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Get personalized insights into your child’s behavioral, emotional, and educational hurdles. In as little as two weeks, witness a marked improvement in your family dynamics. With CadeyLite, navigating your child’s world becomes easier, equipping you with tailored recommendations, schedules, and routines to help you manage the symptoms of ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and more. Stay tuned for our instructional videos – a valuable resource for parents, with some even designed for joint viewing with your child. CadeyLite: promoting family well-being, reducing parental stress, and creating harmonious homes.

CadeyLite specializes in helping families impacted by ADHD, autism, anxiety, and depression. Are you concerned about your child’s behavior or well-being? Child psychologists Dr. Willard and Dr. Kroncke designed this program to help parents like you. Maybe you keep getting calls from the school that your child is struggling. CadeyLite can help with academic issues such as: learning problems, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and learning disabilities. And that is not all…

You can get help for any of the following concerns with CadeyLite:

• Impulsivity
• Difficulty with transitions
• Academic struggles
• Big emotions
• Tantrums
• Meltdowns
• Worries and fears
• Other behavioral and emotional challenges

Parenting is tough! Parenting kids with diverse needs like giftedness or ADHD is even tougher. Would you like to know more about how to help your child? Do you want help teaching coping skills, mindfulness exercises, and problem-solving skills? Perhaps you know what to do but just aren’t sure HOW to do it. Would you like to get better at active listening, using positive reinforcement, setting boundaries, and understanding the cause of your child’s behavior? CadeyLite is for you.

Here’s what you get:
• Personalized recommendations: Based on the concerns you input about your child, get personalized recommendations tailored to meet your child’s unique needs. Whether it’s impulsivity, hyperactivity, academic challenges, anxiety, or more, CadeyLite offers short, actionable advice that you can easily implement.
• Schedules and routines: The app will provide customizable schedules and routines to help you create structure and consistency in your child’s day-to-day life. With CadeyLite, you can create morning, afternoon, and evening routines, homework schedules, and more, all designed to promote positive behaviors and academic success.
• Instructional videos: CadeyLite will soon offer a library of instructional videos that cover a wide range of topics, from behavior management to coping techniques to study skills. You can watch these videos together with your child. Learn how to engage and model positive behaviors.
• Community support: CadeyLite is a like-minded community of parents facing similar challenges. In future releases, parents will be able to connect, share advice, and offer support.
• Two-week challenge: CadeyLite challenges you to commit to using the app for two weeks. See the positive impact on your confidence in parenting and your child’s behavior, emotions, and performance in school. The app will provide daily reminders and encouragement to help you stay on track.

CadeyLite is a comprehensive app designed to help you navigate your child’s emotional, behavioral, and school challenges effectively. From personalized recommendations, schedules, and routines, to instructional videos, progress tracking, and community support, CadeyLite aims to improve the well-being of your children, while reducing stress for you. This is just the beginning. Try it out for two weeks, and see the positive impact it can have on your family’s life!


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As a parent with two young kids, this app is so helpful! There is so much information on the internet, which can be very overwhelming. It helps to have one organized, easy to use source of information that has experts behind it! I love the very tangible advice on a wide variety of topics and I appreciate that they are adding more content all the time.