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Various bug fixes and improvements


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Create a squad from 11 classes, add your friends for team play, and test your skills in dynamic arenas or through Battle Royale warfare against online rivals from around the world!

Prefer to work alone? Then feel free to step into the thrilling solo play campaign as you shoot your way through one dire situation after another to save the world as you launch an attack against a lunatic’s apocalyptic plans.

> Customize and level up any of the 10 classes across solo play and team play modes.
> Find the playstyle that suits you: Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, Kommander, Marauder or Tracker.
> Activate class-specific skills by earning and spending Skill Points.

> Watch players engaged in live online FPS battles and eSports competitions with all the great graphics you expect in the Spectator mode.
> Epic guns-a-blazing team play in Squad vs. Squad matches.
> Drop into Battle Royale mode and fight for survival with up to 70 players.
> Talk to other players to plan your online multiplayer strategies and coordinate an attack in the Global and Squad Chats.
> Top the individual and Squad leaderboards as you master your eSports skills.
> Win free rewards and cool prizes in limited-time events.

> Accumulate XP and level up by playing solo play missions, team play matches, and Battle Royale.
> Unlock higher-tier guns and other weapons by mastering lower-tier guns.
> Customize the perfect weapon using a host of attachments and jump straight into the free game action.

> Engage in fast-paced story missions where the call will take you from Tokyo to Venice for a variety of first person shooter challenges. > Play the new Spec Ops missions for a real online FPS adrenaline rush.
> Great graphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted for a first person shooter game.

> Intuitive, highly customizable controls so you can play the game just the way you want.

Modern Combat 5 requires an Internet connection. So if you’re ready for the online FPS of your dreams, dive into this unparalleled free game that takes online multiplayer to new heights. Perfect for anyone hungry for solo play first person shooter fun, team play eSports competition, or a thrilling Battle Royale challenge.

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This is the best shooting game on mobile.im actually 10 years old to game owners.


Are you paying attention??? Last update 7mos ago??? HELLO??? Bug list: Problems with profile retention Cores not working properly Constant server dropping Too many cheaters AGAIN And many others!!! Fix this game or I’m canceling subscription.


Love this game so much I’m an OG coming back and the experience has not been good not like you care your making money anyway the armor should be removed because someone who is stating the game has no chance against someone who has one of the best armor in the game and the guns time to kill should be fixed I just get one shoted all the time.that basically it from me plz fix this I love this game much love


I’ve played this game since years ago, but I left if for CODM; I came back and the only real complaint I have is my game keeps setting my solder back to the m4 and stock kit, I have to keep going back and fixing it manually. It gets annoying and it’s been a problem since I started playing again (like 5 days ago) I wonder if anyone else has this issue Another one is, the gear is just too much. It’s too over powered and the Mach ups aren’t fair, a lot of things need to be nerfed.


It’s impossible to win, get good guns, or be able to play the campaign, but multiplayer is fine. I can’t even play the game in campaign because you die so much and run out of energy so fast, and everything good costs money so I can’t get anything good, PLEASE MAKE THE GAME BETTER


Gameplay/graphics are great but this game can’t be played unless you’re connected to WiFi. It’s a nonstop pay fest. The best one was 4. This one is straight trash. Like total garbage.


So good 😚🤪🤪


This game is an empty shell of what the series used to be. I wish I could have MC3 back.




I love the game it’s the best game I ever played there’s only one problem I don’t know how to add stuff on the gun Ima a recon


Game is awesome, play it both on PC and iPhone. Please fix bag in Steam version. In mission Carnevale 1 does not work machine gun in helicopter, it just only rotate a little bit but does not shut. I can't kill even one enemy. Same problem has a lot people. Thanks a lot, you are the best mobile game developer. :-)


Everyone is to overpowered you can’t get a single kill in


The game is really good ,but their 2 small problems that I think you could easily fix first: HIGHER-ROLLER does not work , ever time my buddys try it it just loads not doing anything and we have tried it at the same time, second I have my sensitivity it 100 but it I little slow shoudent my camera spin like crazy if it’s that high idk what’s wrong .pls try to fix the bugs. Sincerely best MC5 player


This game always stop working after playing it the first day of download on my iPhone X devices


It is a nice game. But not so friendly for new player, without good armor and weapon, you can’t do any damage (I really mean not damage, opponents can stand there, don’t move and let you shoot 3 second). It is like level up concept in RPG, Which it is fine, but could also force a lot of new player to give up, if the game don’t change. I think add at least one decent weapon and one limit decent armor for new player should be a good idea. New play can continuing the game, and still will purchase weapon and armor for other occupation. I think I have to give up this game, I think most of the new player will do the same thing.


For a phone game this is really impressive yet it’s still hard with buttons being so small (yes you can adjust but then they are in the way because they’re too big), there are to many buttons (they can definitely consolidate and make some buttons do multiple things once they are needed). Ads pop up out of nowhere. Look devs I love ads to get free things because there is no way I’ll ever pay for non physical gaming (devs lose interest and shut down/stop updating apps way too frequently) so please show them, but not randomly without the player interacting with and especially because those ads give nothing in return. I’m still playing at the moment and will update this to something more constructive about game play once I advance further and see what’s what.


I would give 5 star for this game. But this games can’t be play to through Apple TV even it’s downloadable. I don’t understand why such big companies like gameloft stopped supporting this cool games to Apple TV. We want this games to play Apple TV like before and updated version would be better. ❤️




i delete this game cuz of video stop send me video of other game