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Share and save the best moments of childhood — and optionally print them automatically in beautiful photo books. In addition to photos and videos of your kids, you can also save and share audio recordings, notes, and quotes.

It’s easy to get started with Notabli. Just add your kid(s) and share your unique invite link with family, friends, or even on social media — you’ll get to approve each person who requests to keep up.

No smartphone required: family can easily keep up via email updates.

We built Notabli with three core principles:

– Content is owned by parents, and exportable at any time.
– Children’s information is private, and never sold or made available to advertisers.
– Notabli should be simple, beautiful, and a joy to use.

Questions or ideas — let us know!

Twitter: @notabli
Terms of use:

“Notabli is an app for (securely) capturing photos and memories of your kids. What a great concept.”

—Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times Technology Columnist




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Been using this for 4 years now all of a sudden I have to pay to upload videos. Not cool. Will find something that’s less buggy.


We’ve used this app for 3+ years. My sister has used it for longer. We both love it because we don’t wanna throw all these pics and videos on Facebook and we want grandparents to be able to see the kids grow. Recently an update changed it so that all we can do is photos and not videos. I’m pretty upset about that because there’s no other way to send my grandmother videos. I’ll still recommend it but I’m only giving two stars due to the need to pay now.


So happy with Notibli. Been using it for 5 years now and it’s the only way to keep family and friends updated with kid photos. The email updates are key and I love that is just family vs social media.


Private, ad free, easy to use, and now even more features are being added. There’s no better way to share pictures of your children!


Notabli is the only place I feel good about posting photos of my kids online. It’s become a really nice library of images (and printed books!) to look back on as my kids grow. And it’s the best way to stay in touch with other kids I love and who I’m not able to see during the pandemic.


We have used this service for 6 years beginning with the birth of our oldest. We captured the weather the day she was born “feels like -40” (screenshot of weather app) and haven't looked back. It’s the only way I share photos with family. Private, ad-free and easy to use. My whole family uses this app and loves it. We also get the photo books sent automatically.. baby book, done! Family albums, done. Highly recommend!


Love the privacy and the lack of ads. Very simple easy-to-use interface. It’s simply perfect for keeping a small group of friends and family in on your kiddos life. Sometimes uploads on videos can be buggy and you might have to try it again... but it’s free and private, so it’s well worth that small inconvenience. Love that it has apps for iOS and android and a website as well. Just really well thought through and simple. Family loves being able to download the media for offline use too.


Downloaded Notabli two years ago to use to share photos of our baby with friends and family because we aren’t big fans of giving our kid an online presence before they can give permission. Now with even more privacy red flags with Facebook Im really glad we did. Two years in and we love it. Looking back I’m so glad we’re using it, as it basically has become a digital baby book. Because I didn’t want to overload people I curated the couple of things I posted every week or two, and it’s created a really special collection. Friends and family get email updates with no ads and they aren’t added to a spam list (a friend of mine uses tinybeans and the ads and spam they send me drives me crazy). The platform is intuitive and easy, both in an app and in a traditional browser. My only complaint is that I wish you could reply to people’s comments. And I wish that more of my friends had kids on the platform. Highly, highly recommend.


So far I Like the format and uploading is easy! I like being able to assign both kids or individually. I’m interested to see what possible sorts are going to be a available like by year month etc. making books could be chronologically fun. This app will be really nice for my ex-wife and I to share old memories and new one with our kids. That’s what my hope is for the app. My one suggestion and reason for 4 star rather than 5 is the bulk loading option isn’t there. If I could select a number of images and upload it would be less time intensive.


I love this app for privately sharing all the updates on my son with our family and friends. Note: Latest version won’t connect to the internet. All my other apps work just fine, and everything is up to date. Please fix


So easy to share every moment with those that care without bleeding the feed on social media or clogging up storage space in texts or emails. 100% love and recommend this app to any and everyone with children


This app is a pretty great way to share and keep track of kid photos without dealing with all the social media mess. Happy user.


Great app! However, the removal of the character limit would be much appreciated :)


Easy to use app! I hope for the filling improvements: - Searching for milestones - record my voice for journal entries or as the notes to photos. My dad died as a child and it was amazing the first time I heard his voice talk about me in a recording. It is more meaningful than typed out explanations.


Beautiful design. Appreciate the control and privacy settings. Use it daily to share with family.


This app is the answer for those who do not want to post many pictures on social media, but want to share their child's milestones with family. We've been using it for 1 year now. Post for multiple children, anyone with access can comment or "heart" photos. Refine views to just your child or all the little ones you follow. Can access via website, and have weekly or monthly emails with new photos for those who do not use apps. All around awesome and easy to use!


I am a grandparent and love that this easy to use app makes it easy for me to stay updated on all grandkids, nephews, nieces in one spot reachable wherever I am on phone, iPad, computer. It's almost as good as being there and I can save my favorite shots too. Love Notabli!!


I've been searching for this exact app for awhile. It has everything I could hope for in a private information app. Thank you!


My wife and I have been using this since early on and find it absolutely perfect. We want to be in control of what we save, who gets to see it (no one but us in some cases), and where we saved it. This is the best of Facebook and Instagram and Path all in one without all the social network high and mighty. The design and UI execution is outstanding as well. Just for kicks I tried the data export feature and it worked better than I imagined, so we are comfortable saving our kids' memories in notabli. No privacy concerns because no one can see this stuff but us and those we allow/invite. Best part is going back in time to look at videos and pics and quotes with the kids!! 5 star app, looking forward to future updates!


I love this app! It's a family social media for my children. I am able to post everything from soccer schedules, pictures, quotes and more! It uploads to the app and only the people that I have invited have access. My family has also downloaded the app (not required to access) and every time I post something new they get a notification! It's also great because my husband can also post stuff from his phone. This is a must have for all parents!!!