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Fixed button tap areas, Zip code saves on update


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The Garden Time app from Burpee is the perfect tool to help gardeners know when to sow, transplant and expect to harvest vegetables and herbs specific to their garden region. The app automatically creates a task list to notify the user when their next sow or transplant date arrives. Included within the app is a full database of plants, local weather, and links to how-to gardening videos.



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Bought Burpee seeds at local home store. Want help tracking when and where i should plant the seeds i already own. Nowhere to search and enter. How does that help me to track my seeds?


Tap all you want. Nothing is going to happen. Can’t create an account. Zip code for growing zones doesn’t work. If this was all I knew about Butpee, I wouldn’t buy anything from them. Every now and then something will open, but it doesn’t work more than it does.


I read all of the negative reviews but thought it couldn’t be that bad - but I was wrong it was that bad. The first thing (and the last) was it didn’t recognize my Burpee log in. Apple, why do you continue to support apps that don’t work?


I downloaded the app three times.


I expected better than this from a trusted name like Burpee. This app is sooooo slow to respond, and soooo buggy. I’ll press a button and nothing happens. So I press it again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Six or eight button presses later, spread 10-15 seconds apart, a bunch of notifications will pop up at once because it was delayed so much. It will freeze up so I can’t even scroll sometimes. Interface is not intuitive. Nothing is organized well. It recommends plants on the garden page and when I click them it says not recommended for your growing zone. Then why was it on my recommended list?? I can’t say enough about how awful this app is. Now I see why I deleted it several years ago. It clearly has not improved. They don’t care about this app. That much is obvious.


With the quality products Burpee sells, I’m shocked they would not only release such a buggy app...but allow it to remain buggy YEARS after release and after so many people left negative reviews. I’ve had it sitting on my Home Screen for more than a year, confident they would fix it...but they haven’t and I’m deleting it today. I’d rather they not even offer it. Incredibly disappointed in a company I love.


I was so excited to set up my account and start entering plants! But within an hour I gave up, disappointed. The problems: 1) very small selection of plants - I can access the Burpee catalog, but can apparently only add from the short lists in "dig in" 2) how-to links for plants lead to general useless information about what you need to find out before planting, nothing about the specific plant 3) no info about soil needs 4) my zip code isn't listed, I have to re-enter in for every garden I create 5) cannot change name of a garden once created 6) no way to search for plants by name, bloom color or other salient features 7) app freezes 8) items entered in gardens do not appear in plan 9) 8) no link to a help file... 😫


The app really needs some work as it currently has a lot of lag when choosing options. As much as I wanted to see what the app was capable of, it must took too long trying to navigate between pages. Tried to add Roma tomatoes to my garden to no avail: (1) it's not an available selection and (2) once a tomato option was selected, it didn't do anything... Nothing was added. It's a shame. I really had high hopes for this app.


Burpee has good seeds but this app is Waste of phone space.. it’s hanged, not user friendly and very confusing.


I don’t find the app useful. It needs to be redone.


I have to say I really don’t think this app is ready to be released yet, especially given the number of negative feedback reviews. Including mine. It crashes, and it has little to no variety on the types of plants you DO have. If this is a burpee app it should at least have all the types of plants and seeds you offer on your website, in my opinion. And it has to download new data every time you open, and then will often crash there too. I’m a frequent customer and I typically enjoy your product quality, however I’m sorry to say this app isn’t the business.


App refuses to work properly keeps downloading weather and other updates will not save properly


Had the app previously and enjoyed it. Didn’t have all the info I wanted on the Vegs and herbs we wanted but work. Trying to login on a new device and it won’t let me reset it. No internet connect. My phone is has a WiFi connection. Just junk.


I loved this app. It really was helping me learn how to garden, when to plant things and when to start sowing. I went on vacation and when I came back my app stopped working. I have deleted it, turned off my phone and reloaded the app. Nothing. The home page with the months on it will not open any of the months. I would really like to know how to fix this.


Would not load without “internet connection.” Full carrier signal but complained about internet connection... tried wireless connect and same issue. Was really looking forward to using the app but it doesn’t load. Poor ratings seem justified since it’s not working.


App will not open up giving a false reason that I’m not connected to Internet yet I am, wouldn’t have been able to download it if not connected, nor be able to search internet to find this app. Sad bc I was looking forward to it.


Every time I try and open the app it gives and alert and says “ we were unable to download the garden time planner data at this time. Make sure you have an active internet connection and try again . Error 3 “ Please fix this it has been a problem for over a year


Wouldn’t load, iPhone 11 Pro Max current on updates tried connected and not to WiFi.


Continues to tell me app won’t load. Cant use it.


Doesn’t work, even when connected to WiFi.