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*Get Your Child Talking with “Feed Maxi,” an Interactive Speech-Language App Featuring Sign Language, High Quality Graphics & 3D Animations!
*Featured in Big City Moms “Top Speech & Language Apps for Infants & Toddlers!”
*Twin Speech, Language & Literacy states “Thank you…, your app has already made a difference in the life of one of my precious clients who usually has difficulty communicating in any way.”
*Created by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, children increase expressive, receptive & functional language skills by feeding Maxi, an adorable, hungry monkey, during a highly motivating & interactive game!

Maxi requests, comments & uses simple sign language to enhance the following communication skills:

1) Expressive & receptive vocabulary
2) Functional/pragmatic language skills including requesting, recurrence, rejection, choice making, & commenting
3) Picture identification
4) Following directions
5) Problem solving
6) Cause/effect
7) Attention span
8) Visual tracking skills
9) Fine motor control/pointing skills
10) Emergent literacy skills

Utilizing realistic full-color pictures, “Feed Maxi” provides over 80 food items in 5 categories: Fruits, Vegetables, Protein/Dairy, Grains/Misc. & Snacks.

Features include settings for data collection for up to 5 children with e-mail capability to send results, the ability to turn voice prompts, text, sound effects & statistics on or off, the ability to select specific food items as well as food categories and the ability to select the desired level of play: easy, moderate or difficult.

All settings are adjusted from the options menu, which can only be accessed after gaining entry past the parent gate.

*Created by a Speech-Language Pathologist with over 14 years of experience
*Vocabulary is presented in an intrinsically motivating, context rich environment to encourage active learning & enhance a child’s ability to learn new words
*Multiple sets of high quality graphics to support iPad, iPad Retina, & iPad mini
*Fully customizable & featuring statistics for up to 5 children

Speak Eazy Apps is a proud member of Moms with Apps! We are committed to providing a safe environment in which your children can learn and we take your children’s privacy very seriously. Our privacy policy is as follows:

Our Apps
*Do not collect data, analytics or personally identifiable information regarding you or your children.
*Do not connect with 3rd party services or provide plug-ins.
*Contain no advertising.
*Contain no in-app purchases.
*May link to outside sources such as our website & the Apple store from the options page only after gaining entry through the parent gate.
*You may elect to enter your email address for us to provide support to you. We will not share your email address with any outside party except to provide support to you.

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deleted app redownloaded restarted ipad nothing worked to fix sounds


I’m a speech-language pathologist who uses this app on a daily basis with my kiddos. They love Maxi Monkey & so do I! He keeps the kids engaged & they look forward to giving Maxi a high five every time. The app reinforces simple sign language as well as functional language skills. In addition, the kids learn to identify objects(foods) as well as learn new vocabulary words & build critical thinking skills (I know that’s an apple so the other food item Maxi wants must be the radish). The app also helps teach basic pointing skills. What I love best about this app though is that most of my kids spontaneously communicate verbally or with sign during game play, even those kids who never had a single word! Something about that monkey...


wow... our kids love this app! Maxi monkey is adorable and almost like 3D with real sign language too. Foods are realistic looking and lots of them too. Options are great too, lets us set different foods and speed for our youngest to oldest, and keep track of how they’re doing. With so many foods its never ending fun, but they learn too.


My 9 year old, non verbal son, with autism loves this app!! The one sign he knows is "more." He plays with it over and over. Please create more apps similar to this!


We previewed Feed Maxi at a recent special needs expo on Long Island. At first try our son just enjoyed making "Maxi" jump and wasn't too concerned with the activities. Once the app was purchased and loaded on the IPad our son quickly got the hang of feeding Maxi and playing with the other features. Our son easily remained engaged for 20 to 30 minutes at a time if we let him, and after more than two months he continues to return to the game, has increased his difficulty level and improved his accuracy. We are happy to give Feed Maxi a strong recommendation for young or developmentally delayed children. The game options allow some customization for your child and the screen is interesting for the child without being over stimulating. An update adding higher levels of activity may be appropriate as our son reaches the most difficult level, although he still enjoys spending time with this app. For comparison, our son is 16 years old, a stroke survivor, he has physical as well as developmental delays. He experiences visual and auditory processing delays and has a limited attention span. The fact that this app can hold his attention for as long as it does is a tribute to its designer.


Finally a speech therapy tool with nice graphics! It's easy to use and it's nice that it includes ASL signs. The only complaint I have is that it gives the child the answer right away when they get it wrong, so they can just pick random things the first time. I would like to be able to change the settings so that they have to try finding it themselves a few times before it gives them the answer.


Love this app. My 3 year old son loves to feed Maxi. He is using some of the sing language that he has learned. I do not have to prompt him to use the app, he uses it on his own. He is learning new words and his compression is expanding. He is repeating the words as Maxi says them. Great app.


This app is wonderful. I started using it with my kindergarten students and they love it. It is extremely user friendly and exciting for the kids. The graphics are great and Maxi is cute, always jumping around and giggling. Many apps don't allow you to track data but Feed Maxi does. I find that to be very helpful, as I can keep track of my students and email the information to myself and/or parents. I highly recommend this app to parents, ESL, speech, reading and early intervention teachers. It is worth every penny!


This app is amazing for young toddlers learning vocabulary and language! My 2.4 year old son is glued to it and goes to it every time he gets on the iPad. I see he knows concepts I didn't even think he understood, and is now aware of all sorts of new foods...I think he will be more likely now to try new foods ;). I can also see how it builds his confidence. I love when he says "ouchiewawa you're strong" to his older sister when she plays rough with him. The programming is brilliant and clearly shows they know how the minds of little ones work! I'm excited to see if he learns sign language too. Thank you Speak Eazy Apps!


My 2-1/2 year old son loves this app! He loves to interact with Maxi, saying "more food" and loves to watch the animations. He repeats the names of all the foods and has definately learned new foods along the way! The monkey in this app simultanously uses sign language when speaking, and can teach kids with language delays how to express their wants and needs through signs. I work with kids with developmental delays and will surely recommend this app to parents whose kids are having difficulty acquiring expressive and/or receptive language.


My son is 2 1/2 and he loves this APP! It is so interactive.... he has so much fun and is learning at the same time. There are a lot of options to keep things new and exciting. I highly recommend to anyone who has a toddler!!


My son loves this ap! He asks for it and it keeps his attention. So many aps I download, and he plays for a few minutes, and he's done with it. With Maxi, he wants more and plays it for a long time.