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• New: The map can now be set to full screen under iPadOS within the split view. • New: Some sharing functions now open as popovers under iPadOS. • Changed: The webhook property "type" has been renamed to "category" due to a compatibility issue with FHEM. • Various improvements regarding stability, usability and performance. If you like Geofency, please leave us a rating on the App Store. It helps a lot. If not, please send your feedback to


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GEOFENCY enables fully automatic location-based time recording on iPhone, iPad, Mac & Apple Watch, where manual check-in and check-out becomes an absurdity of the past. Arrival and departure times are automatically recorded as soon as you enter or leave an interesting place – it works like magic! Of course all very energy efficient, thanks to the latest Geofencing & iBeacon technologies! With the integrated webhook feature you can even trigger your home automation system as you arrive or leave (e.g. switch on the lights when coming home)!

Ideal for automatic monitoring of working hours, client visits, lunch breaks or the stays on your favorite places! GEOFENCY offers the easiest and most effective way to MONITOR your DURATION OF STAYS on interesting places. Unpleasant manual time recording was yesterday!

• Are you tired of having to write down working hours again and again?
• Fed up leaving the office absently, missed to check the clock?
• Can’t you remember when you came or left your favorite places?

Let the iPhone take over this nerve-racking time monitoring for you!

With GEOFENCY this is now possible in a smart and clever new way! Simply mark your points of interest on a map and leave the rest to Geofency!

GEOFENCY automatically tracks the times when you enter or leave your points of interest. Simply carry your iPhone in your pocket or bag with you. You will automatically receive extensive statistics and graphics over time!

Automatic Location-based Time Tracking – The (GEO)FANCY way!

• Automatic location-based time tracking – 24/7 time recording for your points of interest!
• Graphical visualization of your dwell times (by simply rotating your device to landscape) – with zoom!
• Rich statistics: Single-, Day-, Week- & Month-Summaries.
• Map-View: Manage your points of interest directly on a beautiful fullscreen map view.
• Add new locations in seconds – With just one tap!
• Runs completely in the background while trying to maintain good battery life!
• Automatic recognition when you enter or leave a place or region.
• Webhook feature: Lets you control your home automation system to e.g. switch on lights as you arrive!
• Journaling feature: Automatic recognition of frequent visited places – to know exactly when you’ve been where and how long!
• Calendar-Export: Export events automatically into your calendar (iCloud, CalDAV & Exchange) –view your data comfortable even from Mac or PC!
• Today Widget: See the most interesting details right from the Notification Center with one swipe and be more productive!
• Apple Watch App!
• Export feature: Send time recordings via e.g. email in an Excel-friendly format!
• Export time data and use it directly in Excel, Numbers or Harvest!

Simple to use daily timesaver! You don’t have to fiddle around with time recordings on yourself. Free your mind and just don’t bother about manual time tracking anymore!

100% Private: Only YOU can see your data. We will never collect or share any information about you. We respect and care about the privacy of our users!

For the best and most accurate monitoring results, Wi-Fi, carrier and location services should always be enabled for Geofency. iBeacon monitoring requires at least Bluetooth 4.

Continued use of GPS in the background can significantly reduce battery life. Geofency was designed to use GPS very sparingly and never in the background. The app relies mostly on cell tower + Wi-Fi locations. This has been carefully chosen to get the best battery life.

• “I had no idea that my iPhone could do such things!”
• “Beautiful, polished and elegant designed. Extremely simple to use.”
• “Perhaps the most overall effective app available.”

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Issue was with iOS and now fixed. On iOS 15.1 iPhone 13 Pro Max, stopped working for me Oct 22. I did get it to trigger by leaving app open, but that is sort of a pain. Also triggers when location hasn't changed eg 5AM. Has anyone figured out how to get it working with a new phone and 15.1? Love the app and been using it for years but now its sort of useless. Keeping my fingers crossed


It picks up about half of all monitored areas at any given time


From the preview images, I assumed this synced with apple fitness and tracked workout time/locations too. Alas I think it’s just a location they named ‘fitness.’ (Like a gym maybe? Super misleading.) It seems to work fine as far as the location tracker, but I am usually in a high density urban center and the overlap is severe. It’s ok. Not what I was looking for personally.


Please make the notes search-able. Please…..!!!.!!.!.!.!.!!.!


