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Athletes Untapped App DESCRIPTION

Connecting parents & kids with private sports coaches for individual, small group, and team training. Athletes Untapped is the easiest and safest way to find a local private sports coach.

What’s Our Difference?

Athletes Untapped was created by two former college athletes with a decade of private coaching experience. Our goal is to provide young athletes with better opportunities to succeed through personal training. We know firsthand the impact 1-on-1 lessons can have on a young athlete’s trajectory, and that’s why we’re dedicated to helping parents/kids find the best private sports coaches in their area.

We combine our dynamic technology with an unmatched customer service experience. We will do everything we can to help you find the right personal sports coach, so your child can untap their potential, improve their skills, and build confidence in themselves through individual lessons!

As a parent/athlete, you can:

◆ Search for vetted private sports coaches in your area.
◆ Check reviews and read up on each coach’s playing/coaching experience.
◆ Send photos, videos, and messages to coaches with just a few taps.
◆ Seamlessly book training sessions and block out time on your coach’s calendar.
◆ Enable push notifications so you don’t miss a message from your coach.

As a coach, you can*:

◆ Build a profile and let local parents know you’re available for 1-on-1 training.
◆ Easily manage your business, even if you’re on the field or court.
◆ Get paid on the go—it’s simple and secure with the Athletes Untapped app.
◆ Trust the Athletes Untapped team will work to find you athletes to train.
◆ Enable push notifications to respond faster than ever to booking requests.

*All Athletes Untapped coaching applications are carefully vetted by our team. All Athletes Untapped coaches are required to pass a background check.


– Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey, Football, Track & Field, Strength & Conditioning, Mental Performance. More to come soon!


“We just started lessons with Coach Katie for our 10yo daughter who started playing soccer in the last two years. Coach Katie is helping to provide a great foundation for her skills and footwork, which will absolutely be valuable when her season starts back up in the spring. Coach Katie has been reliable, flexible, and my daughter has very much enjoyed their sessions together. We look forward to continuing her lessons and seeing her grow as a soccer player!” – Laura, Athletes Untapped Soccer Mom.

“Lucas has been great. Prepared for every session. My daughter enjoyed the drills and the sessions helped to improve her skill level immensely. Highly recommend!” – Mike, Athletes Untapped Basketball Dad

“My daughter has seen Coach Viki three times so far. The difference in her confidence is so awesome, and it’s all because of Coach Viki. She’s learning so much from her. She’s a great coach and a really nice person. My daughter loves her!” – Valerie, Athletes Untapped Basketball Mom

“Jamie was so welcoming to Alexis and helped her work on her shooting technique (especially left handed) with foot placement and positioning. She was very supportive, positive, and knowledgeable! Looking forward to our next session!” – Jennifer, Athletes Untapped Lacrosse Mom

“Coach Carli has been fantastic at working on hitting, catching and pitching with my daughter. She is very patient and thoughtful on how to teach new skills. I highly recommend her!” – Beth, Athletes Untapped Softball Mom


– Athletes Untapped has appeared in: LA Times, Sports Business Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, Sidehusl, VentureFizz,, The Daily Local, The Athletes Entrepreneur, and many more!

Questions, or Need Help Finding the Right Coach?

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