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Hey GreenPal users we’ve got a new version for you ! Enjoy this updated version of your app for new features and bug fixes . It’s a pleasure to help simplify your life by making lawn care as easy as pushing a button


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GreenPal is grass mowing made easy by lawn care pros near you.

Get next day lawn service from the app without having to call around leaving voicemails for quotes. Get quotes, select the provider, read reviews, schedule lawn mowing, and give feedback.

Forget about grass mowing and always have your lawn maintenance done in time.


No need to do yard care yourself. Save the time you spend on visiting garden & landscaping stores for buying tools or fertilizer. Getting your lawn mowed with GreenPal is just like ordering home cleaning by maid service, or getting fixed something at home by a handyman.

You receive multiple quotes fast from locally rated lawn care services and providers. No calling around needed.

Professional providers will do the job with their own tools. Book now and get your yard cut tomorrow. No need to own the lawn mowing tools, no need to do gardening and visit yourself.

After your yard care is done you can pay and schedule the next one from the app. Enjoy the lawn maintained by the best fitting lawn pro for as long as you own your home.


Read reviews and hire a lawn mowing and landscaping service with confidence. Our service providers will respect your landscape design and do the maintenance accordingly with care.

Leave feedback and check the feedback from other home owners in the app. Your total satisfaction is backed by the GreenPal Guarantee.

GreenPal offers top quality lawn care and has 250k+ satisfied customers.


We are currently offering lawn mowing service in the Nashville, Tampa, St Petersburg, and Atlanta metro areas.

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Can’t create an account because my wife beat me to it. Too bad she has no money. Can’t delete her account so I can’t use the app. App is nothing but a list of vendors that refreshes too often to read. Really bad design and really terrible that only one person can create an account per address. What if I create an account and move? Next person cannot use the app.


Beware of this app. The mowers offering their service on here will undercut the next mower then text you when they confirm your appointment and increase the price through the text. I’ve had 3 different people on this app so far. First mower I booked with came and mowed the lawn 3x. On the 3rd time he left sheets of grass clippings all over my lawn then never came back. Second mower was doing a great job then disappeared from the app and never responded. 3rd mower was suspended on the app and then canceled services because he was inflating prices. I then tried getting quotes from several other people and locked in a new mower then he texts me and tells me it’s a higher price because of the times we’re living in now. Beware as many people on here are not screened. Some are Fly by night mowers and I’m assuming they can’t handle it then disappear. Good luck getting customer service to get back you. There is no phone number and their live chat is an automated message. Unbelievable. And also be careful because you only get 2 times you can ask for a quote. Once you are out of quotes you have to wait 8 months for a new quote. Who came up with this rule or this system??! I am now out of mowers because the last JA got suspended and the next guy quoted me a low price then texts me an inflated price and that made me run out of quotes. Be very careful using this app. Honestly it’s not worth it.


Easy and Fast finding the most affordable lawn care services!


This is a great app. I found a good, reliable service.


I have severe seasonal allergies and am unable to cut grass. My mower has been faithful and has provided excellent service. I wouldn’t know what to do without them, because I cannot do it myself.


Signed up. Finally got some responses but can’t get back into the app. I enter my email address, hit submit and nothing… doesn’t even ask for a password - just frozen. Horrible interface. Developers really need to fix that


I have attempted several times to reset my password so that I can use the app. No matter what I make the password, it still will not allow me to use the app!!! There password reset is TRASH!!!


Do not use this app. Unless you like Random men showing up at your door. I was working on submitting my info. I got to the point where you hire someone. I didn’t continue. I wanted to show the options to my husband. This was on 11/12. Within 2 hours a random man was in my doorstep. I have it all on My Ring app. Rang the door bell twice. They gave out my address prior to even hiring anyone. I was so upset I messaged them about it. I got some standard message back. I’m getting notifications today 11/15 about quotes. I’ve asked them to remove my info. Or tell me how to do it. The response was make sure you have nothing scheduled. I don’t. Do not use this app unless you like random men showing up at your door.


This app has gotten really annoying. You cannot access anything in the account without first reviewing your last mowing service, which would make sense if each one was an individual transaction but you have to commit to one company for the full summer and asking someone to review the same company 20 times is excessive. And also deceptive to anyone looking at the reviews because all the reviews will be from the same people.


Full Review


Enjoyed the service a lot. The app is fully functional and perfect.


I always use greenpal for all my lawn services.The app is fully functional and perfect.Great job!


Great job! Price was reasonable! Our yard looks great!


Green pal app is awesome. In this lawn care features. Fantastic app


Pride landscaping is the best. Excellent work.


This app has potential to be great, but falls very short in several ways. I had several “professionals” cancel on me last minute and with their limit on number of times you can request quotes in a year, I was unable to find a new person. Help with the app is non-existent. Just use Thumbtack.


GreenPal canceled my account after expressing concerns for being contacted multiple times via text message and email about the same properties saying they hadn’t received a bid. I click. Everyone had at least 2 bids. So I post on their Facebook page. And they delete my vendor account because I asked if anyone else had these experiences. They have absolutely no respect for those providing the services for the customers. They take a percentage of every single job and invoice they send. They are worse than paying per lead. They do not discuss percentage with contractors and just take it from the pay we request from the customer. Ie. I cut 2 yards. 1 is 185 the other is 75. I was paid 254 and some change. Everything else went to them and their pocket and they’ve provided absolutely zero customer service support or vendor assistance. Instead they just remove you and block you like children.


Very Detail yard man I recommend


Cody is not a nice person. I ask a simple question (when is the best time to over seed) and my head is removed


Seems like a good idea, but when you have lawn service “pros” flake out on you, having limited bids only makes it worse. We have a tiny front yard and it should be super simple to setup, but it’s like pulling teeth trying to get reliable people, and my last bid for the year is almost $40 more than my original bids, for such a tiny yard… looks like I’ll be renting a mower from Home Depot and doing it myself again…