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OptiCut Combo Calculator App DESCRIPTION

This app can handle 8 sets of lengths for optimizations.

Apart from generating a good cutting pattern(spread sheet), it also provides the details of waste percentage and left overs of the raw materials(bar chart) where they can be reused for other future projects. Also it is sound supported.

They are all designed with a simulated tape measure method where there won’t be any digits and decimal point keystrokes. It can handle up to 40 sets of different lengths(for pro version) and it satisfies the needs for the aluminum and steel industries.

Most of the time the cutting tasks or material estimations have to be calculated on job site other than office where you should be able to figure out how to cut the pieces with the best optimization in a fast paced environment.

This slick mobile app in your own pocket can easily provide you a good cutting pattern with a super fast speed even for huge sets of lengths. It definitely can improve your productivity and save money for the materials concurrently.

The unique design of this app is based on 7 major criterions:
1. Optimizations with iterations and super fast calculating speed.
2. Data Entry method to cover special needs and tastes of personnels.
3. Capacity and precision levels.
4. Very intensive error detection for data input.
5. Cutting pattern and usage for each stock length with waste %.
6. Concise reports with email.
7. A short learning curve. It comes with eight Videos and page views demonstrate the actual operations.

Other benefits such as:
1. Short learning curve – eight videos are included showing the actual operations.

2. Super fast speed – it is utilized an advanced alogrithm and iterations methods.

3. Mobility – you can carry this app at the job site and email the results out for your office or customers.

4 Concise report – it consists of cutting pattern, waste % and left over for each stock length(raw material).

5. Huge number of input data – can handle up to 40 sets of lengths.(for pro version)

6. Saving money for materials and engineering time. Pay back your project is extremely fast.

7. Sound supported – it will guide you through the entire operation.

8. Kerf(blade width) is included in calculations.

9. Error codes – they are used to verify and confirm the input lengths and make sure they are perfect for optimization.
Such as no duplicates, individual lengths should be less than stock length, missing quantity , missing stock length, missing kerf etc.,

10. Input lengths are all in a standardized Imperial and Metric format by simulating the unique design input system.

11. It provides values to the professional applications, such as manufacturing, estimating, custom service and sales. Especially, it is an excellent tool for aluminum framings, windows and curtain walls business where the materials savings are essential.

12. 2 precision levels from 1/32″ to 1/64″ for Imperial system.

13. It can handle up to 100 feet for Imperial system and 30 meters for Metric system.

14. Page views showing the examples of different input systems.


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