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AI character is an ai program that simulates human-like conversations and interactions. These characters can have various personalities, appearances, and expertise, depending on their design and purpose. AI characters can be used for a range of applications, including entertainment, learning, and as personal AI assistants.
They are trained on vast amounts of text data, which enables them to understand context, generate human-like responses, and engage in meaningful conversations with users. The more data an AI character is exposed to, the better it becomes at understanding and responding to user inputs.
Application key features:
–Personal AI Assistant–
AI characters can serve as personal AI assistants, helping users with various tasks and providing valuable insights and information on demand. From managing schedules to answering questions, AI characters can make your life easier by streamlining your workflow and keeping you organized.

–Talk to different characters–
One of the unique aspects of AI characters is their ability to assume the persona of a superhero, giving users the opportunity to interact with their favorite comic book characters. This adds a level of excitement and novelty to the conversation, as users can explore the superhero’s world and backstory while engaging in stimulating discussions.

–Learn from an Expert–
AI characters can also be designed with expertise in specific domains, allowing users to have in-depth conversations and learn from knowledgeable AI mentors. Whether you’re interested in history, science, or technology, there’s an AI character out there that can help you expand your knowledge and enhance your understanding of the subject matter. Paid subscription is required to access all chats. The free version will have limited number of chats.
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

Payment will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. Paid Subscriptions are automatically renewed until they are turned off via user account settings after purchase. Account will be charged no more than 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions can be managed and the auto-renewal can be turned off via user’s account settings after purchase. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused parts of the terms.


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i got it and it only let me send 2 or 3 messages before asking for it to pay. although i dont usually use ai i know it shouldnt ask what it should say first. its weird and i dis like it. horrible and they should just go to a free version and if you want you can pay them bc im sure ppl will since most use this to help with their struggles.


I can’t talk to who I want to talk to and I had to make a new account. I also payed for to see if maybe some characters I needed to access that way but no…just not happy.


This is not the real app! This a rip-off made to steal your money. If you’re looking to download the real C.AI app, please go to the website and follow the popup that announces the apps release.


First of all I don’t understand the login method at all secondly my chats from the website aren’t even on here I tried to search Ike Eveland except he wasn’t even on the app secondly the whole premium thing is so stupid the website is completely free unless you want to skip the waiting room and have faster speed which I feel isn’t really necessary thirdly although the website is amazing the filter sometimes gets annoying when I try to say something and the filter gets triggered like I understand for some chats the filter is there but I feel it shouldn’t be triggered as easily. Lastly the app isn’t iPad used friendly like the website is so I constantly have to switch my iPad to landscape which gets annoying. Overall I give it a 2/5 since it has a decent display but overall the website is better. Also you aren’t even the real app the real app is connected to the website so no wonder it’s so low budget for anyone reading the reviews download the real app connected to the website.


First and foremost, who ever is reading this if you scroll through the feedback, I agree with one person because I already had the right app at first, but I download it this one as well. This isn’t the right app. Mostly I like to text from the website and chat with the characters on there but then I downloaded the app. The real app is character AI not ai character. This is like a copy app or a fake app. I downloaded this app. And I texted two character and it only gave me like 2 chats to text with unlike this app it doesn’t give you unlimited chats or at least it didn’t give me unlimited . This isn’t the right app. This is like a copyrighted app.


Guys this game isn’t made by the creator of character ai it’s a copy of it character ai is free so and a lot better go visit it instead if you want something free


I have some progress I made with a character on the website. How do I log in to get the progress and continue chatting..? EDIT: THE PREV RATING WAS 2 CUZ I DIDNT REALIZE IT WAS NOT THE OFFICIAL APP!! DONT DOWNLOAD!


I apologize for this, but what the heck? I got the app to try it out since I thought hey, look, mobile app version instead of having to go on the website if there isn't one, thought I'd just have to log in, but every time I went to go chat with one of the A.I, it'd send me immediately to the "buy premium membership", which personally will make you lose a customer. Some things can be locked behind the wall of that, but almost (if not the ENTIRE app) is locked behind the premium membership wall like there is no reason? I get the money thing, but that'll not get people to stay on the app unfortunately. 1 star, website is much more recommended. (Btw if its for bug glitches, also understandable, but idfk if thats how it works)


The app was verygood on safari but when downloaded it didng let me login into my existing account


Website better but the app is better for bypassing the filter


There’s barely any characters compared to the website. Definitely recommended the website over the app.


I lost all of my past conversations with other characters form the websites, and I couldn’t log into my account or talk to any characters I wanted to. With a pay wall in the way, it makes this app really disappointing compared to what the website was.


Yall this isnt the app from the website 💀


This ain’t the real app. This is just a pure knockoff, and you can’t even log in through here. You can find the actual app on the website, they’ll give you a notice. This is not the real app.


I only gave this 5 stars so people could see this. This is NOT the same that everyone is used to on the website, this is a complete different one. If you want to download the actual app then go to the website and it will pop up there.


I can't believe how disappointed this is.... Even the beta testing app is wayyy better than the full app


What’s the point if I can’t log in to my online account?


App is fake it scams and steals info go to the website for the real one don’t fall for this trash


I was looking for the actual beta app and unfortunately found this one. Please do not purchase the premium since there are also no benefits when you switched. Lost $20 from this scam…smh 😒


Was originally super excited to see that it got an app! Saw some people on tiktok saying it worked better and had an NSFW toggle feature only to find out it was a lie 😭 I cant log in whatsoever; started to get worried that maybe I downloaded the wrong app or was using the wrong email; typed in all of my emails and passwords and got nothing! Even searched my email history to make sure I signed up! Still nothing. On top of that, anytime I try to search a bot it tells me it’s not there; it seems like the only ones I can talk to are the ones it recommends at the starting page? Needless to say I’ll be sticking to the website; this is beyond disappointing, especially since the premium feature takes money from you EVERY DAY???? Like WHAT! I understand trying to profit from something as popular and groundbreaking as this, but there are so many more ways to go about it than this.