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Metal Weight Calculators App DESCRIPTION

Metal weight calculator app is a useful tool designed to quickly and easily calculate the weight of various metal shapes and alloys. This app is suitable for engineers, architects, construction workers, and metalworkers who require accurate and fast calculations for their projects.

The metal weight calculator app supports a wide range of metal shapes such as plates, sheets, bars, tubes, pipes, and rounds, and a variety of alloys such as aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and carbon steel. It allows users to choose the metal type, shape, and dimensions, and then calculates the weight in various units such as kilograms, pounds, ounces, and grams.

The app is user-friendly, and its intuitive interface makes it easy to use for both beginners and experts. The app also allows users to save and share their calculations, making it easy to reference and share with others.

Overall, the metal weight calculator app is a valuable tool for anyone working with metal and needs to calculate the weight of various metal shapes and alloys quickly and accurately.

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Application check version device ELM327 to car diagnostic. Support all ELM327: v1.3, v1.3a v1.4, v1.4c v1.6 v1.7, v1.7a, v1.7b, v1.7c v2.0 v2.1 v2.2 Check your elm327 WiFi device.
Application check version device ELM327 to car diagnostic. Support all ELM327: v1.3, v1.3a v1.4, v1.4c v1.6 v1.7, v1.7a, v1.7b, v1.7c v2.0 v2.1 v2.2 Check your elm327 WiFi device.
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The Metal Height Calculator is perfect for estimating the theoretical weight of metal with a high precision score.With +50 types of metals and different forms, our algorithms will always give you the right results. Super easy to use, the app provides a great user-friendly experience. SUPPORT We care a lot about our user's opinion, if you have anything to say or faced a bug, tell us about it following the support email.
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This app is created just for youa true professional and businessman! Quickly, easily and conveniently find out the weight of rolled metal products by length, or their length by weight. There is nothing superfluousonly the most popular profiles and metal types. It is also possible to create your own materials. Any calculation can be saved in the "Favorites" section. Choose your preferred measurement units and do your calculations whenever and wherever you want, even without an internet connection! - most popular profiles - basic metal types - create your own materials - several measurement units - saving results - no ads Terms of use (EULA):
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The advanced application can be calculated by defining the material of the profile weight. Metal weight calculator is a fast and simple app for calculating weights of metals or you can specify the weight of the metal to get the length. Metal weight calculator is a very simple, straightforward, elegant & extremely handy tool. It does not do anything extraordinary or out of this world thingsit's just a Metal (plate, round bar, C-channel, pipe, unequal channel, etc) weight calculator that will come in handy when you need it most and it will do its job as required. Features Includes : 1) Calculate the weight of the metal sheet a) Calculate the weight of plates b) Calculate the weight of pipes c) Calculate the weight of round bars d) Calculate the weight of C-channel e) Calculate the weight of the square bar f) Calculate the weight of equal angles g) Calculate the weight of un-equal angles
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Rekono OnePass application provides easier and faster access to your Rekono account, it’s management, features and usability. It is implemented to support the latest development standards, so it includes and utilizes all of the device’s functionalities and sensors (biometric authentication, QR code scanning using device’s camera, push notifications and other security features). Two-factor PUSH authentication You can now have much more control over your Rekono account as well as an improved and faster 2-factor authentication mechanism. With the implementation of push notifications, you can sign in to your Rekono accounts with your devices by simply clicking a button, which provides faster, if not even the fastest 2-factor authentication mechanism which is thoroughly secured by your device application’s PIN code or biometric authentication, if the device supports it. Rekono OnePass provides a simple and user-friendly design with a comfortable overview of your Rekono account information, OTP codes and settings, which you can freely adapt to your likes and needs. OTPs One-time passwords (OTPs) are now more clearly displayed on the main application screen when you log in to your Rekono account...
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Estimate gravel, stone, rock, sand, topsoil, and aggregate using our free gravel calculator. Calculate the amount of gravel needed for landscaping and hardscape projects. The app outputs the amount of gravel required in tons, cubic yards, and cubic meters. The app is built on the calculators at Inch Calculator ( that are trusted by millions of people world-wide for material estimation.
This tool will help you identify the direct and indirect cost associated with drilling a water well so that you can appropriately price your services to make a profit.
This tool will help you identify the direct and indirect cost associated with drilling a water well so that you can appropriately price your services to make a profit.
