Record and share your lessons. Easily capture and save lessons using the Stage App. Record audio and video, pause, resume, and save. Video files are automatically saved to your camera roll for simple sharing via email or uploading to YouTube.

Multiple Canvases and Sessions
Get more space to create and prepare your content. Create multi-page presentations and toggle between canvases with the Stage Multiple Canvas feature. Add, delete, and insert new canvas pages with ease for a presentation-friendly format. And with the Sessions feature, pick up from where you left off when relaunching the app and save your sessions to create memorable presentations.

Academic Backgrounds Bundle
Royalty-free backgrounds. This bundle of backgrounds includes graph paper, Graph XY axes, Music Staff, Ruled, World Map, USA States, European Countries, African Countries, Asian Countries, Australia, North America, and South America. Create, present, and share your Stage creations efficiently with these stock backgrounds.

Quick solid or outline shapes. Geometric shapes include circle, square, triangle, and star. Edit the color, size, and rotation of these objects in your Stage creations.

Multiple Pictures
Add more than one picture. Add multiple pictures from your photo library to your Stage creations. Reposition, resize, and rotate your images with ease.

Add PDF pages to Stage. Import PDFs from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, or “Open in…” iOS feature

Collaborative: Sharing ideas has never been easier. Stage’s live video and interactive tools let you showcase real-time problem solving, demos, and experimentation. Paired with Airplay, Stage makes wireless sharing quick and easy.

Portable: Bring your ideas to life anytime, anywhere with Stage. Stage does not require a login or connection to the internet, so it’s ready to go wherever and whenever you are.

Easy-to-use: Unlike interactive whiteboards, Stage requires no additional training. Users familiar with touchscreens will be able to use the app instantly and efficiently.

Cost-efficient: More economical than secondary technology, such as interactive whiteboards and document cameras, Stage maintains the functionality of that same technology without the price tag and cost of integration.

Meaningful: Purposeful integration of mobile devices in the claoom creates opportunity for effective and meaningful learning for students at every level.

**50% VPP discount available for qualified Educational purchases through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program – http://www.apple.com/itunes/education**

For more information, visit us at www.belkin.com.




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This app is the best its easy to use and i like making rainbow loom tutorials with it and the stand is great i really recommend you guys getting the app and the stand


I found it easy to use out of the gate. I am planning to use it in group speech therapy. The labels are handy, but I would love a thought bubble premade label as well.


I downloaded this to use with the Belkin Portable Tablet Stage. I am a teacher and was looking for a document came solution for my classroom. The height is not adjustable on the Tablet Stage and so the software needs to take this into account with providing the ability zoom out on an image. As it currently stands the app defaults to a predefined zoom level that is greater than the built iPad or iPhone camera apps. When trying to view a students composition or work the image is by default zoomed in to much to be useful for looking at a standard 8”x11” work. Additionally, the ability to go full-screen with the app would be very beneficial. It would be nice to have the option for the controls to be off the screen when not needed. As it is now they are constantly in place and taking up valuable screen real estate. I truly believe after researching lots of other apps in the App Store that this app by Belkin would be the best if these two changes were implemented.


This is the most useful whiteboard app that I've found on the app store! I would like to suggest the ability to change the size of text and to be able to hide the on screen tools when not needed. Otherwise a great, great app!!!


So I can record, but it won't save. I have recorded my lecture twice, but it has stopped saving! It worked earlier today!


Needed to record a simple screencast and it didn't work. Not sure how they missed the point on this singular function... Force closed and crashed every single time.


I am having issues with this. It was working great last year. I use it for my lessons. This year it has been frustrating because it freezes in the middle of my lesson. If the app is closed then reopened, it opens to a black screen and will not do anything else. Please fix!


This app does cool stuff with annotating documents pictures and video. The only thing that would make it better is the ability to zoom in larger on pages like the graph paper and ruled paper as the lines are too small.


The Dropbox and Google Drive connections are broken -- not updated to use OAuth, so they don't work anymore. Slides aren't saved between sessions, which is also a pain. Surely there’s a better option out there? Or could they just update this one to use Dropbox and Google Drive?


This app has a lot of potential. I would like to share it with the teachers at my school, but it freezes often and I cannot add an pdf from Dropbox or google drive. The only th g I find valuable now is the ability to mirror and use as a document camera.


I have been using this app for many years. I love the simplistic tools compared to other interactive whiteboard apps. And then projecting the tools are not visible and doesn’t distract the students/people in your audience. Just wish I could put cropped photos in it again. But it won’t stop me from using it.


I was so excited to purchase the pro version. Loading pages for my student’s lessons seemed like a dream! However, it crashes and closes while I’m building and also when I’m recording. It’s terrible! Saved pages are sometimes saved and sometimes lost. It’s such a useful idea and I was happy to pay for it when I thought it would be a working tool. However, it is unreliable and buggy beyond the point of usability. Wish I could get a refund.


This app WAS great but I think they need to update it. I used it for a year with no problems but now I can only get it to work occasionally. I reached out to customer service but that was a waste of time! Maybe they will read this!


since the iPad iOS update to 14.0, I am not able to share my screen using stage pro. I can with all other apps, but not stage. So frustrating because this has been a life saver during remote teaching.


Great concept, but very unreliable. Frequent crashes make it hard to use for anything other than small demonstrations. When it crashes everything you have done is lost. Lately I have been having problems with the pencil lagging significantly.


This is the perfect tool for efficiently communicating with my remote teams. I use the Stage app to draw over my live camera feed. So much easier than taking a photo, uploading it, and having to explain it to my team mates. Simple to use and I can imagine some interesting use cases for teachers.