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AR Moveable Media App DESCRIPTION

This is an app that can be used to display your own images or videos in the background of media recorded with your phone. It can be used to replace a painting on your wall with something more preferable in the moment, or to show a video on the wall while discussing it with your followers. It does take some patience to get the image lined up correctly, but looks nice when it does.

The “Main Menu” can be brought up at any point simply by double tapping.

Currently there are 2 possible square canvasses that can be used with JPG images and MP4 videos. The media can be tilted, stretched, rotated, and moved around as needed to fit the desired location. Better quality of media and camera will lead to better results.

Once the Media is fully set, go to the “Main Menu” and select “Clear Screen”. This will lock everything and clear the screen for you to take a screenshot or record a video.

Please let us know if there are any issues with this app and we will do our best to correct them.

There may be an issue with selecting a second video upon deleting the first. Reset the app to try again.

If the app is left open it is possible that the media will remain in place for some time, but that is not guaranteed at the moment.

There is minimal occlusion capabilities at the moment. we are currently working on improving this aspect.

This app works best for screenshots. If filming a video, the images will move around relative to the surroundings. This is a physics issue. The canvas has to be located in real world exactly where the object it is replacing is located. Try using the forward and backwards buttons to line them up. If the image is moving too much, it is probably too far away. Move it backwards towards you. if the real-world object is moving too much, then your image is likely too close, so move it forward. The app works very well if the real-world and augmented objects are located in the same space.


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