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Pressure Vessel ProPressure vessel calculations for iOS The easiest way to do basic pressure vessel stress calculationsSimply select from the available geometries, enter in the required dimensions and the answers will be generated complete with the formulaeYou can also easily print or email a PDF of your results along with a schematic of the pressure vessel. Pressure Vessel Pro Features: - Universaldesigned for use on all sizes of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad - Share or print a PDF report of the results - Extremely flexible unit system. Choose Metric, English or mix and match units. - Save multiple cases for later reference - Tap a cell to show detail and formulae The properties calculated include are: • Longitudinal Stress • Hoop Stress • Shear Stress • Volume • ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Design Thickness • ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Design Pressure Pressure Vessel Pro includes the Following Integrated Calculations: • Vertical tanks • Horizontal tanks • Spherical tanks Pressure Vessel Pro includes the Following Component Stress Calculations: • Cylinders • Hemispherical Heads and Tanks •..
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The Voltage Drop Calculators app is an indispensable tool for electrical engineers, electricians, and anyone involved in designing or working with electrical circuits. This powerful app simplifies the complex process of calculating voltage drop, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical installations. Key Features: Voltage Drop Calculations: Easily calculate voltage drop in electrical circuits using the app's intuitive interface. Enter values such as circuit length, load current, and material properties, and the app will instantly provide you with accurate voltage drop results. Material Database: Access a database of common electrical conductor materials, including copper and aluminum, along with their respective resistivity values. You can also add custom materials for specialized projects. Circuit Information: Store and organize information about your electrical circuits, making it easy to reference and retrieve data for future projects. This feature helps you maintain a digital record of your work. Unit Conversion: Switch between different unit systems, such as inches and millimeters for wire diameter or feet and meters for circuit length, ensuring compatibility with your project requirements. User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed with ease..
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Introducing Block Calculator, the must-have app for construction professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone involved in building projects. Whether you're planning a new construction, renovating your home, or just curious about materials needed for a project, Block Calculator is here to simplify your workload and streamline the planning process. Key Features: Effortless Block Quantity Estimation: Easily calculate the number of concrete blocks needed for your project based on dimensions, including length, width, and height. Customizable Block Types: Choose from a variety of block types, such as standard concrete blocks, cinder blocks, or specialty blocks. The app adapts calculations accordingly. Precision Measurements: Input measurements in various units, including feet, meters, inches, or centimeters, ensuring flexibility and accuracy in your calculations. Area and Volume Calculations: Calculate the total surface area and volume of your construction project, providing a comprehensive overview of your material requirements. Seamless Project Planning: Plan your project efficiently by estimating the number of blocks needed for walls, foundations, or any other structural element. Cost Estimation: Get an instant estimate of the cost of materials based on current market prices. Save..
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A Pump Power Calculator is a software application designed to calculate the power required for a pumping system. It takes into account various factors such as the liquid being pumped, the size of the pump, the height of the delivery pipe, and the flow rate. The user inputs the necessary information, and the calculator provides the estimated power requirement in kilowatts (kW) or horsepower (hp). The app may also provide additional information such as the efficiency of the pump and the annual energy cost of operating the pump. This app can be useful for engineers, contractors, and facility managers who need to estimate the power requirements of a pumping system. It can also help in selecting the appropriate size of the pump and identifying potential energy-saving opportunities. The interface of the app is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to quickly input the required data and obtain results. The app can be used on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, making it convenient for use in the field or in the office.
Fabrication Cost Calculator
The Fabrication Weight & Cost Calculator app is a powerful tool designed to assist engineers, fabricators, and project managers in estimating the weight and cost of materials for various fabrication projects. Whether you're working on constructing structures, manufacturing components, or any other fabrication task, this app streamlines the process of determining the required resources. Key Features: 1. Material Selection: The app provides a comprehensive database of materials commonly used in fabrication, including metals, plastics, and composites. Users can easily select the specific material needed for their project from the database. 2. Dimensional Input: Input dimensions such as length, width, thickness, and quantity to define the geometry of the fabricated components accurately. 3. Weight Calculation: The app calculates the total weight of the fabricated components based on the chosen material and provided dimensions. Users can quickly compare weights for different materials to optimize their selection based on project requirements. 4. Cost Estimation: The cost calculator utilizes real-time market data or user-defined material costs to provide accurate estimates. Users can input additional parameters such as labor costs and overhead to get a..
