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We're excited to announce that the iDevices Wi-Fi enabled switch products now integrate with residential security solutions. The support of iDevices Wi-Fi switches will enhance the WiFi lighting lineup, offering future-proof lighting controls. Reach out to your sales rep to connect your products today! As always, we'll continue to improve the app based on your feedback, so keep the suggestions coming!


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Create the smart home you envision and realize the connected lifestyle you expect with iDevices Wi-Fi-enabled switches, outlets and thermostat. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or running around with the kids outside, control iDevices products from anywhere on your iOS device.

The iDevices Connected app is packed with intuitive smart features, empowering you to make the everyday things in your home extraordinary. We designed the app, but think of it as a blank canvas you can customize based on your lifestyle. Set schedules that cater to your daily life and make your home more efficient. Add a layer of security with location triggers that switch the lights on as soon as you pull into the driveway.

Design your smart home within the app and control it on a single screen. Make it your own with custom photos and accessory names. You can even group accessories into rooms and zones for simple, yet smart control.

Know your home like never before with comprehensive energy reporting and custom notifications that give you a heads up when something changes, even when you’re on the road.

While there’s no need for multiple apps or hubs, you can set up your HomePod, Apple TV, or iPad as a home hub for even additional functionality, including sunrise and sunset triggers. You can also connect with the IFTTT app to enable custom triggers, link multiple accessories, and further automate your smart home.

iDevices Features:

– Voice control with Siri®, Alexa*, or the Google Assistant*.

- Dynamic schedules & scenes

– IFTTT compatibility

- Easy in-app setup

– Energy reporting

- Remote access

- No hub required

*Requires Alexa-enabled accessory or a Google Assistant-enabled device.

The iDevices Customer Experience Team is here to make sure you get the most out of the app and your products! with any questions you might have.




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They’re happy to take your money… and when their devices simply don’t work… they’ll take more to issue a refurbished device that still doesn’t work. And an app that’s equally part of the problem. BEWARE!


Can’t even get through the setup process. My switch is useless now. Tried both iPhone and iPad. Language of device is Spanish btw 2 month later literally the same issue


The QR code scan does not work with the thermostat or anything for that matter…nice website, but most links that say apple store do not really have links to them…couldn’t get it to work for anything…and the old api website on port 80 doesn’t connect either…i have the eccobee and it works and so does the app…I’d give this a negative star…i am just waiting for the day we can give less stars that’s it is worth to get developers to write better apps and products to function better…manually it is fine…app wise…trash…


I have three of the appliance modules it worked for the first summer and I can’t get them to connect anymore to anything. Expensive product for minimal function/reliability.


This app is kind of a disaster. It worked for maybe 2 years max. Now that iOS has been updated, can’t connect to my devices and spent hours reading and trying fixes and ultimately gave up and went back to manual operation which has its own issues. Next step, get a better solution.


Doesn’t automatically adjust for daylight savings, or easily adjust. Has been crashing a lot, locking up on my iPad every time I try to adjust names for plugs. Won’t maintain photos for each device.


Keeps saying plug needs firmware update even after multiple installs.


I’ve recently started to get notifications to update my firmware to 1.9.9 for my devices. The only problem? I’m already on 1.9.9 and no matter how many times I update, it continues to say I need to update my firmware. Help?


I am so frustrated with this app. My thermostat shows the connection code but the app keeps giving a “something went wrong during setup” error. I’ve tried resetting, I’ve tried restarting the router, even tried borrowing a different phone and NOTHING. Ready to rip the thermostat off the wall


Used to be rock solid now they are the most unreliable smart product I own. Complete waste of money. Turn on and off on their own constantly. They lose connection constantly. Can’t be controlled 80% of the time. No other issues with any of my smart products except these.


I have had this iDevice outlet installed for roughly 2 months or less. So far I have had to turn circuit off/on twice to get it to reconnect to the WiFi. I own many Lutron Caseta & iHome products for years and have never had problems with those. Hubbells iDevice, has disconnected 2 times in the 90 days of installing the outlet. I work for a distributor of this product line. I will never recommend anyone to buy this product. Update: 1.5 weeks later, I wake up to “Device Not Responding”. Reset circuit breaker AGAIN. DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT. I plan on returning all iDevice I bought.


App gets stuck trying to pair with my iCloud. Never leaves that screen. The one time I got to the menu the device I have wasn’t selectable. Waste of time.


Plug won’t connect. Asks for number on the packaging, as if people are going to keep that around for years. Or it gives the choice to use the number on the back of device, but make sure it stays plugged in while you have to unplug it to look.


Would like help from the app reconnecting a few plugs but app keeps crashing.


This app changes the time I want a light to come on or go off every year automatically. The actual time is irrelevant to what time I have light set for!


First off, most of my iDevices outlets have started failing after a couple years. They will no longer connect to wifi even after being reset and some of them won’t even respond to physical button presses. Secondly, the iDevices app has on 3 occasions overwritten my home app with a very old backup causing me to need to reset and reads dozens of devices.


This app is garbage, will not run on my modern up to date iPhone.


Ios15 broke the two plug outdoor. I reset it and it still will not connect. Brought it inside to see if closer to WiFi on 2.4 will make any difference which it doesn’t.


Recently every time I open the iDevices app, it destroys my Home app data: devices disappear, groups are deleted, devices are moved to different rooms, etc., requiring hours of fixes. It wasn’t until the third time that I realized it was opening this app that caused the problem.


If you change WiFi you have to go through the entire setup from scratch. Useless if you use multiple WiFi’s.