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We're back, Baby! Finally updated our game to work on the newer 64-bit devices. Sorry it took so ridiculously long. Corrected the point value on the letter V to 9 points. Added links to our other word games.


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“A unique treat among the sea of word games” —

“This easy-to-use and highly addictive word game is a must have! —

“Finally! For the avid word connoisseur – iVolution. Not your average Ho-Hum word game!” — PaperDesk tweet

From the husband and wife team that created “Chain of Thought” and “RhymieStymie” comes “iVolution – the evolving word game!”

iVolution is easy to pick up but hard to put down.

You start with a 2 letter word seed like “AN” and use it to build a word like “FANTASTIC.” Then you select 2 letters from your word, and those letters become the next word seed for your opponent.

The words keep evolving, back and forth, a piece of your word becoming part of your opponent’s word, then a piece of their word becoming part of your next word.

iVolution is incredibly simple yet incredibly addicting. You can play solo against computer opponents or challenge your friends to a word showdown with the online play modes! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to join the revolution in word evolution!

*7 different power-ups

*2 single player modes

*2 “Pass ‘n Play” modes

*2 turn-based multiplayer online modes so you can challenge your friends anywhere, anytime!

*Tons of achievements to earn

*Multiple leaderboards so you can compare your scores with the world

*Help videos to get you quickly playing like a pro

We really hope you enjoy our new game. We’d love to hear from you. So please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks and best wishes,
Jay & Julia




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Hey again! I’m back to write an updated review. I absolutely love this game! I mean I SERIOUSLY love love LOVE it! I play this game as often as I get a notification from my opponent. Which isn’t as often as I’d like. Hopefully now that it’s been updated I’ll receive more opponents! Challenging,brain exercise and FUN FUN FUN! I totally dig word games but most are cheesy and not too fun. This one is perfect! I’m very picky when it comes to games. Ok ok...I’m just picky! Hahaha but this game,this game here is a gem! Please don’t ever let it go away again! I am very satisfied with IVOLUTION and I’m so grateful to Jay and his wife for taking the time to not only develop these wonderful games,but also,to release the updated version so that we can all enjoy it! Especially with all that’s been going on in the world during these hard,uncertain times. I sincerely thank you both for making my life more enjoyable! God bless you the Bacal family! Sincerely,Gloryjasmine 💙


Apple forced me to stop playing this game because it hadn’t been updated in a while. So thankful you guys came through for us fans. This is a must have game if you’re the type of person that love exercising you brain muscles.


Please Update the App for iOS11. 03/10/2019 Thank you!! 🙌🙌🙌


iVolution is one of my very favorite games of all-time! It is challenging, stretches a person's vocabulary, and is a great way to spend a few moments (or hours if you really get carried away!). Not only is it a fantastic game, there are so many options available. You really can customize it to be just the way you like it. I am so happy that Jay, Julia and Daniel Bacal decided to update this incredible game so it can be played on the newer versions of Apple software. I feel I’ve been granted a new lease on life. That’s true, as far as playing this terrific game is concerned. If you like word games of any kind, I strongly encourage you to try iVolution. I can’t imagine a word nerd like me not loving this game!


I miss this app. It was so much fun and challenging! Please update it to 11.0.3!


I loved this app! It was SO MUCH FUN! Please please please UPDATE it so it will work on Apple's new operating system!


I love this app and use it in my private practice as a Speech Language Pathologist. It is one of the most popular apps with my clients. Unfortunately it will not run with the update IOS 11.0.3 apple software. Can this app be updated? Thanks!


Great game


I play a lot of word games, but I don't think I've seen another quite like this. The two-letter seeds are easy and boring, but with three-letter seeds, there's a lot of fun to be had. I don't like just how big an advantage you get from power-ups, but this game is still worth a try.


This app rocks! And what a challenge! Much more interesting way to pass slow time than with an arcade game.


I like the game but it doesn't find any of my friends. I would rather play against them than the computer. What am I doing wrong? How do I add a friend?


Does not recognize simple words like wedding (& all of it's forms) & Many other basic words, yet it recognizes words like paramecium??? Like I said Could be great but for now it is just frustrating when you come up with a great or even reasonable word & it does not recognize it! :(


This app is definitely better than Chain of Thought. For wordies and writers like myself, it is a must have. I love how they offer dictionary definitions as well. However, it does need to be updated, as it does not accept a number of words. But overall I think this could become the new Words with Friends :)


the idea is great but words need to be updated. the game does not recognize a number of words


I am really enjoying playing this game. It offers a nice twist compared to other word games, it makes for great fun being able to use as many letters as you choose. I highly recommend this game for word addict gamers like myself.


One of the best word games out there! I luv playing this game.


I am completely addicted to this game, but it very frequently crashes mid-match. So frustrating.


It says 'tangerine' and 'panting' aren't words. Very annoying, that.


It would be the greatest game if it didn't constantly turn off and close


I tried to play it twice. The same results happened. After a few games your app crashed completely. I lost the coins I earned. When I reopened the app the same thing happens. Very frustrating! I rate the game a waste of time. I HAD TO GIVE IT A ONE STAR TO PUBLISH!