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Never miss the latest from The Q Morning Zoo and the rest of 93Q Houston crew, anywhere you go, with 93Q Houston app! The app features a live stream of what’s playing now, an alarm clock, an open mic so you can talk to us and so much more. A must-have for fans for 93Q. Missed this morning’s 2nd Date Update? Now available exclusive on the 93Q APP! New episodes looping every day, 24/7!



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Deleted this app and the radio station preset. Tim was the show. Erica and Kaitlin are horrible! Moving over to the Bull. Y’all did Tim dirty. F this liberal station.


The app isn’t working. What is wrong? Need help!


Is the android app working good? I have an android phone that I use as my radio, recently the 93Q radio just won’t stay on. It just turns off a few minutes after I turn it on. Is there a problem with the android app?


App crashes every time I try to do anything with Second Date Update. Why can’t you be like The Rod Ryan Show and the rest of the iHeart stations and just podcast on the iHeart app?


It’s not good it’s stop every 10 min error play fix it


This app is not ready for prime time. Besides 2nd date update having extraneous music on either side the music stops and starts. The artist visually shown as playing is hardly ever what your listening to on audio. This also robs you of the ability to like the music your listening to because of the graphic difference. I write code at work and I know this can be much better and still cannot believe Apple actually looked at this before approving it for download. How times have changed. :(


Downloaded the app to be able to listen to 2nd date update, but it’s crap. You have to wade thru crap to listen to half, then more crap to listen to the 2nd half. AND, there’s only ONE update on there! My husband told me about a great one a few days ago, but I couldn’t listen to it. NOT On Demand at all! False advertising!


I hit the button to hear the update and all I get is commercials....ugh wanted to hear what I missed this morning. Oh well




Downloaded for 2nd date update and listened to 5 min of commercials and then a song started so I gave up. Sad.


There should be a way to just hear the 2nd date update without all the other stuff.


Been listening for 15 MINUTES! And still haven’t heard it! That is complete crap. Uninstalled!


The only reason I downloaded the app was to listen to the 2nd date update and when I click on it it literally plays everything but the 2nd date update. Disappointed to say the least.


My app will not load after the latest update.


I love 93Q. Too bad their app is junk! You listen through commercials, song and morning traffic updates in order to hear 2nd date update just for the stupid thing to quit in the middle of listening! So annoying!


I downloaded this app so I could listen to the radio at home, but I spend more time getting the music to come back on than actually listening to it. While playing music, it cuts out after a few minutes, and I have to go back into the app to get it to start again. Defeats the purpose streaming music.


Just like everyone else that has put a negative review it is because the 2nd date update. It just plays everything that was played on the radio station from 6:30am to 6:55am. To hear the date info I had the listen to 3 songs then it played the 1st part of the date. Then 10 minutes of the morning traffic updates, commercials, then some songs and then the second half of the date. I listened in the morning and was gonna have my wife listen to it but she didn't want to hear the junk in between. So arriving at the point of the 2nd half I paused it told my wife about the 1st part and pressed play. It had skipped into it by a minute and cutting out half of the important stuff. There is no rewind or fast forward! So now the whole reason I downloaded the app, listened to the junk in between and the commercials and the 6:30am traffic updates and the songs I did not want to hear is lost and the only way to hear it again is to start over. Please just put the 2nd date update without the other junk! If you need you could put in a commercial at the beginning like everyone else does.


Just make me listen to 3 commercials then let me hear the 2nd date update. Not 3 commercials and 3 songs. Deleting the app...


Downloaded this app to listen to a 2nd date update I only caught the end of. Ads, Ads everywhere! not just a couple, not just a few! when I found the 2nd date update button and then I had to listen to 3 long commercials before it started, but then it started playing radio music! WTH. On top of that it does even have a selection of some of the recent 2nd date updates, it only has the most recent one. Done with this crap and station. Filthy adware. Shame on you shills. Why even package and deliver this app?


The 2nd date update button only plays songs and commercials. Looking at other reviews it seems this has been a problem for a while now. Please fix it! I'm deleting the app if you don't!