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Interval Timer Pro App DESCRIPTION

A fully customizable interval timer
Create your intervals. Specify reps, sets, colours and sounds. Tailor it to your purpose and needs. Minimal design and easy to use. Upgrade features include rep-based intervals and images.

Display options
A detailed view displays the timer with the list of intervals that auto-scrolls as your timer progresses.

Full-screen mode is available if you prefer a larger full-screen display. The larger text helps you see your timer from afar and will list the current interval as well as what’s coming up next!

Both detailed view and full-screen mode is supported in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Visual details
In the detailed view mode, your current set and interval are highlighted when the timer is running. If the set or interval has multiple reps, the highlighted area indicates the percentage of the reps complete!

Set optional background colours on intervals for a visual cue.

Light and dark mode versions are available and will adapt to your preferences set on your device.

Quick actions
Create an interim interval for the timer that will be automatically added in between each of your intervals. Optionally choose to end your timer with this interval.

Skip or backtrack through intervals using the arrow buttons if you want to quickly go to a particular interval.

Delete or duplicate intervals and sets using the swipe actions to help you set up your timer quickly.

Re-order intervals using the edit button to get the setup just right!

Automatically sync timers across all your devices!

Share your timers with others!

Interval Timer features:
– create timers with as many intervals as you like
– set the description, length, and reps of each interval
– setup timers quickly by creating an interim interval that will run between each interval
– group intervals into sets and specify number of set reps
– option to set background color per interval
– option to show interval line numbers
– displays both countdown of interval and total remaining time
– timer will highlight current interval and indicate the percent of reps completed
– “Start from” option allows you to select which interval to start timer from
– easy swipe actions to delete and duplicate intervals
– duplicate button to create copies of intervals, sets, and timers
– arrow buttons move forward/back between intervals (or disable these in the app settings)
– notifications allow for timer to run in background and let you know when the next interval starts and when the timer is finished
– create folders to organize your timers
– portrait and landscape orientations
– full-screen mode provides a larger display of the timer (option for full-screen mode to display when timer starts)
– light and dark mode support

Pro-edition features include:
– unlimited timers
– sound options (sounds can be set for each interval and for when the timer ends – options include a “no sound” option for individual intervals)
– text to speech feature (only available in-app)
– 3, 2, 1 countdown setting to play a beep sound on each second for the last three seconds of each interval
– sound ducking setting available to temporarily lower volume of other apps when sound plays from this app
– images/photos can be set to be shown alongside intervals
– rep-based intervals
– received timers are editable

Syncing and sharing timers:
– timers will be automatically synced across all your devices
– choose to share timers with other users
– no restrictions on number of timers shared or content of timers
– receiving timers is free (received timers will be view/use only for non-upgraded users but fully editable for users that have purchased the one-time upgrade)
– if timers are shared via email, message will auto-populate with link to download the app and instructions on how to open the timer

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