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Zookeeper Battle v6.1.5 New features and fixes! ▼New Features ・Added new function, "Treasure Hunt at the Beach". Further notifications will be issued within the app. ・Added new function, "Gold Zoo Ticket Exchange". Further notifications will be issued within the app.




We’ve reached over 10 million downloads! Thank you ZOOKEEPER fans! 12/14/2020

Featured in App Store for the US, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, and many more!
Ranked overall #1 in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries!

“ZOOKEEPER”, the popular action puzzle game played by over 10 million people, is now a Battle Puzzle, and is available for iOS!!!

“ZOOKEEPER” has powered up and become even more fun, with rankings, avatars, item collection, and other new elements!

This game is simple! For those who is familiar with “ZOOKEEPER”, and even those who don’t can enjoy the game together!

“How to play”
How do you catch animals?
Slide an animal side by side, and line up three or more animals of the same kind vertically or horizontally to catch them!
The animals caught will count towards ATTACK or DEFENSE points.

How do you battle?
Battle by catching animals for ATTACK and DEFENSE points, 30seconds per round.
When your opponent’s LIFE is completely depleted, you win!
In the event of a draw, battle it out on the next round!!
*When victory hasn’t been decided after 5 rounds, most remaining LIFE wins.

Invite friends
Inviting friends to join the game, not only you’ll get x1 power bottle for every friend invited (max 10 friends),
but you will also get the item “Hot Air Balloon” after inviting 10 friends.

Animal panel’s arrangement is the same as your opponent!
even falling animal panels are also the same as your opponent.
The one who catch animals more effectively wins.
However, item panels will fall randomly,
therefore, victory just may depend on your luck.

Master active chains!
Just sits back and waiting for animal panels to disappear won’t get you anywhere!
While the panels disappear, try keep catching other animals and make your own chains!

Don’t miss the lucky animal!
One of the animal type are to be selected as Lucky animal, catching it will counts towards both your ATTACK and DEFENSE.
Don’t forget to check them out when starting a new round!

Losing Connection During Battle
When your opponent lost their connection during battle, their ATTACK and DEFENSE scores will be calculated from ATTACK and DEFENSE of their previous game.

At the time of installing this app(including updates), it is assumed that you have understood and agreed to all of our terms of service.
If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, please refrain from using this service.




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super fun game and awesome graphics. i wish there were more challenges, quests, and special events, though. just playing against random players over and over isn’t as fun as completing events and getting prizes. but honestly still 5 stars because the game is so fun and there are a lot of different ways to play!


Loved playing this game as a kid, it was a fun and great game! Love it!


The collectible characters are cute and change around every once in a while. Gacha is a fun way to distribute these items and characters and I’m very happy to have found this game. Not sure if it’s crass or not to give ideas to developers, but I have a few character set ideas unless they’ve already been done. * Albino set (2 star animals of what color and yellow secondary) * Obsidian animals (5 star higher) * Mermaid animals (Mermaid tail or shell bra all viable options for accessories in this set) * Pumpkin animals (a pumpkin head mask is placed on the head of an animal, perhaps for a Halloween event) * Snow-hat animals (animals wearing a fluffy looking snow hat for seasonal gacha) * Tea Party animals (Porcelain looking animals with flower or shimmer designs to make them look like tea kettles) * Autumnal animals (Leaves of different colors on the coats of animals.) * Yokai-animals (Animals in theme of various YoKai. Not an actual set, but a few animals of specific outfits. * Weather animals (Animals themed to various weathers, including perhaps a giraffe in a poncho for a rainstorm or an elephant in a winter coat.) * Dragon animals (animals in theme to look like dragons. A tail or a scale like appearance, maybe whiskers.) * Candy animals (animals in theme to look like candies) * Neon animals (various neon color skins for animals)


Have played this game for years. I really enjoy the different activities they provide, but I get a little frustrated that the game doesn’t seem to be truly random and fair. A lot of times there seems to be an algorithm that asks the player to use a bottle to gain any success. Some of the games are just frustrating. For example, the game where the mecha boss just moves things around after you do a strategic setup. My favorite game is Group Battle, though it appears less frequently than many of the others. I continue to be a loyal player in spite of these shortcomings.


