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What's new in version 6.70: - We're working behind the scenes on some great new features. Stay tuned! Thanks for all the great feedback! Email with any comments.


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PagerDuty, Inc. (NYSE:PD) is a leader in digital operations management. In an always-on world, organizations of all sizes trust PagerDuty to help them deliver a perfect digital experience to their customers, every time. Through its SaaS-based platform, PagerDuty arms developers, IT operations, support, security, and business leaders to prevent and resolve incidents when seconds matter. Over 12,000 businesses including GE, Vodafone, Box, and American Eagle Outfitters rely on PagerDuty to continuously improve their digital operations.

PagerDuty for iOS allows you to:
* Receive unlimited push notification alerts and set custom sounds for alerts
* Easily access and respond to open incidents (acknowledge, resolve, or reassign)
* View incident details, grouped alerts, and resolution timelines at a glance
* View your on-call timeline and team schedules, and book overrides for yourself or your teammates
* Access a contact list of all users in your account and their contact information
* Create new incidents directly from the mobile app
* Loop in responders for additional help
* Execute custom actions (like restarting servers, running diagnostics, etc.) on incidents

NOTE: A PagerDuty user account is required to use this application. Some features’ availability depends on your PagerDuty plan.




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Please provide Apple Watch support to acknowledge and resolve alerts on the Apple Watch when the iPhone is not present, using cellular.


The sound and vibrate settings don’t actually change the sound and vibration of a notification. Even with vibrate off, a notification triggers vibrations, sometimes INSTEAD of a sound. This is with critical alerts on as well. The alert tone chosen in settings isn’t played during a notification, instead it’s always the PagerDuty default sound…and only when the app feels like it, not consistently. The only consistent thing in each notification is the vibration. How can users trust this app to reliably notify them of incidents?


I previously left a 2-star review (which Apple isn’t letting me edit for some reason) because I was unhappy with the new layout of the screen that displays details about an alert. The developers responded to my review and fixed the issue in the latest version. Other than that I’ve had no issues with PagerDuty—it’s reliable and easy to use. Thanks for being responsive to your users!


This helps for on-call, and also work/life balance as there are modifications you can make in the app and choose when to be notified. That way your on-call only when you actually are.


Nothing like being woken up in the middle of the night and when you check the app, it just has a loading spinner... Forever. I think pager duty needs to use pager duty.


I was a real pain to setup and get working correctly. I had to play around with JQL to understand what I wanted it to do. Now that everything is set up it’s great. It really helps me to respond to Jira tickets quicker. Since I’m on call all the time I don’t have to check my email constantly anymore. I only use the actual app to acknowledge and resolve tickets so it works great of that.


Every option to login generates an error "400 bad request". I see no way to get past this problem.


The user interface of this app is fairly decent; however my biggest complaint is that I am unable to view my own past resolved incidents. I can only view the incidents of my team and it would be helpful if I could quickly navigate to my own past resolved incidents. Another minor complaint is searching for particular incidents through the app. Currently it requests me to enter the incident number instead of a keyword. It is much easier to search through the desktop interface.


There should be a way not only to view your team’s and everyone’s resolved instances but also the instance that I resolved myself as well. There are times where I want to go back to and see the work that I did myself. Also the web version of the app is easier to use than the mobile version so I find myself defaulting back to my computer often


it used to be that when I got an alert I could actually read the alert details in the app. But when there is only a single alert, the very unhelpful “intelligent triage” popover pops up OVER the scroll view, and makes it impossible to actually tap on the alert to see more detail. So someone implemented intelligent triage without basic ui testing to see: if I add this “helpful” thing, does it actually make the experience worse or better?


You need to improve notifications and sound behavior when I get a new page: a) When you are in a phone call and a notification arrives hurts my ear! Fix that ASAP b) When you are in a Microsoft Teams call and a notification arrives mesa the audio and Speaker or in ear sound is gone!!!


In a alert, any text that iOS recognizes as phone number, url, or anything else that iOS thinks clickable is invisible


In the past you can send yourself a page to test if DND is working, now it is no longer possible


Congrats on pride colors! Bring it back for the whole month.


I cannot believe how hard it is to find a reliable service like the one PagerDuty purports to provide. Coming from someone trying PD as a business need, it is unusable. Constantly having issues with calls not going through and “customer service” can never tell us anything they can find wrong. Garbage product.


I effin hate getting paged


Wakes me up and gets me working on the problem. I don’t care about anything else, it’s perfect for what I need.


Black & white and small font hard to see content


If I could rate this app ZERO stars I would. From a basic functionality perspective it works, however, it has one HUGE flaw. It’s too loud. The volume of the alert is not configurable and also still audibly notifies when you phone is on silent. It is undoubtedly the most aggravating and aggressive alert sound ever imagined, and what’s more it rings out at what feels like 1000 dbs... ALWAYS. My wife and children do not need to be jolted out of a sound sleep, yet they are, whenever I get a late night escalation. Mind you we are not all in the same room, the kids have their own bedrooms down the hall. That is how obnoxiously loud these alerts are. I could only imagine how much my neighbors would hate me if I lived in an apartment instead of a single family home out in the suburbs. Unless you are actually dead and are trying to be shocked back to life I would recommend never downloading this horrible app. And, just to be clear, PagerDuty knows this is a problem for people. There are many threads on their message boards and they continue to do nothing. STAY AWAY!!


Not bad, but can’t edit schedules or set overrides in the app.