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I have added location update when in use and it's only and only used for calculating your distance walked during a test and the location updates are never being saved or nor used in any other way. Of course it's optional to use this so If you don't feel like sharing your location the app still works just as fine without the location updates, you just won't see the distance walked during a test.

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Use this app for doing the 6 minutes walking test. You can add your contacts and then you can share your tests on email with those contacts. Regarding your data it’s saved in iCloud private database, so it’s yours personally and isn’t shared with anyone else. With the adding of use of your location when in use, it will be possible to calculate the distance walked and those locations are NEVER saved or nor shared, so there’s no need to fear that.

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- OFFICIAL SHEIKO TRAINING APP Is this you? You know how to do a squat, bench, and deadlift, you have been lifting for at least 3 months and you want to get much, much stronger. If so, this app is for you. Simply the best strength training system in the world from the man responsible for more gold medals than anyone else around. Enough said. - HIGHLIGHTS * Bench Specialization programs (in-app purchases) * Bar Tracking and Analysis * 51 training cycles * Training programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels * demonstration videos for the main and supplemental lifts * plenty of progress charts * easily customizable * intra-workout note taking * complete history view with export Sheiko also supports sharing workout data with the Apple Health app. The app includes 51 training cycles designed for all skill levels ranging from total beginners to advanced athletes. What's more, they are all completely flexible and easily modified for your own needs. Excel is nice but this is far easier. Confused about one of the exercises? Watch the video. Need more..
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Restaurant & Cafe Nytorv App. Traditional Danish restaurant in the center of Copenhagen. Brunch. Danish open sandwiches. Classic Cafe. Traditional evening dishes. Here you get an overview. Booking a table. Contact the restaurant.
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Welcome to My Espresso Moments app Get your daily dosis of stress free moments Use this Apple Watch app to share your moments and to invite your friends and colleagues to join you for a healthy short break away from your phone and from your work desk. Back in 2016 I was attending the Apple developer conference in San Francisco, and I made some very good friends and one of them introduced me to the Breathing app. The Breathing app is a about taking a minute to focus on your breathing and your watch will remind you to do so. From that moment on I became facinated with the Apple Watch and all it's health posibilities and not least the ability to write stand alone Apple watch apps, which is apps without iPhone acompanying apps. Apple watch also has it's health circles, the circles has an indicator for standing up and you should be standing up at least 12 times á day for a few minutes. My goal is to convert some of these health suggested standups into Espresso moments,..
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6 minutes walking test app
Use this app for doing the 6 minutes walking test. You can add your contacts and then you can share your tests on email with those contacts. Regarding your data it's saved in iCloud private database, so it's yours personally and isn't shared with anyone else. With the adding of use of your location when in use, it will be possible to calculate the distance walked and those locations are NEVER saved or nor shared, so there's no need to fear that.
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SoundCardyour moments in sound. Send real physical postcards with a unique audio message attached to it around the world. Typically In 3-5 days for international deliveries. Recipients won't even need the app to hear your message! Just any QR reader (like the iOS standard camera app)! Share your baby's first words, send your significant other an "I love you" and see what it actually looks like on the SoundCard front! With SoundCard you can bring postcards to a new emotional level. Simply take a picture, record a sound or message and send your SoundCard on its way! And it only cost 4.99€ ($4.99) no matter which country! Huge discounts available when purchasing one of our bulk plans.

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