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【图】The Princess Case – A Royal Scoop – A Hidden Object Adventure(截图 0)【图】The Princess Case – A Royal Scoop – A Hidden Object Adventure(截图 1)


Getting the biggest scoop of her career was never so hard for one intrepid reporter. How could a simple news story turn into a police investigation.

The media were all smiles as the royal couple set off on their honeymoon trip. A reporter with New York’s People Mag, Lois Wheeler was the first on the trail of a big exclusive. But when she finds her way into the newly-weds’ hotel, Lois gets more than she bargained for.


Instead of interviewing the couple of the moment, she finds herself tangled up in an international kidnapping case. And before she knows it the FBI are involved.

Thrown into a situation unlike any she has faced in her career, Lois has to use her investigative skills and gift for languages to rise to the occasion. Seek out the objects used to commit the kidnapping and begin your investigation.

Use your reporting skills and powers of observation and deduction to evade the trickiest of situations.

– Retina Display (on iPhone/iPod)
– A host of superb animated scenes
– An original storyline
– Simple and intuitive gameplay
– An interactive inventory
– A range of mini games: Puzzles, Match 3, Sliding Blocks etc

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Ok App Store I know you get a thousand app reviews a day but I really need you to read mine this is a great game but my mom would kill me I she found out I had and I think she might so please clear it from my history today please. And everyone GET THIS APP ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and please send me something like a review when you read this


I wish that I knew what I was supposed to find! Could you provide a picture of what we are supposed to find. Another thing some pictures are too dark to find anything - UGH! Fix that and you will get more stars!


I liked the first few games and purchased the full version. When I got to "the hotel honeymoon suite" two of the hidden objects are off screen. I can't coolect them and can't progress. The instructions say something about a map but I can't find it either. No info on Microids website.


Their is no way of winning this game when you have objects to find that are not on the screen, they are on the edge where you can't see them. You use a hint to help you and it shows them at the edge where you can't click on them. This isn't a bad game other wise. The graphics are great and the storyline is fine. I don't think I would recommend this game to any one. Tried to get App support took me to their French site. Can't read French, no help.


As with others, I could not see the items because the screen is cut off so you can not advance to the next part of the story, you're stuck in the suite. If I could give 0 stars I would. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS ONE!!!


The screen is too big for the iPad so it makes it impossible to go any further than the hotel suite screen. Also, the maker of this app has not responded to fix the issue or refund the money wasted. Otherwise, this could be a great game.


Nice interesting game...


I'm very upset I spent 3.99 on this app. I upgraded because I wanted to keep playing but once I did, the game does not work properly. I want my money back. This was pointless, worthless and disappointing


Wish I read the reviews first. There is supposed to be a "scroll" function to move to another map - doesn't work. Game is unplayable.


I used the hints and its not working. There should be another option to get past a part. There are no suggestions or anything! Ugh


I haveafriend that. Pays this game I could hardly wait but I did I was very disappointed because I was looking for the mag and was counting the and was just hanging I kept waiting for instructions On how to play this game none came I am at the same point today! Why do none of the games give no instruction on how to play the games . I know there has to be more people as dumb as me playing, I have found more games on line like no instruction Other they give me a lot of enjoyment thanks


I play this game all day. I have even stopped playing some of my other games such as "Candy Crunch" to play "The Scoop". I enjoy all the intricate puzzles that has to be solved to be able to move on to the next step. Great game and it makes you use your thinking power. It's better played on my iPhone instead of my iPhone because it is more visible with the larger playing field. I stumbled on this game by accident when I was looking for a different game. I have since then forgotten whatever game that I was looking for.


Unable to work well on iphone due to limited viewing. Would enjoy it on a laptop or desk top computer. Too short.


Do not waste your money. It will not let you click on the items. I paid for this thinking it was going to be fun to find the clues. Very boring!!!!!!!!! I wish I hadn't purchased this game!!!!!!


Same issues other have-can't see all the hidden images. The clues flash off the edge of the screen. Can't skip dialog. Should not have purchased.


I would have given it no star if I could. The game play is horrible and it's not tailored for tablets/mobile, could be clicking the right places for 100 times and it won't register. Such a waste of my money.


Ok, but slow


Like this game, used to play a similar game on my old pc and I loved it. I can't get the full image to come up on my iPhone and I can't tap the clues that are off to the sides. Just spent 5 bucks and now I can't move forward because a stupid clue is off to the side and I can't tap on it.


I like this game...but I don't like the fact it's $4.99 therefore I didn't buy it... I liked finding the clues and solving the mini puzzles


Got to a find a key puzzle but could only see fuzzy images you were supposed to match. Got to be under 20 to see this stuff. Had to give up and delete. Boring game.