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Anger Diary Voice App DESCRIPTION

Anger Diary Voice” will free you from frustration and stress.

It will also be effective in managing your anger.
Whenever you feel frustrated, you can talk about it to the app and clear your mind.

The phone-like recording screen in this app allows you to record as if you were talking on the phone.
So you can use it outdoors.

You can also expect a cathartic effect.

■What is Anger Log?
Anger Log is one of the methods for anger management.
By recording the contents of your anger, frustration, stress, etc.
Anger Log is a method for anger management.

What is the cathartic effect?
The cathartic effect is a phenomenon in which you feel relieved and relieved when you express negative emotions such as anxiety, irritation, frustration, anger, and sadness.

You can expect this effect by using the function to record your anger with this application.

■How to use
Whenever you feel frustrated, set the level of frustration and record what happened toward the application. At that time, you can say or write rude or dirty words such as “pissed off,” “annoying,” “ahhhhh,” and so on.

■Functions of this app
・Two types of recording screens
1. general voice recorder
2. call screen style voice recorder

You can record as if you are making a phone call.

・Password function
You can set a 4-digit number as a password.
It protects your privacy.
If you set a password, others will not be able to spy on you.

・Data and chart function
You can check the number of times you have posted, your frustration level, and other data and charts.
You can display a week, a month, or a whole period of time as a data period.
There is also an item that displays the ranking of which person you were irritated with.

・Calendar function
You can access diaries of past dates from the calendar.

・Multilingual support
About 50 languages are supported.

■ Frustration Level
Level 5: Absolutely unforgivable. I am feeling the greatest anger in my life.
Level 4: Very strong anger. On the verge of exploding. On the verge of yelling.
Level 3: A little strong anger. I get angry when I remember.
Level 2: Irritable. Feeling uncomfortable.
Level 1: Slightly annoyed. Level 1: Slightly annoyed, but you will forget about it after you sleep.

Purpose of this application
This is a kind of diary used to control one’s anger. The purpose of this diary is to create habits to help you manage your feelings of anger.

What you write in the Anger Diary are the reasons why you got angry and the feelings you had when you got angry. Writing down what made you angry can have the effect of reducing frustration and calming you down. You can then record what made you angry and what made you frustrated, which can further help you control your anger.

Anger Diary also allows you to look at yourself objectively. By recording your daily emotions, you can objectively analyze your own actions and thoughts and make better decisions.

By keeping an Anger Diary, you can control your feelings of anger and build healthy communication and good relationships.

■The Harms of Stressing Out
There are many negative effects of accumulating stress. The following are some of the most common ones.
1.Physical health problems: Prolonged stress can cause physical problems such as high blood pressure, insomnia, stiff shoulders, headaches, and digestive problems.

2. psychological problems: persistent stress can lead to psychological problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, stress-responsive depression, and psychosomatic disorders.

3. Poor performance: Stress can lead to poor work and academic performance, including poor concentration, judgment, memory, and decision-making.

4. poor mood: prolonged stress can cause irritability, anger, and depression.

■ Benefits of Stress Relief
1. physical relaxation: Releasing stress can relieve tension in the body, resulting in relaxation. Physiological indicators such as heart rate and blood pressure improve, which may lead to relief of physical ailments.


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