I dont like being on my phone, and i find myself playing this regularly


I have played this game for years but all the sudden they just suspended my account. I submitted a request to investigate why my account is suspended but they just kept replying canned messages. Maybe that is because I don’t purchase anything from them but still be able to win their challenges..


You ignored my requests and you ruined the game, sorry. I will come back when you at apply one of my requests. 👎🏻


Why does this game make me update every day when I sign in???


I’ve played this game for years, it’s super addicting and I love the battle mechanics and ranking system. Also the fact that there’s so many different events. I hate the way they handle micro transactions though. The price of gatcha medals is absolutely insane (3$ per medal), and they only give you a teeny tiny chance of getting whatever rare item you want. That’s 3$ for around 1% chance of getting a rare item. Of course you can always buy in bulk and save a few bucks (10 medals for 25$) but that’s still kinda…. Stupid.


If the game want you to lose they will just give you a game with no or 1 combination, and no matter how fast you combine hit they don’t let you combo. If they want you win even you swipe slow you get a few combo and get good defense score. What’s the point if the game control your play result. I’m not playing again


I enjoy the game a lot. However, the connection is not stable. Sometimes it took me at least 5 times to connect to the server. Plus, whenever there’s an event, a lot cheaters appear and once event ends, the game back to normal.


Pay to play... if you don’t spend money you are severely disadvantaged. Constantly getting boards with one move at a time, or no more moves. But spend money on items in the store and magically your find yourself with huge combos and on a massive winning streak. This is a cross platform game where the android version is easily hacked and most of them cheat. You have no way to filter these players out so majority of the time you get taken out from first round battles. It could be a great game... but extremely aggravating. I am done with this game it’s deleted and never going to be installed again.


I love this game without this game, there wouldn’t be angry birds fight, I love fight very much it was my favorite angry birds game, I loved getting powerful gear to fighting in the pig lab. Even though it’s a match 3 game it had good rpg style mechanics and originality. Please partner with rovio again and bring this legendary game that millions loved.


They use psychological tricks to keep you addicted and spending and at the end of the day you end up spending more than what you bargained for. Horrible. This game should be illegal for the disgusting practices they use. 死ねぇ🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕


I’m not a fan of pay to play; but don’t mind it when it’s priced fairly and doesn’t seem designed to milk every player for all they’ve got. This app seems predatory and greedy as it’s designed to appeal to children but is way out of their price range to pay for the exciting features —not to mention frustrating for adult players as well. My suggestion would be to offer a monthly or weekly subscription price for regular players to enjoy battles with unlimited CP. I would be happy to change my rating if this were offered. Also there are not enough female characters available. When female characters are offered it is usually as a platinum or special gacha. You could spend $200 to get 88 platinum gacha plays two special gacha plays, and still not get one female character, just the same old 6 star decorations over and over again!!! Gacha “gifts” are way too repetitive. Why are the developers being stingy on a digital characters? This seems like such as easy way to keep loyal players happy.


After the recent app update I seem to be having a problem where my beginning and ending greetings keep resetting back to the default ones. I would keep setting the ones I want and then after a while they would reset back to the default greetings. Please fix this!


There is a glitch, i defeated mech boss and it said that i get a purple coin. And i never got it in my inbox. Thats why i give this a one star.


Would give it 5 stars if I knew how to okay with friends !!


The app won’t open on my phone after the most recent update :( ive reset my phone and redownloaded the app. Still won’t work.


New iphone 11 and now get Cannot connect to server message 4 times before getting to my zoo then works fine. When I need to back out of my zoo it starts all over again...4 times of trying to connect to server. This is a HUGE waste of my time and makes me not want to play. :(