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v1.02 Added the ability to select either 24/48dB for each tracks shelf filters. Added the ability to select 24/48fB gain for the peak filters. Fixed issues with exposed AU parameters for peak filters not properly updating graph. Added a TipJar to the main menu to help with ongoing development of this and other apps. Other minor fixes.


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AudioScope is an invaluable audio plugin for mixing and mastering with a toolbox of additional mixing aids. It was originally created as a method for comparing your mix to a reference track and seeing exactly what frequencies to tweak in order to obtain a desired match. This alone is incredibly useful for creating the feel of a particular genre of music, by tweaking your mix to match.

AudioScope is so much more than this! It includes a great visual mixer which enables you control your entire mix from a single window inside your DAW. You see a top-down visualisation of your entire mix and stereo balance. You can save up to 3 compare mixes and quickly switch between them. You can also save up to 12 snapshots of stereo positions and levels, then morph between them. All of this functionality is available via MIDI, so with one simple CC command, you can switch out one mix for another or engage a snapshot. You are able to group your drums and other elements so that the mix doesn’t become overwhelming, allowing you to focus on a subset of key elements if you wish. AudioScope also includes a suite of tools to adjust EQ, compression, and overall balance of your mix.

The way AudioScope works is unique, with a quick and easy workflow: Insert an instance of AudioScope on each of your track’s Insert Effect slot and name the track. Now simply open one of the instances and you have the ability to control all tracks from a single window.

AudioScope is equiped with its own shelf and peak filters, EQ and lookahead compressor (with Sidechain).

You can find demonstrations and tutorials for this and all my apps on the ‘Paul the MusicMan’ YouTube channel.


○ Take control of your host DAW using a single simple interface.
○ Compare your master mixes frequency response to a reference track for a given genre.
○ Compare tracks to see which frequency ranges are problematic graphically.
○ Control your DAW’s entire mix from a single 2D live mixer.
○ Change the EQ of each track quickly and easily from a single window.
○ Includes the ability to add low and high shelf filters to each track.
○ Add up to 3 parameteric EQ’s to each track to cut or boost frequency ranges.
○ Enable the internal look ahead sidechain compressor.
○ Capture up to 3 compare mixes and preview in real time.
○ Create up to 12 snapshots and fade from one to another.
○ Invert the phase of tracks to avoid phasing issues.
○ Remove DC option to remove unwanted noise and rumble below 60Hz.
○ Instant Pass Thru to bypass all instances of AudioScope.
○ Mix lock to prevent accidental changes to your mix.
○ Monitor up to 32 tracks at once.


SIMILAR to AudioScope App

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With a wealth of info from tutorials from free master class videos made by Dev on their YouTube it was easy for me to first play around and figure out some things with the initial instruction of loading one instance per channel in AUM and figuring out based by how things sound and the visual info and then I began to go deeper with the tutorial videos. Very generous of this Dev to put so much time into the tutorials and he’s been updating the app consistently since rolling it out with little changes that make it even easier to use , clearly listening to customers. I don’t understand the reviews on various products for this dev that assume a dev isn’t responding based on a one way conversation left in an app review. The dev is all over YouTube and can be contacted there as well as through the app itself.


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