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exWidget browser,convenience like never before

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Scroll pages with your head
Head Tilt Browser is a simple Web Browser which lets you scroll web pages without using your hands, just by rotating your head. It is quick, fast and easy to setup and supports all your favorite web pages including PDF pages. Main features: • Scroll pages by rotating your head; • Quick and simple; • Disable Javascript to make the browser even faster; • Save/delete History;
Fast & secure web browser.
Safe Page is a private web browser and downloader for your iPhone and iPad with incredible capabilities. It protects your online web browsing activities by leveraging multitude of security and privacy-friendly features. These features enhance your web browsing experience by improving security, privacy, and speed. Safe Page is also extremely lightweight and works without consuming too much of your device’s resources. SOME FEATURES: - biometric (Face ID/Touch ID) or passcode lock, - secure private browsing, - easy-switch ad blocker, - HTML source code viewer, - one-tap cookies, caches, and history removal, - and much more. With Safe Page, you can shield your web activities by protecting them behind a biometric (Face ID/Touch ID) or passcode protection. For enhanced security and protection, you can enable the private browsing mode within the app. When private browsing is enabled, the cookies, cache, and other files that the websites you visit store into your device are removed automatically when you close the tabs initiated during private sessions. Safe Page also includes an easy-to-use ad blocker. When you turn on the switch for ad-blocking, the..
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Surf the web like a koala
Browse the internet with Koala Surf, a fully fledged web browser that builds upon tried and true technology whilst delivering new functionality. It is a simple and light weight browser to surf the web and find everything you need. It is easy to use and fast, allowing you to connect with search results, images, news content and videos, as well as engage with social media and online shopping. The search toggle button is a powerful tool allowing you to switch between common websites and search within them on the fly, making Koala Surf a centralised place to do all your searching. With 56 websites that can be used as your default search engine, Koala Surf is one of the most powerful web browsers on the market. List of supported search engines and searchable websites include: Accuweather Alibaba (阿里巴巴) Amazon AOL Ask Baidu (百度) Bing CC Search Coc Coc (Cốc Cốc) Coursera Dailymotion Daum (다음) Dogpile DuckDuckGo eBay Ecosia Ekoru Etsy Excite Facebook Marketplace Flickr Gibiru Gigablast Github GiveWater Google Google Maps Haosou (搜索) IMDb MetaGer Mojeek Naver (네이버) Qmamu..
QR-Widget is the simple way to place a QR code on your homescreen. No matter what you want to showan internet URL, a text or similar. Place the widget on your homescreen and there is no..
QR-Widget is the simple way to place a QR code on your homescreen. No matter what you want to showan internet URL, a text or similar. Place the widget on your homescreen and there is no need to open an app to share your QR code. And if you want it even more convenient: Use your Apple Watch to show the QR code!
Take and edit photos
Have you ever felt excluded from your favorite photos? Well now you can be part of them too! Set the Time you want, get everyone ready in the right pose and then get in among your friends. Adjust the Flash if the lighting isn’t sufficient and choose whether to use the front or rear camera. Disappointing photo? No problems, the crop function puts everything in the right place. All you have to do is share your favorite moments with Facebook, Twitter, email, sms, print them or save them in your photo album. Have Fun!
exWidget browser,convenience like never before
exWidget browser,convenience like never before

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