If you are in need of something for logging date/time for insurances purposes when doing snow removal or other projects I think this will be the app to use. For the cost of one gallon of diesel fuel you won’t need to worry about keeping your logs current while in a hurry to get to the next site.


No doubt everone uses this app in differnet ways, but I'm using with my Home Automation system, Indigio. I have several Geofences setup to do things as I leave the house, my city, and beyond. Conversly, when I move thru these Geofences on the way home, other things happen thru Indigo. I could NOT be any happier with how easy geofences are setup with this app and how easy it is to mange them. Get This App!!!!


I have been using Geofency for years on iOS and just love how well GeoFency will track every single place I go and not track place that i don't want it tracking. I have certain places that I want to pay particular attention to the time spent and GeoFency does this for me. It is very customizable and the ability to make these customizations makes GeoFency a must have. Of you do any sorts of location time trackingm Geofency has you covered. I do not write many reviews but GeoFency deserves my thoughts. Developer, Keep up the great work!


Update: I’ve been using this app for a few years now and it is only gotten better. The developer is currently making an effort to improve the application. It works flawlessly and as advertised and I am very happy with my purchase. It runs in the background using little power, keeping track of your whereabouts in throughout the day You don't even realize it is running becasue you don't have to launch it. I've had it running for over a year and it has kept details about most every place I visit. I use it mostly to track doctors appt.'s. I have GeoFency remind me that I have arrived and not to forget to take notes and record a voice memo. It is a 10 star app in my book. Heck it could prove you were somewhere else when your Mother-in-law was egged and keep you out of jail. ;)


Great app! Trigger home automation events based on various family members location.


App doesn’t update location and geofencing fails. iBeacon randomly show present and not present. Documentation is nonexistent. Support… is there any? Have submitted the same in feedback - will update if I get some help. In the mean time, definitely a nonstarter.


I love all the tweaks you made while I wasn't paying attention!


This app delivers as described! Crisp & clean. Well planned and executed. Below are additional thoughts to consider. ______ Goal: use app + iBeacons to measure the time I spend in each of 10 rooms (10ft x 12ft) & at 1 nursing station (in hallway) at my office. After researching, this app is best. Problem: for reliable iBeacon signal (low enough error) across the distance of the room, the necessary power setting is high enough to produce a signal that can be regularly detected outside of the appropriate room and cause a false Clock-in event 😥. Suggestions: (1) any existing work-arounds or suggestions anyone might have would be appreciated; (2) allow a user set signal strength threshold to define a true-positive clock-in event and exclude false events (signals less than this threshold are disregarded);(3) filter out the signals with higher frequency of errors (similar to #2, but a little diff); (4) allow user defined “ONLY 1 CLOCK-IN LOCATION AT A TIME” and only a better signal would cause a clock-out + clock-in event. Thanks, and hope some of those changes can be made to help use the app to the best of its abilities.


Great app - sometimes an entry is logged incorrectly to the wrong location. Is there a way to move an entry from one location to another? (without just deleting it and manually re-adding)


I use it to keep track of when I arrive and leave work.


I tried this app to replace Locative which I had been using to send webbooks to my home automation system. Locative would send the webhook when I left the geofence but not when I re-entered it. This app is no better. It simply doesn’t detect when I enter the geofence unless I have the app open which defeats the purpose.


I’ve been using Geofency for about 3 years. It works seamlessly in the background, uses close to zero resources, and never fails to capture my tracked locations.


The developer is always updating and so far works very well for me thanks for the hard work


I've been using Geofency on iOS for several years and found it to be by far the best location tracker available -- both in terms of accuracy, and ease (it really is set-and-forget). It also has excellent export options and some very nice "trigger" possibilities. The one thing I was missing was a good way to review the data on desktop. I tried a number of methods which worked but were far from ideal. BUT. This new desktop app is exactly right. Just what I wanted -- all the same features, but a little reorganized for desktop. And finally able to take advantage of the much larger screens. If you want a usable, accurate record of your movements and/or a solid way to trigger actions according to your travels -- look no further. Now that it covers desktop and mobile, Geofency is absolutely the one to beat in this arena.


I have tried a lot of applications in this categories. This app is so great. Thanks


As a field service technician it allows me to keep track of where I was and for how long. It’s invaluable for double checking times sheets and making sure billable hours are accurate. I highly recommend!