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This App Calculate Flange Hole Dividing Hole Marking for Equispaced Flange Holes, Flange Holes at any angle and Equivalent No. of Holes. This App Has Following Calculators: 1. Equispaced Flange Hole Marking Calculator. 2. Angles at Holes Maker 3. Equivalent No of Holes calculator
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TMT Bar steel weight calculator is app to get the Estimate or Invoice for TMT REBAR weight and price ACCURATELY using this app. All you need to know is how many steel rods or bars required for constructing Concrete(ceiling or roof), pillars, concrete beams or complete construction requirement. Simply enter the number of TMT rods/bars required and enter price per kilogram. In some cases 8mm price may be little different more
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Metal Bending Calculator is a mobile application designed to help metal fabricators and technicians calculate the parameters required for bending metal sheets and plates accurately. The app is suitable for use in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and metalworking. The app features a user-friendly interface that allows users to input the required values easily. These values include the material type, thickness, width, and bend angle. Users can also choose the type of bend, such as V-bend, U-bend, or Z-bend. Once the values are inputted, the app calculates the length of the straight section, the bend allowance, the bend deduction, the setback, the inside radius, and the outside radius. Users can also see a 2D graphic representation of the bend angle and the finished product. Metal Bending Calculator is a handy tool for metal fabricators who need to calculate the parameters required for bending metal sheets and plates. The app eliminates the need for manual calculations and ensures accuracy in the final product.
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Construction Calculator concrete is an essential tool for professionals, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts in the construction industry. This powerful and user-friendly app provides a comprehensive set of calculators and tools to simplify complex construction calculations, saving you time and ensuring accurate results. Key Features: Construction Calculators: Material Estimation: Quickly calculate the quantity of materials needed for your project, including concrete, bricks, tiles, paint, and more. Area and Volume Calculation: Easily determine the area and volume of rooms, walls, floors, and other construction elements. Roofing Calculator: Calculate the required materials, such as shingles, underlayment, and flashing, based on roof dimensions and slope. Framing and Stud Calculators: Determine the number of studs, rafters, and joists needed for framing projects. Concrete Calculator: Calculate the amount of concrete required for slabs, footings, columns, and walls, accounting for various shapes and sizes. Unit Conversion: Seamlessly convert between different units of measurement, such as length, area, volume, weight, and temperature, ensuring compatibility across projects and international standards. Advanced Functions: Advanced Trigonometric Calculator: Perform complex trigonometric calculations for roof pitches, stair angles, and slope measurements. Construction Cost..
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A polynomial calculator app is a tool designed to perform calculations and operations on polynomials. A polynomial is an algebraic expression consisting of variables and coefficients, which are combined using mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The polynomial calculator app is useful for students, educators, engineers, mathematicians, and anyone who needs to perform calculations involving polynomials. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, the polynomial calculator app can save time and effort in solving complex polynomial problems.
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Concrete Calculator is the perfect app for anyone who needs to calculate the amount of concrete needed for a project. With this app, you can quickly and easily estimate the amount of concrete needed for a variety of projects, including slabs, footings, columns, walls, and steps. Features: -> Estimate the amount of concrete needed for a variety of projects -> Choose from a variety of concrete mix designs -> Get results in both imperial and metric units -> Save your results for future reference Benefits: -> Save time and money by accurately estimating the amount of concrete needed -> Avoid over-ordering or under-ordering concrete -> Make sure you have enough concrete on hand to complete your project on time How to use: -> Select the type of project you are working on. -> Enter the dimensions of your project. -> Choose a concrete mix design. -> Click "Calculate" to get your results. Who is this app for? -> This app is perfect for anyone who needs to calculate the amount of concrete needed for a project. -> It is especially..

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