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Simple. Easy. Prepaid.
You don’t have a bank account or credit card? Or you don’t want to use regular net banking? No problem. The paysafecard app allows you to create a prepaid payment account in minutes to pay easily on thousands of sites.

Pay online without a bank account or credit card
paysafecard is an alternative payment method for prepaid online payments, which means you don’t need a bank account or credit card to enjoy online entertainment like music, shopping and gaming easily. It’s simple like any other prepaid balance but more flexible and advanced:

– Register an account in minutes for free (16+)
– Get prepaid balance at +600,000 sales outlets worldwide
– Manage your balance conveniently in the account
– Redeem the balance on 1000+ websites
– Keep control of your costs through prepaid payments
– Stay safe by not using financial details online
– Excellent payment method for gaming especially: Easily purchase games, in-game items, in-game currency, gift cards & more

Accepted by global brands and key players in everyday digital (or online) entertainment and the preferred payment solution by millions for gaming and shopping sites.

How does it work after downloading the app?
1. Register to create a paysafecard account in minutes
2. Find a sales outlet to buy a paysafecard prepaid code, available in various amounts
3. Top up your account balance with the 16-digit code on the purchased prepaid card
4. Pay flexibly on thousands of shopping and gaming sites around the world

Be faster with the app
More convenient, quicker and everything in one place. If you want to safely shop online or pay on popular gaming sites and services, you can do so with paysafecard prepaid balance. It is effortless simply enter the 16-digit code at the check-out and enjoy secure online payments without the need to add a credit card or bank account.

Main app functionalities
– Scan2Pay: Scan the QR code on a merchant website to pay more conveniently
– Scan2Topup: Scan the QR code on your paysafecard to top up your account faster
– PoS Search: Find a paysafecard sales outlet in your area more easily
– Balance Check: See the balance left on your paysafecard code quickly
– Direct Load: Generate a barcode, go to a sales outlet and automatically top up your account with the amount of your choice

Please contact or visit our website for more information, assistance and our terms and conditions. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @paysafecard




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I’m unable to redeem this worthless card on the app. I can check the balance on the card but I cannot do anything else with it. This is a scam company.


Can’t access your account from this app. Can’t top up. Can’t find retail outlets for the cards, which you can’t buy online. And this after uploading your ID card for identity verification. Total amateurs. I will file a GDPR complaint to force them to delete my personal data.


I've been trying to have my $150 refunded or unlocked my pins for more than 8 days, and I'm thinking nothing that the $150 has been lost. they don't have a Spanish-language call number


Back when the App used to work it was Amazing, however for 5 months now it is no longer working with my iPhone 12, the login option is completely missing. Contacting customer support several times did not bear any fruits either so I have just given up.


Definitely the worst payment processing app. Paysafecard forces you to “upgrade your status” after the first processed payment. It’s up to you to figure out what it means. Then you find out that you need to download the app and follow the instruction. But there is no instruction. There is not even a login process once you install the app. The only two options you are given is to check the ballance (which when you do gives you “you can use all your balance now” information) and find the place that sells cards near you. They don’t have life costumer service and they don’t reply to your emails in timely manner.


What sup with all retailers locations that show on the app map saying that they don’t have paysafe card. Even with the correct address the place name and is completely different.


Don’t waste your money in this I bought $100 card and it’s useless no one accept it or knew about it it’s a big scam


Same thing other guy was saying I Went to every outlet shown on map in my area not one ever heard of it


why paysafe company ask the two factor when we cant login in to the app ?


This app is useless in Utah. I went to 8 different stores that were shown to have the paysafecards and no one knew what I was talking about. I showed them the app to see if that would help and no one had any idea what it was or had heard about it. I then called 6 other stores and they did not know what paysafecard was. There should be a way to add funds to it from Apple Pay. I wasted so much time going to “Sales Outlets” near me that we’re shown on the app where they sold the paysafecards Their website also shows the same sales outlets. Worthless app and worthless website unless you actually have some that sells the paysafecards. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!


Why cant I see a place to log in on this app ... i have watched so many of the video on YouTube but I still can’t find the logo at the app ... pls can the administrators do something about it


No one knows what this is lol waste of time


All of the "retailers" I visited don't even carry their card. It's just misinformation and a waste of time and gas.


Bruttissima app...non aggiornata!! Mi ha fatto girare in tondo per tanti store o gas station alla ricerca di paysafecard e nessuno la teneva,anche perché a parte qualcuno gli altri non sapevano nemmeno cosa fosse...!! Voto 0


Very freaking buggy, fix it, devs!


The app is not stable . Need bug fix . You can't open it and when you keep trying it will pop up for 1 second and crush .


Called up seven places they don't even know what the hell a paysafecard is


I called several vendors and none of them know what I'm talking about, none have ever heard of a paysafecard. Is this even real? How did this make it to the App Store? I agree with the other poster on here, this app is less than worthless.


I just called two vendors on the list of local businesses at which I can supposedly buy a card, and neither vendor knew what I was talking about, to say nothing of having them actually in stock. (Glad I didn't just drive over and assume I could pick one up.) That would make this app LESS than worthless.


The map feature is out of date and completely useless. It does not show any locations to contain cards.